251. "La fuga de Bruno Martínez (fragmento). Type-metal engraving: Man at right of prison building with small switch house behind; railroad track in foreground. Unsigned (attributed to Posada). 17.7 x 17.2 cm. Right half of pictorial broadside La fuga de Jesús Bruno Martínez de Belen (see above under broadside). Tyler 114.


252. "El Fusilado." Type-metal engraving: Condemned at left in light-colored uniform with one hand on chest; five or six soldiers in dark uniforms fire, with another officer holding sword. Unsigned. 8.5 x 13.2 cm. Same composition as "El Fusilamiento de Clodomiro Cota" below, but with several minor changes, most notably, the facial features of the condemned are altered. The present engraving is the more accomplished of the two. Berdecio & Appelbaum 114.

253. "Fusilamiento." Zinc etching: Firing squad of five soldiers shooting guns at the condemned man, a sixth soldier holds his sword aloft; soldiers with bayonets in background and foreground, observers in foreground. Signed in print: Posada. 9.2 x 14.6 cm. Tyler 132 (illustrating a broadside entitled: El fusilamiento de Francisco Martinez, en la ciudad de Pachuca): "Francisco Martínez, a twenty-three-year-old man from Pachuca, was arrested in February 1905 for killing a seven-year-old child. He was convicted of his crime and the appeal was denied. The governor refused to permit clemency."


254. "Fusilamiento de Bruno Martínez - Fragmento." Type-metal engraving: Man falling backwards onto the ground and staring upwards, holding an object that we can no longer see (perhaps a crucifix). Unsigned. 8.4 x 19.7 cm. This fragment was used in the broadside above entitled Pormenores de la última ejecución. Fusilamiento de Jesús B. Martínez el dia 7 de Enero de 1892.


255. "El Fusilamiento de Clodomiro Cota." Type-metal engraving: Condemned at left in light-colored uniform with hand on chest; five or six soldiers in dark uniforms fire, with another officer holding sword. Unsigned. 8.9 x 13.3 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 114 (image varies slightly). Same composition as "El Fusilado" above, but with several minor changes, most notably, the facial features of the condemned are altered.


256. "Fusilamiento de Dionisio Silverio 8 de septiembre de 1903." Type-metal engraving: Firing squad shooting Silverio. Unsigned (attributed to Posada). 11.5 x 16.3 cm. Tyler 129. See the broadside above ( SIZE="+1">El fusilamiento de Dionisio Silverio en Metepec, el día 8 de Septiembre de 1903 SIZE="+1">).


257. "Fusilamiento de Florencio Morales y Bernardo Mora en los patios de Belen." Zinc etching: Execution by firing squad of Morales and Mora, in three rows: soldiers shooting the two, other soldiers looking on, general on-lookers. Unsigned (attributed to Posada). 8.6 x 14.1 cm. See above: El Fusilamiento de Florencio Morales y Bernardo Mora. Tyler 139 & note to 140.


258. "Fusilamiento de los sentenciados." Type-metal engraving: At right firing squad of five soldiers shooting smoking rifles; a sixth officer holding sabre; one condemned man has fallen to the ground clutching his chest with one hand; the other condemned man is falling to the ground; in the background at left are three men, one a priest in long robes holding a crucifix. Unsigned. 10.5 x 15.3 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 115.


259. "Fusilamiento del Capitan Calapsis." Zinc etching: Condemned being shot by a firing squad, large crowd of onlookers. Unsigned. 8.8 x 13.8 cm.


260. [Fusilamiento del Tigre de Santa Julia]. Zinc etching: Column of soldiers point their guns at the condemned Negrete, commanding officer holding his sword aloft. Unsigned. 8.0 x 8.5 cm. Negrete was a notorious criminal nicknamed "The Tiger of Santa Julia." Berdecio & Appelbaum 107 (full plate). Carrillo, p. 83 (full plate). In the present restrike, only the right side of the plate appears, the large oval portrait of Negrete having been removed.


261. "La gatita Maria Antonia." Zinc etching: Finely attired lady with light dress and dark shoes sits on a bench; peasant woman in apron at left; two men at right. Unsigned. 9.1 x 14.8 cm.


262. "Gavilanes en acción del corrido: El ranchero y el gavilan. 1905." Zinc etching: Three winged men flying, carrying a woman and two chickens with human heads; on the ground are two more chickens with women's heads; at right a ranchero cringes and slinks away; all within a desolate landscape with mountains. Unsigned. 5.4 x 13.9 cm.


263. "Un hijo infame que enveneria a sus padres." Zinc etching: Man in charro garb and fancy sombrero dragging an elderly dead man; two dead or dying women on background; doorway and two chairs at left; framed picture at right. Unsigned. 7.2 x 10.9 cm.


264. "El hijo que mata a su madre." Type-metal engraving: Boy wearing sombrero attacking a woman who is on the floor; four other people try to restrain him. Unsigned (attributed to Posada). 9.5 x 12.1 cm. See SIZE="+1">Pleito de casados que siempre estan enjados, above (Tyler 60) where the image is used on a broadside about a husband beating his wife.


265. "Hombre con bigote, lentes obscuros y gorra." Type-metal engraving: Man with mustache, dark glasses, and billed cap. Unsigned. 5.7 x 4.9 cm.


266. "Hombre con media cara sombreada." Zinc etching: Bust portrait of a man with mustache, suit and cravat, half of face in shadow. Unsigned. 8.7 x 6.0 cm.


267. "Hombre señalando." Zinc etching: Bust portrait of man with messy hair pointing with his finger. Unsigned. 6.9 x 6.9 cm.


268. "Los hombres de los nieves." Zinc etching: Lad in knickers and sailor shirt looks at cloud men descending from the mountains. Unsigned. 6.5 x 14.6 cm.


269. "La inundacion de Leon 40 coleccion de canciones modernas para.... Type-metal engraving: Chapbook cover illustrating a man in vest holding a staff in one hand and using his other hand to try to protect a woman with an infant in arms and a toddler who are standing on a rock or roof in floodwaters; in the background are heavy rain and lightning. Signed in print: Posada. 13.6 x 8.7 cm.


270. "Jesus Bruno Martínez en las bartolinos de Belen." Type-metal engraving: Man wearing small sombrero, suit with short coat, and tie, sitting at table with candle and two sheets of paper; he leans his head on his hand; below the table is a jug. Unsigned (attributed to Posada). 13.1 x 17.6 cm. Two-tone engraving (ivory and black). Berdecio & Appelbaum 95. Tyler 116.


271. "Joven mujer suicida." Zinc etching: Bust portrait of girl with surrounding funerary wreath. Unsigned (attributed to Posada). 8.2 x 5.4 cm. This etching was used on a broadside Sufrimientos, reflexiones, reflexiones y consejos de la suicida María Luisa Noeker.... (Tyler 87).


272. "Juan Soldado 4 coleccion de canciones modernas para 1___." Zinc etching: Chapbook cover illustrating woman with long hair in charrita blouse and skirt playing a guitar, while two men, one in fancy charro garb, look on. Signed in print: "Posada. 13.7 x 8.8 cm.


273. "El Judio. 1a. Coleccion de canciones modernas para 189_." Type-metal engraving: Chapbook cover with illustration of man in long grey beard, fez, long embroidered coat, and tall boots, holding a staff; background with near-eastern architecture and palm tree. Signed in print: Posada. 13.7 x 8.8 cm.


274. "Juegos vigilados por la abuela." Zinc etching: Elderly lady in long black dress, cloak, and bonnet sitting on a park bench watching children play games;, trees and architecture in background. Unsigned. 7.6 x 7.0 cm.


275. "Juicio de dos convictos. Jurado." Zinc etching: Court room with judge on curtained podium sentencing the two assassins, with onlookers. Unsigned. 8.6 x 14.6 cm. Relates to assassins Mora and Morales. Same image as above in Florencio Reyes Morales y Bernardo Mora sentenciados en el primer Salón de Jurados del Palacio Penal, el seis de Junio de 1907, á sufrir la pena de muerte por el asesinato del General Manuel Lisandro Barillas, Ex-Presidente de Guatemala.



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