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(Arranged chronologically by date)

1. [ATLAS]. PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. La Geografia. Venice, 1548. 60 double-page engraved maps, including the important and rare map of Texas and the Gulf Coast by Gastaldi. Martin & Martin 3n. ($15,000-25,000)
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2. [MAP]. MÜNSTER, Sebastian. Die neüwen Inseln so hinder Hispanien gegen Orient. [Basle, 1558]. Martin & Martin 2. Wheat, TMW I:20n. ($1,500-3,000)
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3. [MAP]. RUSCELLI, Girolamo. Nveva Hispania tabvla nova. [Venice, 1561]. First state of one of the earliest maps to show any detail in Texas and the Southwest. Martin & Martin 3. ($700-1,200)
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4. [MAP]. [MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio]. America. [Venice, 1596]. ($250-500)
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5. [MAP]. [WYTFLIET, Corneille]. Hispania Nova. [Louvain, 1597]. Martin & Martin, p. 75. ($800-1,600)
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6. [ATLAS]. BERTIUS, Petrus. Tabvlarvm geographicarvm contractarvm libri quinque.Editio Secvnda. Amsterdam, 1602. Lovely example of early seventeenth-century Dutch cartographic art. ($5,000-10,000)
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7. [MAP]. BLAEU, Willem Jansz. Insvlæ Americanæ in Oceano Septentrionali, cum Terris adiacentibus. [Amsterdam, 1635/1640-1655]. ($750-1,500)


8. [MAP]. [HAPPEL, Eberhard Werner]. [Untitled hemispheric map of the Americas]. [Ulm], 1687. Charming map showing California as an island. ($800-1,600)


9. [MAP]. MORDEN, Robert. Mexico or New Spain. [London, 1693]. First state. ($200-400)


10. [MAP]. JAILLOT, Alexis N. Mappe-Monde de Geo-Hydrographique. Paris, 168_ [altered by contemporary pen to read 1699]. ($2,000-4,000)
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11. [MAP]. DE L'ISLE, Guillaume. L'Amérique Septentrionale. Paris, 1700. Wheat, TMW I:79 & pp. 45-46. See Martin & Martin's comments on Delisle. ($2,000-5,000)


12. [BOOK]. BURNET, Thomas. Telluris Theoria Sacra. London, 1702. Third edition, revised. Ethereal circular map of the Western hemisphere, showing California as an island. ($400-800)


13. [MAP]. DE FER, Nicholas. Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France et le Cours de la Riviere de Misisipi. Paris, 1702/1705. ($400-800)


14. [BOOK]. JOUTEL, Henri. Journal historique du dernier voyage que feu M. de la Sale. Paris, 1713. First edition. Basic Texas Books 114. Streeter 1125n. Wagner, Spanish Southwest 79. ($6,000-12,000)
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15. [BOOK]. JOUTEL, Henri. A Journal of the Last Voyage Perform'd by Monsr. de la Sale. London, 1714. Basic Texas Books 114A. Streeter 1125n. ($8,000-16,000)
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16. [MAP]. DELISLE, G. Carte de la Louisiane et du cours de Mississipi. Paris, 1718. Engraved map, outline coloring by hand. First printing, first accurate delineation of the Mississippi Valley system, and earliest appearance of "Texas" on a printed map. Martin & Martin 19. Wheat, TMW 67. ($20,000-40,000)
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17. [MAP]. DE FER, Nicolas. La Californie ou Nouvelle Caroline. Paris, 1720. First printing of one of the largest and most handsome maps of California as an island. Wheat, TMW 102 & pp. 45-47, 69 & 77. ($5,000-10,000)


18. [MAP]. KEULEN, Gerard Van. Carte de la Nouvelle France. Amsterdam, ca. 1720. Engraved, colored map. First printing. Very rare, celebrated Dutch map. Includes all of present-day Texas on a quite large scale, with a plethora of detail. ($7,500-15,000)
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19. [MAP]. MOLL, H. A New Map of the North Parts of America claimed by France. [London], 1720. First printing of rare early English rendering of Delisle's 1718 map of the Mississippi Valley. Reinhartz & Colley, The Mapping of the American Southwest. ($5,000-10,000)


20. [MAP]. [MOLL, Herman]. Mexico, or New Spain. [London, 1723]. ($250-500)


21. [MAP]. [HERRERA DE TORDESILLAS, Antonio (attrib.)]. Descripción de las Yndias Ocidentales. [Madrid, 1723]. ($1,200-2,400)
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22. [ATLAS]. PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. Orbis antiqvi Tabvlae Geographicae. Amsterdam, 1730. ($5,000-10,000)
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23. [MAP]. [VAN JAGEN, Jan]. [Untitled double hemisphere map]. [Amsterdam?, ca. 1740]. ($1,800-2,400)


24. [MAP]. D'ANVILLE, J. B. B. Amérique Septentrionale. Paris, 1746. First state. ($400-800)


25. [MAP]. ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, [Didier]. Partie du Mexique ou de la Nouvle. Espagne. [Paris], [1748-49]. ($250-500)


26. [MAP]. [MITCHELL, John]. [Louisiana]. [London, 1755]. First edition, second issue of Plate 4 of John Mitchell's A Map of the British and French Dominions in North America. Wheat, TMW 135. ($1,000-2,000)
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27. [MAP]. [BELLIN, Jacques N.]. Carte de la Louisiane et Pays Voisins. [Paris, 1757-1764?]. ($250-500)


28. [MAP]. LONDON MAGAZINE. A New Map of the River Mississipi from the Sea to Bayagoulas. [London, 1760]. ($300-500)


29. [MAP]. SAYER, Robert. A New Map of North America. London, 1760. ($1,500-3,000)
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30. [CITY PLAN]. LONDON MAGAZINE. BENNING, R. (engraver). Plan of New Orleans the Capital of Louisiana. [London], [1761]. ($300-600)


31. [MAP]. ALZATE Y RAMÍREZ, José Antonio de. Plano de la Nueva Espana. [Mexico], 1770. Copper engraved map. First printing of one of the most important maps of the Gulf Coast printed in the 18th century. The second printed map to apply the name "Texas" to a geographical region. ($4,000-6,000)
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32. [MAP]. LÓPEZ [DE VARGAS MACHUCA], Tomás. Mapa mundi.del globo terrestre sujeto á las observaciones astronómicas. Madrid, 1771. ($1,000-2,000)


33. [MAP]. BONNE, [Charles-Marie Rigobert]. Le Nouveau Méxique. [Geneva], [1780]. ($125-300)
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34. [MAP]. RIZZI-ZANNONI, [Giovanni Antonio]. Carte Geo-Hydrographique du Golfe du Mexique et de ses Isles. Paris, ca. 1780. ($400-800)


35. [MAP]. BONNE, [Charles-Marie Rigobert]. L'Ancien et le Nouveau Méxique avec la Partie Orientale. [With]: L'Ancien et le Nouveau Mexique, avec la Partie Occidentale. [Paris, 1787-1788]. ($250-500)


36. [ATLAS]. BRUYSET, Jean-Marie. Atlas des enfans. 1790. A charming petite atlas and geography for children. ($400-800)


37. [MAP]. KITCHIN, Thomas. Mexico or New Spain, in which the Motions of Cortes may be traced. [London], 1795. Wheat, TMW 172. ($150-300)


38. [SURVEY MAP]. MARTIN, Gilbert. Untitled original manuscript survey map of the farms belonging to Jacob Badows(?) and Joseph Hyatts in Louisiana. N.p., 1796. ($250-500)


39. [MAP]. DÉPÔT GÉNÉRAL DE LA MARINE. Carte des Côtes du Golfe de Mexique. Paris, 1800. Engraved map with rhumb lines. Rare French coastal chart of the Gulf of Mexico. ($6,000-12,000)
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40. [MAP]. GARCÍA CONDE, Diego. Plano general de la Ciudad de Mexico. [Mexico, 1807]. Copper-engraved wall map. First and only printing in large format. Probably the most important plan of Mexico City in the eighteenth century. Only four other copies located (only one in the U.S.). ($25,000-50,000)
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41. [ATLAS & TEXT]. HUMBOLDT, Alexander von. Essai Politique sur le Royaume de la Nouvelle-Espagne. Paris, 1811. 3 vols., including folio atlas. First French edition. Martin & Martin 23. Streeter 1042. Wheat, TMS: "[A] truly magnificent cartographic achievement." ($25,000-35,000)
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42. [MAP]. PINKERTON, John. Spanish Dominions in North America Northern Part. London, 1811. ($600-1,200)


43. [MAP]. STREIT, F. W. Charte von dem Nordamericanischen Staatenbunde. Leipzig, [1811]. ($600-1,200)


44. [BOOK]. PIKE, Zebulon M. Voyage au Nouveau-Mexique. Paris, 1812. First French edition. Streeter 1047C. See Wheat, TMW 296, 297, 398. See also Wheat's chapter XII, "Pike Maps the Southwest." ($4,000-6,000)
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45. [MAP]. THOMSON, John. Spanish North America. [Edinburgh], 1814. Wheat, TMW II, p. 15. ($350-700)


46. [MAP]. [ARROWSMITH, A. & S. Lewis (attrib.)]. Spanish Dominions in North America. [London, 1816]. ($50-100)
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47. [MAP]. CAREY, Mathew. Louisiana. [Philadelphia, 1817]. ($400-800)


48. [PRINT: CHAMP D'ASILE]. VERNET, [Emile Jean] Horace. [Paris, 1818]. One of the earliest lithographs of a scene in Texas. Streeter 1071. See also Item 51 herein. ($2,000-4,000)
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49. [BOOK]. HARTMANN, L. & MILLARD. Le Texas. Paris, 1819. Folding plan of fort: Champ D'Asile. First edition. Eberstadt 162:386. Streeter 1069. Rare account of French exiles who made an ill-founded attempt to establish a colony in Texas. ($4,000-8,000)
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50. [BOOK]. L'H[ÉRITIER], L[ouis] F[rançois]. Le Champ-d'Asile, Tableau Topographique et Historique du Texas. Paris, 1819. Folding engraved map. First edition, best issue. Fifty Texas Rarities 6. Streeter 1072B. Vandale 102. This book is said to be one of the first printed books to contain the word "Texas" in its title. ($5,000-10,000)
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51. [PRINT: CHAMP D'ASILE]. GARNERAY, [Ambroise Louis (artist & engraver)]. 2eme Vue d'Aigleville, Colonie du Texas ou Champ d'Asile. Paris, [1819]. Tyler, Prints of the American West, pp. 28-30 (illustrated). ($3,000-6,000)
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52. [MAP]. MELISH, John. United States of America. Philadelphia, 1820. Martin & Martin 26. Streeter 1057n. Wheat, TMW 338 & p. 76. ($500-1,000)


53. [MAP]. [LAS CASES, Compte de E. M. J.?]. Carte spéciale, historique et géographique de la République des États-Unis. [Paris, ca. 1821?]. ($500-1,000)


54. [BOOK]. ROBERTSON, William. The Works of. [Vol. VII-IX] History of America. London, 1821. Wheat, TMW 172n. ($200-400)


55. [MAP]. SHERWOOD, NEELY, & JONES. Spanish Dominions in North America. London, 1821. ($75-150)


56. [MAP]. WEILAND, Carl. F. General Charte von den vereinigten Nordamericanischen Freistaaten. Weimar, 1821. Wheat, TMW, p. 96 & #346. ($750-1,500)


57. [MAP]. FINLAYSON, J. Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Mexico [title at top margin]. Mexico and Internal Provinces [title on map]. [Philadelphia, 1822 or after]. ($300-600)


58. [MAP]. FINLEY, A[nthony]. Mexico. Philadelphia, [1824].



59. [MAP]. BRUÉ, A[drien Hubert]. Carte générale des États-Unis, du Canada et d'une partie des pays adjacents. Paris, 1825. ($400-800)


60. [MAP]. BRUÉ, [Adrien Hubert]. Carte générale des États-Unis Mexicains et des Provinces-Unis de l'Amérique Centrale. Paris, 1825. Wheat, TMW 361n. ($600-1,200)


61. [MAP]. FENNER, [R.]. Mexico & Guatamala. [London, ca. 1825?]. ($40-80)


62. [MAP]. FINLEY, A[nthony]. Mexico. Philadelphia, [ca. 1825]. ($300-600)


63. [MAP]. MEXICO (Republic). MINISTERIO DE GUERRA Y MARINA. Carta general para las navegaciones india oriental. Mexico, 1825. ($250-500)


64. [PORTULANO]. SPAIN. DIRECCIÓN DE HIDROGRAFÍA. Portulano de la América Setentrional. Mexico, 1825. First American edition. Streeter 1043B. ($20,000-30,000)
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65. [MAP]. STARLING, Thomas. Mexico and Guatimala. London, [ca. 1825?]. ($30-60)


66. [MAP]. STARLING, Thomas. United States. London, [ca. 1825?]. ($30-60)


67. [MAP]. VANDERMAELEN, Ph[ilippe Marie Guillaume]. 5 lithographed maps together showing Texas and surrounding areas: (1) Amér. Sep. Partie du Mexique. No. 54; (2) Amér. Sep. Partie du Mexique. No. 59; (3) Amér. Sep. Partie du Mexique; (4) Amér. Sep. Partie des États-Unis No. 55; (5) Amér. Sep. Parties des États-Unis et du Nouveau Mexique. No. 48. [Bruxelles], 1825. First printing. Rarely found in the complete set. Martin & Martin, p. 32. Wheat, TMW 378 & p. 94. ($2,000-4,000)
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68. [MAP]. HAMILTON ADAMS & CO. Mexico. London, 1827. ($100-200)


69. [MAP]. YOUNG, J[ames] H[amilton]. Mexico and Guatimala. [Philadelphia, 1827]. ($200-400)


70. [MAP]. STÜLPNAGEL, L. von. Mexico und Centro-America. Gotha, 1828. ($100-200)


71. [LAND CERTIFICATE WITH MAP]. GALVESTON BAY & TEXAS LAND COMPANY. Ornately engraved land certificate for one sitio of land. New York, October 16, 1830. Untitled map (southeast Texas with company lands indicated by shading). First edition. This engraved edition not in Streeter. ($1,000-2,000)


71A. [LAND CERTIFICATE WITH MAP]. GALVESTON BAY & TEXAS LAND COMPANY. Ornately lithographed land certificate for one labor of land. New York, October 16, 1830. Untitled map (southeast Texas with company lands indicated by shading). First edition. Streeter 1117 (see Item 71 for an unrecorded edition). Lithographed (by E. S. Mesier), whereas Item 71 appears to be engraved. ($1,000-2,000)


72. [MAP]. HINTON, SIMPKIN & MARSHALL (publishers). Map of the United States of America, and Nova Scotia. London, 1832. ($50-100)


73. [MAP]. BURR, David H. Texas. New York: J. H. Colton, 1833. With an original manuscript portolan chart of Matagorda and Lavaca Bays. First state of one of the most important and handsome maps of Texas ever printed. Martin & Martin 30. Streeter, p. 329 (designating the Burr map as one of the six most important maps for a Texas collection) & 1134 (locating only the Yale copy). ($150,000-250,000)
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74. HOLLEY, Mary Austin. Texas. Observations in a Series of Letters. Baltimore, 1833. With Map of the State of Coahuila and Texas, W. Hooker Sculpt. First edition. Streeter 1135: "The first book in English entirely on Texas. One of the Texas classics." Vandale 87. ($7,500-15,000)


75. [MAP]. ARROWSMITH, J[ohn]. Mexico. London, 1834. Wheat, TMW 459 (citing the 1842 issue). ($800-1,600)


76. B[AIRD], R[obert]. View of the Valley of the Mississippi, or the Emigrant's and Traveller's Guide to the West. Philadelphia, 1834. Second and best edition. ($500-1,000)


77. [MAP]. [DUFOUR, Auguste-Henri?]. États-Unis de L'Amerique du Nord. [Paris, 1834?]. ($30-60)


78. [BOOK]. [FISKE, M. (attrib.)]. A Visit to Texas. New York, 1834. With folding engraved map by W. Hooker: Map of the State of Coahuila and Texas. First edition. Vandale 187. ($3,000-6,000)
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79. [MAP]. TANNER, H. S. Mexico & Guatemala. Philadelphia, 1834. ($250-500)


80. [ATLAS]. BRADFORD, T. G. A Comprehensive Atlas, Geographical, Historical & Commercial. Boston & New York, 1835. First edition of the first printed atlas to contain a separate map of Texas, first issue of the Bradford atlas to contain the map of Texas. Martin & Martin 31. ($7,500-15,000)
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81. [MAP]. [BRADFORD, T. G.]. Mexico, Guatemala, and the West Indies. [Boston & New York, 1835]. ($75-150)


82. [MAP]. [BRADFORD, T. G.]. Texas. [Boston & New York, 1835]. First issue of the first separate map of Texas to appear in an atlas, with early issue points. ($1,200-2,400)
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83.* [GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT]. FEATHERSTONHAUGH, G. W. Geological Report of an Examination Made in 1834. Washington, 1835. First edition. ($200-400)


84. [BROADSIDE]. [GALVESTON BAY & TEXAS LAND COMPANY]. Large folio broadside with hand-colored Map of the Colonization Grants in Texas. [New York, 1835]. First issue. Streeter 1164 (locating only one copy). Same map used in the Woodman Guide. ($20,000-40,000)
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85. [BOOK]. WOODMAN, David. Guide to Texas Emigrants. Boston, 1835. Copper-engraved plate The Buffalo Hunt, folding engraved map of Texas. First edition. Fifty Texas Rarities 12. Streeter 1177. Rare Texas emigrant guide. ($6,000-12,000)
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86. [MAP]. [BRADFORD, T. G.]. United States. [Boston, 1836]. ($150-300)


87. [BOOK]. EDWARD, David. The History of Texas; or, the Emigrant's, Farmer's, and Politician's Guide. Cincinnati, 1836. First edition. Basic Texas Books 53. Streeter 1199. ($2,000-4,000)
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88. [MAP]. FINDLAY, Alex[ande]r. United States. London, [1836]. ($50-100)


89. HOLLEY, Mary Austin. Texas. Lexington, 1836. Folding map of Texas. First edition. Streeter 1207. The San Jacinto reports, plus the first book printing of the Texas Declaration of Independence and other key documents of the revolution. ($6,000-12,000)
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90. [MANUSCRIPT LEDGER WITH MAPS: HOUSTON & HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS]. KENNEDY, John. Manuscript ledger containing financial and real estate dealings (including maps, deeds, contracts, notarizations, filing notes, etc.). Written or filed mostly in Houston and Harris County, Texas, December 5, 1836, to June 11, 1892. ($2,000-4,000)


91. [MAP]. TANNER, H. S. North America. Philadelphia, 1836. Wheat, TMW 422. ($300-600)


92. [MAP]. YOUNG, J. H. A New Map of Texas with the Contiguous American and Mexican States. Philadelphia: Augustus Mitchell, 1836. Second issue. Engraved map in original full color. Streeter 1178A. Among the earliest and most important of the maps following Stephen F. Austin's map. ($12,000-18,000)
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93. [MAP]. ANONYMOUS. Map of Colorado City. [Philadelphia, 1838?]. Lithographed map by Peter S. Duval. Unrecorded by Streeter or any other bibliographers. This map, apparently the only copy to survive, was created when Colorado City was being boosted as the new capital of Texas. ($20,000-40,000)
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94. [ATLAS TITLE & LEAVES]. BRADFORD, T. G. Engraved hand-colored pictorial title and text leaves for An Illustrated Atlas. Boston, [1838]. ($100-200)


95. [MAP]. BRADFORD, T. G. North America. [Boston], 1838. Wheat, TMW 431. ($150-300)


96. [MAP]. BRADFORD, T. G. Texas. [Boston], 1838. First large format issue of Bradford's map of Texas. ($1,500-3,000)
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97. [MAP]. BRADFORD, T. G. Texas. [Boston], 1838. Intermediate version from the same plate as Item 96 above. ($1,500-3,000)


98. [MAP]. BRADFORD, T. G. Texas. [Boston], 1838. Another version of Item 96, with the plate altered to show the features that reflect advancing developments in Texas. ($1,500-3,000)


99. [MAP]. BRADFORD, T. G. Texas. [Boston], 1838. The large-format Bradford Texas map is the same as Item 98 preceding, with different coloring. ($1,500-3,000)


100. [GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT]. UNITED STATES. WAR DEPARTMENT. Obstructions in Sabine River. Letter from the Secretary of War. [Washington]: HRD365, 1838. First edition. Streeter 1337. ($150-300)
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101. [MAP]. GELLATLY, J. (engraver). United States. Edinburgh, [1838?]. ($75-150)


102. [GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT]. MEXICO (Republic). LEGACIÓN (United States). Gorostiza Pamphlet. Washington: HRED190, 1838. First edition in English. Streeter 1220C. ($300-600)
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103. [BOOK]. NEWELL, C[hester]. History of the Revolution in Texas. New York, 1838. First edition. Basic Texas Books 151A. Streeter 1318. ($1,500-3,000)
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104. [BOOK]. NILES, J. M. & L. T. Pease. History of South America and Mexico. Hartford, 1838. Streeter 1285. ($250-500)


105. [MAP]. BURGESS, Daniel. Map of the United States and Texas. [Hartford or Philadelphia?], 1839. ($250-500)


106. [MAP]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. No. 3. Map of North America. [Hartford or Philadelphia?], 1839. ($100-200)


107. [MAP]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. Map of the United States and Texas. [Hartford or Philadelphia?], 1839. ($250-500)
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108. [MAP]. ANONYMOUS. América Setentrional. N.p., n.d. [1840s?]. ($50-100)
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109. [MAP]. ARCHER, Joshua. Mexico & Texas. London, [1840s?]. ($200-400)


110. [MAP]. BARBIÉ DU BOCAGE, J[ean]-G[uillaume]. Carta dell'America Settentrionale. Torino, [1840]. ($100-200)


111. [MAP]. BRUÉ, A. H. Carte Generale des États-Unis Mexicains de la République du Texas. Paris, 1840. See Item 60 above for an earlier incarnation of this map. ($200-400)
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112. [MAP]. DUFOUR, Auguste-Henri. Mexique. [Paris]: Mangeon, [ca. 1840]. ($100-200)


113. [MAP]. HALL, S[idney]. Mexico. [London, 1840]. ($150-300)


114. [MAP]. HALL, S[idney]. North America. Edinburgh, [1840 or 1841]. ($100-200)


115. [BOOK]. LAWRENCE, A. B. (attrib.) Texas in 1840, or the Emigrant's Guide. New York, 1840. First edition. Basic Texas Books 120. Streeter 1361. ($1,500-3,000)
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116. [MAP]. LEVASSEUR, Victor. Amérique Septentrionale. Paris, [ca. 1845]. ($200-400)


117. [MAP]. OLNEY, [J.]. Map of the United States to Illustrate Olney's School Geography. [Hartford], 1828 [i.e., 1839 or later]. ($100-200)


118. [BOOK]. STIFF, Edward. The Texan Emigrant. Cincinnati, 1840. First edition. Basic Texas Books 199. Streeter 1367. Vandale 168. ($2,000-3,500)
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119. [MAP]. WYLD, James. Map of North America Exhibiting the Recent Discoveries. London, 1840. Wheat, TMW 473. ($600-1,200)


120. [MAP]. CHEFFINS, C. F. Map of the Republic of Texas and the Adjacent Territories. [London, 1841]. This map appeared in William Kennedy's Texas (see Basic Texas Books [117] and Streeter [1385]). ($400-800)
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121. [MAP]. CRUCHLEY, G. F. America. London, 1841. ($100-200)


121A. [MAP]. IKIN, A[rthur]. Map of Texas. [London, 1841]. This charming British map of the Republic of Texas appeared in Arthur Ikin's book, Texas. (London, 1840) (see Fifty Texas Rarities [23], Streeter [1384], & Vandale). ($3,000-6,000)
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122. [MAP]. LAPIE, A. E. & P. Carte des États-Unis d'Amérique, du Canada. Paris, 1841. ($300-600)


123. [BOOK]. [LONG, George (editor)]. The Geography of America and the West Indies. London, 1841. First edition. ($250-500)


124. [MAP]. BOYNTON, G. W. (engraver). Mexico, Texas, Guatimala & West Indies. N.p., [ca. 1842]. ($100-200)


125. [MAP]. DUVOTENAY, Th. États-Unis. Paris, 1842. ($50-100)


126. [PORTRAIT & CITY VIEW]. EDWARDS, W. J. (engraver). City of Houston in Texas, Samuel Houston. [London, ca. 1842-1843]. ($100-200)


127. [MAP]. FINDLAY, Alexander. Mexico & Guatemala. London, 1842. ($100-200)
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128. [MAP]. FLEMMING, C[arl]. Texas. Glogau, [1842-1846?]. ($1,000-2,000)
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129. [BOOK]. [FOLSOM, George]. Mexico in 1842. New York, 1842. First edition. Streeter 1413. ($2,000-4,000)


130. [ATLAS]. GREENLEAF, Jeremiah. A New Universal Atlas. Brattleboro, 1842. Second edition, revised and enlarged. One of the more difficult Texas Republic maps to obtain. ($3,000-6,000)
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131. [MAP]. LIZARS, W. Mexico & Guatimala, With the Republic of Texas. Edinburgh, [1842]. ($350-700)


132. [MAP]. LIZARS, W. United States & Texas. With All the Railways & Canals. Edinburgh, [ca. 1842]. ($350-700)


133. [MAP]. LORRAIN, N. Amérique Septentrionale. [Paris, 1842-45?]. ($50-100)


134. [BOOK]. MAILLARD, N. Doran. The History of the Republic of Texas. London, 1842. Folding lithographic map of Texas. First edition. Basic Texas Books 134. Streeter 1422. ($4,000-8,000)
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135. [MAP]. SOCIETY FOR THE DIFFUSION OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE. Central America II. Including Texas, California and the Northern States of Mexico. London, 1842. Wheat, TMW 460: II, p. 180. ($200-400)


136. [GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT]. UNITED STATES. DEPARTMENT OF STATE. Message from the President [John Tyler]. Washington: S199, 1842. First complete edition. Streeter 1432 & 1432A. Martin & Martin, p. 36n. ($1,200-2,400)
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137. CABET, [Étienne]. Almanach Icarien. Paris, [1843-1852]. Rare French periodical with a map of Texas and documentation on ill-fated utopian French colony in Texas. ($3,000-6,000)
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138. [MAP]. COPLEY, C. (engraver). Map of the United States, and Texas. New York, [1843]. ($250-500)


139. [BOOK]. McCULLOCH, J. R. McCulloch's Universal Gazetteer. New York, 1843-44. ($400-800)


140. [POCKET MAP]. MUNSON, Sam[ue]l B. A New Map of the Western Rivers Exhibiting the Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Illinois Rivers. [Cincinnati], 1843. ($1,000-2,000)
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141.* [GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT]. NICOLLET, I. N. [i.e., Joseph Nicolas]. Report Intended to Illustrate a Map of the Hydrographical Basin of the Upper Mississippi River. Washington, 1843. First edition. Wheat, TMW II, p. 180. ($300-600)


142. [MAP]. SOCIETY FOR THE DIFFUSION OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE. North America. London, 1843. ($100-200)


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144. [MAP]. EMORY, W. H. Map of Texas and the Country Adjacent. Washington, 1844. Lithographed map. First edition (the slightly smaller format issue). Martin & Martin 33. Streeter 1543B. ($4,000-8,000)
View Illustration


145.* [BOOK]. GREGG, Josiah. Commerce of the Prairies. New York, 1844. First edition, first issue, with two maps and without the glossary and index. Streeter 1502. Wheat, TMW 482 & I, p. 186. ($1,000-3,000)


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147. [MAP]. HALL, S[idney]. North America. London, [1844]. ($50-100)


148. [MAP]. JOHNSTON, A. K. United States and Texas. Edinburgh & Glasgow, [1844]. ($300-600)
View Illustration


149. LAWRENCE, A. B. (attrib.).A History of Texas, or the Emigrant's Guide to the New Republic. New York, 1844. First edition, third issue. Basic Texas Books 120B. Streeter 1361B. ($750-1,500)


150. [GLOBE]. LORING, Josiah. Terrestrial globe. Boston, 1844. On this handsome globe Texas is outlined dramatically as a separate Republic. ($6,000-12,000)


151.* [STOCK CERTIFICATE: MERCER COLONY]. TEXAS ASSOCIATION. Ornate lithographed stock certificate. Louisville, 1844. ($750-1,000)


152. [MAP]. [MORSE, Sidney E.]. Texas. [New York, 1844]. ($100-200)
View Illustration


153. [MAP]. MORSE, Sidney E. & Samuel Breese. Texas. New York, 1844. Verso: Map of the Californias, by T. J. Farnham (1845). ($500-1,000)
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155. [MAP]. OLNEY, Jesse. Map of the South Western and part of the Western State. [Hartford], 1844. ($50-100)


156. [MAP]. OLNEY, Jesse. Map of the United States, Canada, Texas & Part of Mexico. [Hartford], 1844. ($50-100)


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View Illustration


160. [MAP]. ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS. Map of North America. London, 1845. ($50-100)


161. [COLONIZATION CONTRACT WITH MAP: MERCER COLONY]. MERCER, Charles Fenton. The Contract of Colonization, of Charles F. Mercer. [New Orleans, 1845]. With Map of the Mercer Colony in Texas. First printing, with one of the earliest detailed maps of Northeast Texas, naming and locating Dallas. Streeter 1594. ($30,000-60,000)
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161A. [PROMOTIONAL BROADSIDE & AUTOGRAPH LETTER: MERCER COLONY]. MERCER, Charles Fenton. Lot of 4 items: (1) Autograph letter signed, to John Y. Mason, October 25, 1845; (2) Texas Colonization. Printed promotional broadside. [New Orleans, 1845]. First printing. Streeter 1598; (3) Newspaper clipping of Mason's letter to the editor of the Alexandria Gazette, September 1, 1845; (4) Plain folded envelope addressed to Mason. ($2,000-4,000)


162. [MAP]. NEW YORK HERALD. Map of Texas and the Disputed Territory in The New York Herald, September 1, 1845. ($200-400)
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163. [BOOK]. PUTNAM, George Palmer. American Facts. London, 1845. ($200-400)


164. [BOOK]. WILKES, George & Peter H. Burnett. The History of Oregon, Geographical and Political. New York, 1845. First edition. Streeter Sale 3143. Wheat, TMW 501. ($1,500-3,000)
View Illustration


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View Illustration


167. [MAP]. EATON, J. H. Sketch of the Battle Ground at Palo Alto Texas. [Washington], 1846. ($100-200)
View Illustration


168. [MAP]. EATON, J. H. Sketch of the Battle Ground at Resaca de la Palma Texas May 9th 1846. [Washington, 1846]. ($100-200)


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View Illustration


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172. Needs work [MAP]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. Mexico & Guatemala. Philadelphia, 1846. ($100-200)
View Illustration


173. [WALL MAP]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. Mitchell's Reference & Distance Map of the United States by J. H. Young. Philadelphia, 1846. Large engraved wall map with inset map of Texas, Oregon, and California. Rare and grand. ($8,000-16,000)


174. [POCKET MAP]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California. Philadelphia, 1846. With lithographic pocket map. First printing. Martin & Martin 36: "One of the first widely distributed maps showing Texas as a state in the U.S." Wheat, TMW 520, p. 35. ($8,000-16,000)
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178. [BOOK]. [SAGE, Rufus B.]. Scenes in the Rocky Mountains. Philadelphia, 1846. Folding lithographed map. First edition, second issue. Fifty Texas Rarities 30. Littell 904: "Rare in any of the rarest maps of the western country." Plains & Rockies IV:123:1. Wheat, TMW 527: "Most copies lack the map." ($2,000-4,000)
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179. [BOOK]. SKILLMAN, W. D. (compiler). The Western Metropolis; or St. Louis. St. Louis, 1846. ($150-300)


180. SOLMS-BRAUNFELS, Carl. Texas. Frankfurt, 1846. 2 folding engraved maps of Texas. First edition. One of the scarcest of the German books on Texas, written by the leading German colonizer of Texas. Basic Texas Books 190. ($4,500-9,000)
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181. [MAP]. WYLD, James. Map of the United States. [London], 1846. ($1,500-3,000)
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182. [POCKET MAP]. DISTURNELL, John. Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Méjico, según lo organizado del Congreso de dicha República. New York, 1847. Very rare. The important Treaty of Guadalupe Map, by which the boundary was set between Mexico and the United States following the Mexican-American War. Martin & Martin 38. Wheat, TMW 540. ($35,000-45,000)
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183. [MAP]. DISTURNELL, J., J. Goldsborough Bruff & Mariano Arista. A Correct Map of the Seat of War in Mexico. Being a Copy of Genl. Arista's Map. New York, 1847. Lithographed map. First edition of the second most important printed map of the Mexican-American War (the most important being the "Treaty Map" above. ($2,500-5,000)
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184. [BROADSIDE WITH MAP]. ENSIGN & THAYER. Seat of War & Battles. New York, 1847. Double folio hand-colored ornate pictorial engraved broadside with map and illustrations. See Wheat, Gold Rush 36 (illustrated). ($1,500-3,000)
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185. [BOOK]. [LUNDY, Benjamin]. The Life, Travels and Opinions of Benjamin Lundy. Philadelphia, 1847. First edition. Streeter 1169n. ($600-1,200)


186. [POCKET MAP]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. Map of Mexico. Philadelphia, 1847. The second version of the series of popular maps that Mitchell began to publish at the outbreak of the Mexican-American War. Wheat, TMW 548. ($4,000-8,000)
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187. [WALL MAP]. PHELPS, ENSIGN & THAYER. Map of the United States from the Latest Authorities. New York, 1847. ($300-600)
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191A. GILMAN. [Map of the United States showing boundaries after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848]. ($400-800)


192. [MANUSCRIPT SURVEY]. WALLER, Henry & William G. Waller. Original of Survey of "Apple" or Fairchild's Island above Natchez, Miss. N.p. [New Orleans?], 1848. ($500-1,000)


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View Illustration


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View Illustration


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204. [PRINT: CITY VIEW]. SCHWARZ, Louis. View of New Orleans from the Lower Cotton Press,ca. 1850. ($2,000-4,000)
View Illustration


205. [MAP]. THOMAS, COWPERTHWAIT & CO. Map of Texas from the Most Recent Authorities. Philadelphia, 1850. ($250-500)


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210. [MAP]. CASE, TIFFANY & CO. Map of the United States. N.p., 1851. ($400-800)
View Illustration


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View Illustration


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214. [POCKET MAP]. EPPINGER J. & F. C. BAKER. Map of Texas Compiled from Surveys Recorded in the General Land Office. N.p., 1852. Rare pocket map. ($20,000-40,000)
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View Illustration


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View Illustration


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View Illustration


221. [MANUSCRIPT SURVEY]. COLLINSWORTH, James. [MATAGORDA COUNTY. (Van Dorn Survey)]. ($500-1,000)


222. [MAP]. RADEFELD, C. Geognostiche Karte der Nord-Americanischen Freistaaten. Hildburghausen, 1853. ($150-300)
View Illustration


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224. [BOOK]. BALDWIN, Thomas & J. Thomas. A New and Complete Gazetteer of the United States. Philadelphia, 1854. ($600-1200)
View Illustration


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View Illustration


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230. [MANUSCRIPT SURVEY]. COLLINSWORTH, James B. (Surveyor). [MATAGORDA COUNTY (J. C. Perry Grant)]. Original autograph document signed by Jos. B. Collinsworth, District of Matagorda, April 16, 1855, for a survey plat and field notes for land in Matagorda County. ($600-1,200)


231. [MAP]. COLTON, J. H. New Map of the State of Texas. New York, 1855. ($150-300)
View Illustration


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View Illustration


235. [MAP]. UNITED STATES. WAR DEPARTMENT. PACIFIC RAILROAD EXPLORATION & SURVEY. Geological Map of the Route Explored from the Red River to the Rio Grande. Philadelphia, 1854. From the Pacific RR Survey, Vol. 2. ($100-200)


236. [BOOK]. [DANA, C. W.]. The Garden of the World. Boston, 1856. First edition. ($100-200)


237. GRAY, A. B. Southern Pacific Railroad. Survey of a Route. Cincinnati, 1856. Maps and lithographic plates of scenes along the route by Texas artist Schuchard. Plains & Rockies IV:275. An exceptionally rare and incredible association copy, with about 20 additional reports. ($20,000-40,000)
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238. [MAP]. HANDTKE, F. Vereinigte Staate[n von Nord Amerika]. [Glogau, ca. 1856]. ($100-200)
View Illustration


239.* [GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT]. COOLIDGE, Richard H. Statistical Report on the Sickness and Mortality in the Army of the United States. Washington: SED96, 1856. First edition. ($100-200)


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242. [MAP]. YOUNG, J. H. Map of the State of Texas from the Latest Authorities. Philadelphia, 1856. ($250-500)
View Illustration


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View Illustration


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View Illustration


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247. [MAP]. UNITED STATES. ARMY. BUREAU OF TOPOGRAPHICAL ENGINEERS. Map of Texas and Part of New Mexico. New York, 1857. Lithographed map. Phillips, Maps, p. 845. ($6,000-12,000)
View Illustration


248. BLAU, F. G. Scrapbook. 1858-1907. Approximately 425 items, mostly German material but includes about 50 British and American pieces, with 11 of them for Texas, including a manuscript plat map of north central Kimble County, business cards, photographs, and much more. ($3,000-6,000)
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249. [MAP]. DE CORDOVA, J. J. De Cordova's Map of Texas by Robert Creuzbaur. New York: Colton, 1858. Large engraved map in original color. Revised edition of a rare Texas map, "possibly the finest of the period" (Eberstadt 162:241), first issued in 1849. Fifty Texas Rarities 36n. Martin & Martin 39n. Wheat, TMW 603n. ($75,000-150,000)
View Illustration


250. [BOOK]. DOMENECH, E. Missionary Adventures in Texas and Mexico. London, 1858. First English edition. ($250-500)


251. [ATLAS]. GARCÍA CUBAS, Antonio. Atlas Geográfico e Histórico de la República Mexicana. Mexico, 1858. First edition of an important nineteenth-century atlas by the father of scientific geography in Mexico. ($5,000-10,000)
View Illustration


252. [MAP]. PETERMANN, A. Karte der Quellgebiete der Flüsse Witchita, Brazos, Colorado. [and] Karte des Nordwestlichsten Theils Nord-Amerika. Goth, 1859. ($100-200)Auction 10, Item 252


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254. [MAP]. COLTON, J. H. Texas. New York, 1860. ($150-300)
View Illustration


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256. [MANUSCRIPT SURVEY]. HAYFORD, L. (surveyor). Manuscript map. ($500-1,000)


257. [GLOBE]. LORING, Josiah. Terrestrial globe. Boston, 1860. One of the best-preserved globes of the era that we have seen. ($5,000-10,000)


258. [MAP]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. County Map of Texas. [Philadelphia], 1860. ($150-300)


259. [POCKET MAP]. COLTON, J. H. Colton's New Map of the State of Texas Compiled from J. De Cordova's Large Map. New York, 1861. ($1,500-$2,500)
View Illustration


260. [MAP]. COLTON, J. H. Colton's United States Shewing the Military Stations Forts &c for the "Rebellion Record." New York, 1862. ($300-500)


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262. [POCKET MAP]. COLTON, J. H. Railroad and County Map of the Southern United States Containing the Latest Information. New York, 1864. ($400-800)


263. [PAINTING]. KLEIST, Rudolph. Camp of Varners Battallion at Algiers La. [1864]. Original watercolor and sepia ink painting of the Union camp at Algiers, Louisiana, signed at lower right (R. Kleist d.). Under glass, original carved wooden frame. ($6,000-12,000)
View Illustration


263A. [MAP]. ANONYMOUS. Plan of the City of Austin on a Scale of 300 Feet to an Inch. [Austin, ca. 1865]. ($3,000-6,000)
View Illustration


264. [MAP]. JOHNSON, A. J. Johnson's Texas. New York, 1866. ($150-300)


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267. [MAP]. YEAGER. Physical Map of the United States. N.p., [1870]. ($50-100)


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View Illustration


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View Illustration


273. [SAN ANTONIO]. KOCH, Augustus. Birds Eye View of the City of San Antonio. Madison, 1873. The second lithographic view of San Antonio. Reps 3996. ($10,000-20,000)
View Illustration


274. [MAP]. PETERMANN, A. Erforschung von Nordwest-Texas [and] Orientirungskarte. Gotha, 1873. ($50-100)


275. [POCKET MAP]. ROSS, E. H. Ross New Connected County & Railroad Map of Texas and Indian Territory. St. Louis, 1873. Lithographed map showing Texas counties and railway lines. Very rare. ($6,000-12,000)
View Illustration


276. [MAP]. WILLIAMS, J. David. Map of Texas. Boston & Chicago, [1873]. ($75-150)
View Illustration


277. [BOOK]. MORPHIS, J. M. History of Texas. New York, 1874. First edition. ($400-800)


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View Illustration


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282. [POCKET MAP]. COLTON. Texas. 1875. Pocket map. ($750-1,500)


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284. [MAP]. TEXAS & PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY. A Geographically Correct Map of the State of Texas. St. Louis, 1876. ($400-800)
View Illustration


285. [SURVEY MAP]. PILIE, Edgar (Surveyor). Certified to be a True and Correct Copy of Part of a Plan Drawn by Louis H. Pilie March 30, 1875. New Orleans, 1877. Certified and signed copy of exceptionally large-scale manuscript map showing the western portion of New Orleans and the eastern portion of Jefferson Parish. ($4,000-6,000)
View Illustration


286. [BOOK]. ROCK, James & W. I. Smith. Southern and Western Texas Guide for 1878. St. Louis, 1878. ($200-400)


287. [POCKET MAP]. ST. LOUIS, IRON MOUNTAIN & SOUTHERN RAILWAY. A Geographically Correct County Map of States Traversed by the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway. St. Louis, [1878]. ($750-1,500)
View Illustration


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