176. "El cancionero popular." Zinc etching: Masthead with musical motifs. Unsigned. 7.3 x 15.2 cm. Heavily inked. See Tyler 27 passim.


177. "Los capataces del Valle Nacional." Zinc etching: At top, a man reads a piece of paper and people turn their backs; below, a man in suit and bowler holding a cane dances before a crowd and gestures to the man reading. Signed in print: Posada. 9.1 x 11.0 cm.


178. "El carcel de Belen." Type-metal engraving: Entrance with clock above, dark veiled figure at left, line of prisoners and guards at right. Unsigned. 6.6 x 10.2 cm.


179. "La carestía." Zinc etching: At right large hand emerges from a cloudy sky holds a scale; well-dressed crowd cheers; Mercury with winged cap and ankles chases a man in rags." Unsigned. 9.5 x 11.0 cm.


180. "El catrin fumador." Type-metal engraving: Smoking dandy in striped pants, coat, and top hat. Unsigned. 5.9 x 3.0 cm.


181. "Los cocineros." Zinc etching: Illustrated masthead title, smiling woman in chef's hat wearing bloomer-type dress with low neck and puffed sleeves and holding a dipper and a skillet; three other women's heads in chef's hats, cooking motifs used as decoration. Unsigned. 16.3 x 11.1 cm.


182. "Conversación." Type-metal engraving: Couple sitting in chair and talking, the lady in a low-necked dress and velvet choker. Unsigned. 6.1 x 5.2 cm.


183. "Corrido: 'Ahorcado de Mixcalco.'" Zinc etching: Man with tongue extended being executed by garroting on a raised platform; at left priest with crucifix with raised hand; crowd of on-lookers and soldiers. Unsigned. 8.1 x 14.0 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 119. Carrillo, p. 79 (noting that garroting was a form of execution from the days of the Viceroyalty).


184. "Corrido: De Carlos Coronado." Zinc etching: Scene in garden or park with three rurales (or possibly same one in three poses?): running away with hands over head; running forward with pistol in hand; standing with sword and blowing a bugle. Unsigned. 8.5 x 14.5 cm. This image was used in a broadside entitled Los nuevos versos de Carlos Coronado (copy in Amon Carter Museum).


185. "Corrido: El empeñero." Zinc etching: A group of irate women in aprons and a male chef swinging a skillet attack an odd-looking man wearing spats, turban, suit coat, vest, and narrow, checked pants. Signed in print: Posada. 8.9 x 13.3 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 248 with title: Décimas: El comercio.


186. "Corrido: El miserio reinante." Type-metal engraving: Street scene: Man with upraised palms, two children cowering, dog barking, hat and cane at foreground. Unsigned. 7.9 x 5.3 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 47 (& fig. G, p. xiv, showing entire illustration): The (larger left-hand side of the illustration, preserved in the broadside, shows a draped coffin being carried out of a doorway in which weeping figures stand." Portion of an engraving relating to a grain shortage and a typhus epidemic.


187. "Corrido: 'El Paseo de la Reforma." Zinc etching: Street scene with milling crowd of well-dressed people, monumental sculpture and coach in background." Signed in print: Posada. 11.2 x 14.9 cm.


188. "Corrido: 'El ranchero y el gavilán.'" Zinc etching: Dismayed, bearded ranchero with rifle confronts a bird of prey with a man's face sitting on the gate of a wooden corral; cactus and ranch outbuilding in background. Unsigned. 9.0 x 14.9 cm.


189. "Corrido: 'El tecolote.'" Zinc etching: Policeman in billed cap shoots a smoking pistol at a jerking man; another man on the right lies on the ground, his sombrero fallen from his head. Unsigned. 8.0 x 13.4 cm.


190. "Corrido: 'Fusilamiento del Tigre se Santa Julia.'" Zinc etching: On the left a bust portrait of Jesús Negrete (El Tigre de Santa Julia). On the right a column of soldiers point their guns at the condemned Negrete, commanding officer holding his sword aloft. Unsigned (attributed to Posada). 8.2 x 14.2 cm. Tyler (133) shows this same image on a broadside describing the execution of José Prado. Berdecio & Appelbaum 107. For details on the life and death of Negrete see broadside above entitled: El cancionero popular. Jesus Negrete .... See untitled restrike below, under title [Fusilamiento del Tigre de Santa Julia] (right side of the image only).


191. "Corrido: 'La celosa.'" Zinc etching: Bedroom scene with woman in long black dress firing a gun. Unsigned. 8.4 x 6.8 cm.


192. "Corrido: 'La Marina.'" Zinc etching: Five sailors crowd around a pretty lady in a fringed shawl and long skirt, two other sailors in the background climb rigging, large barrel at left. Unsigned. 7.4 x 11.0 cm.


193. "Corrido: 'La matraca.'" Type-metal engraving: Two young boys hold wooden rattles on sticks aloft. Unsigned. 9.0 x 5.0 cm. Carrillo, p. 124.


194. "Corrido: 'La mujer y los maridos.'" Zinc etching: Attractive lady in fringed cape and long dress holding a man, surrounded by many men. Signed in print: Posada. 10.5 x 14.7 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 246: "The woman with 100 husbands." Carrillo, p. 75.


195. "Corrido: 'La suicida Maria Luisa.'" Zinc etching: Woman in sky falling head first from monumental architecture with columns. Unsigned. 13.7 x 8.3 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 100: "A very similar picture appears on a broadside, reproduced entire in Ilustrador, which tells of a girl named Sofía Ahumada who jumped from a tower of the Mexico City Cathedral, for no known reason, on May 31, 1899. The picture illustrated here may commemorate the same event; the rendering of the architectural details is almost the same."


196. "Corrido: Los amores." Type-metal engraving: Man in striped pants, long black coat and bowler stands before a doorway of a house gesturing to a woman in a shirtwaist; a carriage at right, with a person leaning out window. Unsigned. 8.5 x 11.4 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 56.


197. "Corrido: 'Los espiritus.'" Zinc etching: In a bedroom a ghostly female figure writing on a piece of paper appears to frightened trio (two women and a man, the latter with hair on end). 10.1 x 14.0 cm. This image was used in the broadside above, entitled: ¡Aparición de un espíritu! Una mujer se conserva intact despues de 30 años de muerta. Efectos de un juramento de amor.


198. "Corrido 'Macario Romero.'" Zinc etching: Man in charro dress and large sombrero holding a rifle, rides a rearing horse along a tree-lined road; in the back are three mounted riders. Unsigned. 9.6 x 13.4 cm. For more on Romero, a Mexican Robin Hood, see Tyler 9.


199. "Corrido: 'María la chiquita.'" Zinc etching: Woman in Victorian dress with puffy sleeves and hair in bun holding her hand on her head looking in consternation at a dead or dying woman in a white nightgown lying in a pool of blood on the floor; startled policeman and peasant couple looking on in background. Unsigned (attributed to Posada). 7.3 x 11.2 cm. Tyler 135 (same illustration with another title: El asesinato de la Señorita Carlota Gutiérrez y Canales por su novio Arnulfo Villegas.


200. "Corrido: 'Pena de muerte.' Un ajusticiado en capilla." Zinc etching: Three men standing in a chapel, the center one holding papers that he is reading, to the left armed guards stand outside a door; to the right is a dressed altar with two lit candles in tall candlesticks, two vases of flowers, and a large crucifix, chair in front of altar. Signed in print: Posada. 8.8 x 13.4 cm. Tyler 131: "The Díaz years saw a number of spectacular executions, calculated not only to punish the guilty criminals but also to serve as a lesson to the innocent public. The last days of Rosalío Millán, the first civilian to be shot in many years, received typically lavish press coverage.... Posada's print shows Millán's last hours."



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