326. "La primavera 33 coleccion de canciones modernas para 1____." Type-metal engraving: Chapbook cover illustrating a woman personifying spring (long black hair, butterfly wings, simple light-colored shift, two cupids and a plethora of flowers. Signed in print: Posada. 13.5 x 8.8 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 176. Carrillo, p. 73.

327. "Prueba de cariño. De corrido de Elvira o la canción 'La verbena mexicana.'" Zinc etching: Man in suit and hat punishing a lady in ruffled skirt and shawl. Signed in print: Posada. 6.9 x 6.3 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 236.

328. "Prueba de resistencia." Zinc etching: Two men with sledge hammers striking an anvil resting on the chest of a man lying on the floor. Unsigned. 5.3 x 6.6 cm.

329. "Ramilleta de felicitaciones." Type-metal engraving: Happy domestic scene with well-dressed family: Father sitting in a chair, mother in background, three children presenting an envelope and flowers to the father. Signed in print: Posada. 9.2 x 8.2 cm.

330. "El reclamo. Corrido de Elvira o la verbena mexicana." Zinc etching: Man in suit and hat gesturing to a lady in ruffled skirt and shawl. Unsigned. 6.5 x 6.3 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 234.

331. "El rechazo. De corrido de Elvira o la canción 'La verbena mexicana." Zinc etching: Man in suit and hat being kicked and rebuffed by a lady in ruffled skirt and shawl. Signed in print: Posada. 6.7 x 7.0 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 235.

332. "Los reservistas." Zinc etching: Row of men in street dress; two men in military uniforms at right, more people in background. Unsigned (attributed to Posada). 7.6 x 12.2 cm. Tyler 30: "Issued when the Second Reserve of the National Armed Forces marched in parade before President Díaz, his cabinet, and some six thousand enthusiastic spectators, who wore red marigolds in their buttonholes as symbols of support for Díaz."

333. "Retrato de Arnulfo Arroyo." Type-metal engraving: Bust portrait of a bearded man in suit and tie. Unsigned. 7.7 x 6.0 cm. See Tyler 24 (different portrait) for the story of Arroyo.

334. "El rey lo reprende (del cuento: El lego sabio)." Type-metal engraving: King holding object (sceptor?) toward a man in clerical robes with arms crossed and head bowed; courtiers and knights stand behind. Unsigned. 10.2 x 10.6 cm. From "El lego sabio" ("The Wise Lay-Brother").

335. "Robo sacrilego y asesinato del señor cura en la Iglesia Parroquial del pueblo de Zahuaya, cometido por un impio llamada Celso Flores." Type-metal engraving: A man in sombrero, white shirt, dark trousers, and tall black boots holds a dagger in one hand and liturgical vessel (ciborium) in the other; man at left with open mouth and raised arms; woman at right wearing long shawl and raising hands; two dark, horned demons at back. Unsigned. 8.8 x 13.6 cm.

336. "La sabía. De canción 'después del baile.'" Type-metal engraving: A surprised elderly bearded man at left opens a door to discover an embracing couple at right. Unsigned. 5.7 x 6.3 cm. This is one of the vignettes that appears above on the broadside: Una platica de amores cual ninguna divertida, entre un zapatero bruja y una gata relamida.

337. "La sacristan que se ahorca en la catedral." Zinc etching: At left man in clerical garb hangs from a rope with tongue sticking out, while onlookers (some in religious garb) stand around. Unsigned (attributed to Posada). 9.8 x 13.2 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 104 ("The sacristan who hanged himself in the Cathedral"). Tyler 130: "This print is an excellent example of Posada's ability to render a report of a news event in visual terms that would be clear to a largely illiterate public."

338. "San Juan de Ulúa." Zinc etching: View of San Juan de Ulúa, the island prison off the coast of Veracruz, the most dreaded prison in Mexico. Unsigned. 9.9 x 17.5 cm.

339. "Los Sancho Panza." Type-metal engraving: Crude, overweight couple, the woman seated, eating from a very large pot, the bearded man in pantaloons and cummerbund standing with fists raised and clinched, teeth bared; sack of food on floor. Unsigned. 8.5 x 12.4 cm.

340. "Sensacional noticia la confesion de un esqueleto un alma en pena dentro del Templo del Carmen." Zinc etching: Before a confessional a man lies on the ground, a calavera to the left, and a heavily veiled ghostly woman at right exiting. Signed in print: Posada. 7.9 x 13.4 cm. This image appeared in a broadside above, entitled: Sensacional noticia la confesion de un esqueleto un alma en pena dentro del Templo del Carmen. Tyler 59: "On Monday, September 21, 1903, José Reyes, the sacristan at the Templo del Carmen, went to close the church. A strange old woman was there, but she left as soon as he appeared. Then Reyes heard several moans. He lit a lantern to try to find out who or what was still in the church, but a terrifying scream paralyzed him, and his lantern went out. Such stories of churches haunted by ghosts are well known in folk literature."

341. "Un sentenciado a muerte." Zinc etching: Bust portrait of a young man with curly hair and trimmed beard." Unsigned. 11.0 x 9.6 cm.

342. "Un sentenciado en capilla." Zinc etching: Complex image with portly man sitting at a table leaning on his elbow; to the left are two uniformed soldiers; on the right is an altar with the Virgin of Guadalupe; at lower right a vignette of the man before a firing squad. Unsigned (attributed to Posada). 8.4 x 12.9 cm. Tyler 14 (with title: El fusilamiento de Jesús Negrete). Berdecio & Appelbaum 106. For more on Negrete, see Tyler 17.

343. "La separacion del cuerpo y del alma." Type-metal engraving: Man with bandage on head lying half prone in bed raising one arm; man's soul emerging from clouds above bed; devil at left; calavera at right; cross on floor below. Unsigned. 8.7 x 12.7 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 61.

344. "Los siete fusilados del estado de Toluca." Zinc etching: Seven men being executed by a firing squad, on-lookers in foreground. Unsigned. 7.1 x 13.7 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 117. See above: Los siete fusilados del estado de Toluca (Gran corrido moderno).

345. "Simon Bobito cae de su jumento (del cuento 'Simon Bobito')." Type-metal engraving: Young man being thrown from a burro. Unsigned. 7.6 x 7.0 cm.

346. "Simon Bobito cae en la laguna (del cuento 'Simon Bobito')." Type-metal engraving: Young man falling in lake. Unsigned. 7.9 x 7.0 cm.

347. "Simon Bobito de cacaría." Type-metal engraving: Lad in knickers holding rifle; two ducks fly away. Unsigned. 7.3 x 6.9 cm.

348. "Simon Bobito embestido por un toro (de cuento 'Simon Bobito')." Type-metal engraving: Young man thrown aloft by a cow whose calf looks on. Unsigned. 7.3 x 6.9 cm.

349. "Suplica amorsa." Type-metal engraving: Man on bended knee before a woman in a Victorian dress. Unsigned. 5.5 x 4.0 cm.

350. "Tango 'El morrongo.'" Zinc etching: Woman with fancy fringed shawl dancing with a large cat while five women watch. Unsigned. 7.5 x 13.2 cm. The image also appeared in the broadside above entitled La continuacion, señores de los pronósticos.

351. "13 Coleccion de _______ para 1892." Type-metal engraving: Chapbook cover illustrating pot-bellied, balding man in vest and narrow pants playing a guitar on a stage with drawn curtain; five men and a boy listening; musical instruments on floor. Unsigned. 13.2 x 8.6 cm.


352. "La tierra se traga a Jose Sanchez por dar muerte a sus hijos y a us padres." Type-metal engraving: Horrified man engulfed in flames and being swallowed by the earth, from which a large serpent rises; at back left are a priest and two men. Unsigned. 8.7 x 13.8 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 76.


353. "Tres felinos y carnicero." Type-metal engraving: Three black cats stand in an archway before a man seated on a log or barrel. Unsigned. 7.2 x 7.0 cm.


354. "Tres madres con sus hijos. Decimas 'Lamisería.'" Zinc etching: Three mothers with their children: one sitting in a chair nursing an infant without clothing; another sitting on low stool offering a cup to a little boy in a plaid or checkered coat; a grandmotherly type patting a little boy. Unsigned. 8.9 x 13.9 cm.


355. "Triste fin de Nevraumont." Type-metal engraving: Man falling upside down from an imposing pier on which three men in hats stand, two of whom raise their arms; below in the water are three sharks, two of whom have their frightening jaws and sharp teeth ready for the kill; two smaller boats ply the water in the background. Unsigned. 13.7 x 21.5 cm. Berdecio & Appelbaum 93: "Sad end of Gerardo Nevraumont." Nevraumont was one of the robbers in the sensational La Profesa heist-murder.


356. "Tristes recuerdos del Capitan Calapsis." Zinc etching: Man sitting in a chair at a table in a room with bed; legs crossed, one hand raised, the other on his knee. Unsigned. 9.0 x 13.4 cm.


357. "El tumulto." Zinc etching: Crowd of people in common dress running to the left, past a policeman. Unsigned. 4.0 x 7.4 cm.


358. "Ultimos momentos de un presidiario. Del corrido del presidiario." Zinc etching: Left, man seated at desk writing; another man standing to his side and holding the bars of a prison door; behind stands a young man in suit, tie, and vest; right, three other men, one standing stiffly. Unsigned. 7.8 x 13.9 cm.


359. "Verbena en Santa Anita." Zinc etching: Man in sombrero and woman in long skirt with ruffle, low-cut blouse, shawl, and necklace; the couple toasts with wine glasses, surrounded by well-wishers. Unsigned. 7.7 x 11.5 cm. See above for two additional uses: Coplas del fonografo and El zapateado o jarabe tapatío.


360. "Verdadero versos corrido de Macario Romero." Type-metal engraving: Man in charro suit and sombrero holding a long sword while riding a horse hell for leather; billowing clouds of dust; Indians in white cotton suits flee. Unsigned. 7.4 x 10.9 cm. See LaFaye's comments (in Tyler, p. 138) for more on celebrated bandit Macario Romero.


361. "El viejo del Pañuelo." Zinc etching: Older man with grey walrus mustache wearing dark suit, narrow trousers, striped vest, and small bowler hat; he looks startled and has one foot raised. Unsigned. 11.0 x 3.0 cm.



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