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Auction 10, Cartography
(Globes, Atlases, & Maps)

Items 351-363


351. [MAP]. ANONYMOUS. Texas. N.p., [ca. 1940-50]. 73.5 x 62.5 cm (29 x 24-1/2 inches). Colored decorative map printed on coarse cotton cloth. Colors slightly faded, else fine.
        A vintage Texas tablecloth, printed in red, blue, yellow, and green. Cartoon characters depict Davy Crockett at the Alamo, an oil gusher, rancher driving Model A, shearing sheep, moving bales of cotton, the Texas State Fair, a bathing beauty at a Texas Gulf beach, the world's biggest pipeline, a deer hunter, steer in corral, etc. A "must-have" for any serious Texas map collector.


352. [MAP]. BRAZOS COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY. Brazos County Abstract Company's Map of Brazos County Texas. Bryan, ca. 1940. 49.5 x 29.8 cm (19-1/2 x 11-3/4 inches). Scale: 1 inch = 4000 varas. Fine.
        Facsimile of the 1879 Gast map. Brazos County, in southeastern Central Texas between the Navasota and Brazos Rivers, was named after the latter river. The area was included in Stephen F. Austin's second colony, and plantations were established beginning in 1821. The county was created in 1841, and its county seat is Bryan.


353. [MAP]. UNITED STATES. COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY. San Antonio O-5 Sectional Aeronautical Chart. Washington: U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1944. Colored printed map. 52 x 111.8 cm (20-1/2 x 44-1/4 inches). Scale: 1 inch = 8 miles. Some light discoloration. Stamped "Restricted."
        Covers an area from approximately Beaumont on the east to Uvalde on the west and from San Marcos on the north to Aransas Pass on the south.


354. [MAP]. DALLAS. CITY PLAN COMMISSION. Zoning Map City of Dallas 1947. Dallas: Daily Times Herald, 1947. Printed map. 64 x 53.5 cm (25-2/8 x 21-1/8 inches). Scale not stated. Paper browned, acidic, and becoming brittle, a few small tears along creases.
        The map occupies pages 8-1 and 9-1 of the May 12, 1947, edition of the Daily Times Herald. On the right side are three columns of official notices, which continue on verso, page 10-1.

355. [MAP]. STORM, Mark. Official Texas Brags Map of North America. N.p.: John Randolph, 1948. Printed map, original full color. 42.2 x 56.3 cm (16-3/4 x 22-1/8 inches). Scale: 1 inch = 6 Texas Grapefruit. Ornamental border illustrating scenes from Texas culture. Minor tears where previously hung.
        A humorous view of the self-importance that Texans are sometimes accused of. The state expands to fill most of the land area of the United States and Mexico, and the territories of the other states shrink to insignificance. Decorative cartoons on the map and border extol the superiority of Texas history, legends, and traditions.


356. [MAP]. U.S. COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY. Dallas (Q-5) Sectional Aeronautical Chart. Washington: U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1951. Printed map in color. 52.4 x 119.5 cm (20-5/8 x 47 inches). Scale: 1 inch = 8/10 mile. Slight discoloration, otherwise fine.
        U.S. Air Force edition. Covers an area from approximately Greenville on the east to Midland on the west and from Wichita Falls on the north to Hillsboro on the south.


357. [MAP]. HEYDRICK MAPPING COMPANY. Heydrick's Map of Archer Co., Texas. Wichita Falls, 1952. Blueprint map. 125 x 107 cm (49-1/4 x 42 inches). Scale: 1 inch = 4,000 feet. Plat map with location symbols keyed to oil and gas wells, including producing wells, drilling wells, dry holes, abandoned wells, etc. One block colored in red. Heavy creases from folding such a large map, splits at some folds.
        A note indicates that the map was made by Lawrence P. Heydrick. An exceptionally detailed map, locating structures and identifying property owners.


358. [MAP]. [LEA, Tom. The King Ranch]. Map of Coastal Area between the Rio Grande and the Nueces Showing Early Spanish and Mexican Land Grants as of 1852 the Year Captain Richard King First Rode from Brownsville to Corpus Christi. N.p., ca. 1957. 33 x 53.3 cm (13 x 21 inches). Scale: 1 inch 6-2/3 miles. Very fine.
        This is an oversize, uncolored version of the map that appears at pp. 378-379 in the published version of The King Ranch. The paper bears the running "W" watermark.


359. [CITY VIEW]. RILEY[?], Denny. Untitled drawing, perspective view of downtown Dallas streets and skyline. N.p., 1958. Pen and pencil drawing. 41.7 x 75 cm (16-3/8 x 29-1/2 inches). Minor tear, else fine.
        Enticing view of a modernistic skyline, with the streets of Dallas filled with late 1950s style automobiles and tall skyscrapers reaching for the heavens. The whole study presents an image of a clean and crowded but organized city, with the vehicular traffic in orderly procession proceeding down straight boulevarded streets. The futuristic vision did not materialize quite as foreseen by the artist. A semi-utopian study of a future we have since left behind.


360. [MAPS]. Lot of 10 maps, mostly of Texas, mostly end of nineteenth century, including three by George F. Cram.

361. [BOOKS]. Lot of 4 books, including: BANCROFT, H. H. History of the Northern Mexican States and Texas. San Francisco, 1886 & 1889.

362. [PORTRAITS]. Lot of 2 portraits, including engraved portrait of Sam Houston by J. C. Buttre [ca. 1860]; and engraved portrait of George Mifflin Dallas by D. J. Pound [1850], matted with Dallas's cut signature.

363. [PRINTS & VIEWS]. Lot of 10 prints and views, including views of Houston and Galveston by Theodore R. Davis (1866); engraved print by Harry Fenn showing 7 images of San Antonio (1887); engraved illustrations of Fort Brown, Fort Lancaster, and the Alamo (1861); colored engraving by Hughson Hawley of "The New State Capitol, Austin, Texas" (1888); illustrations of Houston, Texan Troops, and Port of Galveston (1845); colored engraving of Dallas State Fairgrounds with racetrack and exhibit hall (ca. 1887); engraved illustration of Military PlazaSan Antonio Texas by Arthur Schott (Washington, 1857).

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