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Note: The symbol * after an item number indicates material donated to the Texas State Historical Association by Shirley and Clifton Caldwell.

1. ADAMS, John Quincy. Speech Relating to the Annexation of Texas. Washington, 1838. First edition of the most famous speech on the Texas question and the slavery issue. Streeter 1305. ($100-200)


2. ALLEN, John K. Consolidated Fund of Texas: One Thousand Dollars. Houston, September 1, 1837. Made out to Allen and signed by him. ($250-500)


3*. [ANGEL, Myron (editor)]. History of Nevada. Oakland, 1881. First edition. Profusely illustrated mugbook, many lithographic plates by Britton & Rey. ($250-500)


4. ARCHER, Branch T. Manuscript letter signed, addressed to Nathaniel H. Watrous, dated at War Department, City of Austin, April 4, 1840. ($750-1,500)


5. ARCHER, Branch T. Autograph letter signed, dated at Velasco, August 20, 1835, to Fannin. ($1,250-2,500)


6. ARIZONA. GOVERNOR (HUGHES, Louis C.). Arizona Biennial Message of Louis C. Hughes January 23, 1895. Phoenix, 1895. First edition. ($600-1,200)


7. ARKANSAS AND TEXAS LAND COMPANY. Engraved form completed in manuscript of certificate of ownership of land in the company's grants in Texas, signed by company's trustees. New York, April 27, 1831. First printing. Streeter 1118 (locating only one copy). ($1,000-2,000)


8. AUSTIN, Stephen F. An Address Delivered by S. F. Austin of Texas. Lexington, 1836. Streeter 1181. ($8,000-12,000)


9. AUSTIN, Stephen F. The Austin Papers. Edited by Eugene C. Barker. Washington and Austin, 1924, 1927, [1927], 1928. 4 vols. (with the rare fourth volume by U. T. Press). First edition. Basic Texas Books 4. ($350-550)


10. AUSTIN, Stephen F. Original autograph document to Father Muldoon, signed "Estevan F. Austin." Mexico, June 17, 1835. While in a Mexican prison, Austin acknowledges receipt of 3,500 pesos in gold from Father Muldoon and makes a promissory note with interest. ($20,000-40,000)
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11. AUSTIN, Stephen F. Autograph letter, signed and with rubric, to James Britton Bailey denying him admission to the Austin colony. Brazos River, October 3, 1823. Matted and framed under glass, with a small nineteenth-century portrait of Austin and with two letters of provenance from the 1930s. One of the earliest letters written by Austin from Texas still in private hands. ($6,000-12,000)


12. AUSTIN, Stephen F. Esposición al publico sobre los asuntos de Tejas. Mexico, 1835. First edition. Streeter 817. ($20,000-40,000)
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13. AUSTIN, Stephen F. Letter from S. F. Austin to G. Borden, Jr. Columbia, [1836]. Folio broadside. First printing. Streeter 113: "Austin's letter is a noble apologia pro vita sua by a man who had spent himself for Texas and cared little whether or not he was elected." ($8,000-12,000)
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14. AUSTIN, Stephen F. Printed empresario's certificate completed in manuscript, signed by Austin (Estevan F. Austin, with rubric). [San Felipe de Austin, 1829]. First printing. Streeter 9. Probably the earliest obtainable Texas imprint. ($5,000-10,000)
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14A. AUSTIN, Stephen F. Printed land document relating to Austin's coastal colony, completed in manuscript and signed by Austin. San Felipe de Austin, November 22, 1831. Streeter 14 (locating only one copy). Early Texas imprint signed by the father of Texas. ($7,500-15,000)


15. AUSTIN, Stephen F. Printed form for promissory note completed in manuscript. [San Felipe de Austin, 1829]. ($1,000-2,000)
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16. BANGS, Samuel (printer). American Flag. Matamoros: [Samuel Bangs], February 6, 1847. Tri-weekly newspaper published during the Mexican-American War and printed by Texas' first printer. Jenkins 463. Issue contains Bangs' ad for his printing office. ($750-1,000)
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17. BANGS, Samuel (printer). Printed indenture completed in manuscript. [Galveston]: Printed by S. Bangs, [ca. 1840]. Very rare. Jenkins, Printer in Three Republics 442. ($700-1,500)
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18. BARBER, Th. Autograph letter signed, to the Secretary of State of the Republic of Texas, Paris, July 15, 1841. ($750-1,500)


19. BARTLETT-FLORENCE RAILWAY COMPANY. Ornate engraved First Mortgage Twenty Year Five Per Cent $500 Gold Bond, signed by secretary and president, October 9, 1909, and by the Texas Secretary of State on April 2, 1910, with seal of the State of Texas. Forty $12.50 interest coupons are annexed to the bond. ($600-1,200)


20. BASTROP, [Felipe Enrique Neri], Baron de. Autograph letter signed, to Luciano Garcia, political chief and governor of the Province of Texas. San Felipe de Austin, December 20, 1823. Rare. ($8,000-16,000)
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21. BELL, Peter Hansborough. Printed land grant, completed in manuscript, to Thomas H. Jones, for land in Bexar County, with the blind-stamped seals of the State of Texas and the General Land Office. ($400-800)


22. BIBLE IN ALGONQUIN. NEW TESTAMENT (Selections). [Cambridge, Mass.: S. Green, 1685]. Single leaf from the second edition of John Eliot's Indian Bible. ($150-300)


23. [BIBLIOGRAPHY]. Lot of 6 titles, including: ADAMS, Ramon F., Six-Guns and Saddle Leather., Norman, [1969]; JENKINS, John H., Printer in Three Republics., Austin, 1981, first edition; JENKINS, John H., The Saga of Samuel Bangs, Austin, 1981, limited edition; MINTZ, Lannon W., The Trail., Albuquerque, 1987, first edition; WILFORD, John Noble, The Mapmakers, New York, 1982, first Vintage Books edition; STREETER, Thomas W., Bibliography of Texas 1795-1845, Woodbridge, 1983, second edition, revised and enlarged. ($200-400)


24.[Binding]. Half leather clamshell or portfolio case by Handbridge Bindery, Inc., Austin, Texas. 23K gold stamping, maximum five lines. 8vo size, 9 inches maximum height. Raised bands if suitable. ($85-100)


25*. BINKLEY, William C. The Expansionist Movement. Berkeley, 1925. Josey card tipped in. First edition. Basic Texas Books 16. ($50-100)


26. BINKLEY, William C. (editor). Official Correspondence of the Texan Revolution 1835-1836. New York & London, [1936]. 2 vols. First edition. ($700-1,200)


27. [BLACK HISTORY]. PHOTOGRAPHY. Lot of 35 photographs mostly from the 1890s-1920s, by southern photographers including J. C. Coovert and C. F. Ray, generally African Americans in Southern settings. Mostly large format, with two postcards. ($2,000-4,000)


28. BLISS, William Wallace Smith. Manuscript letter in a secretarial hand, signed, to Col. W. S. Harney. Corpus Christi, November 30, 1845. An excellent letter by Zachary Taylor's son-in-law. ($700-1,000)


29. BOLING, B. B. Lot of three items written by Boling after being captured off the coast of Galveston with the U.S. schooner Julius Caesar, including a manuscript journal written from prison at Matamoros, April 21-22, 1837. ($1,500-3,000)


30. BOLTON, Herbert Eugene. Anza's California Expeditions. Berkeley, 1930. First edition. Zamorano Eighty 7. (5 vols.) ($400-600)


31*. BONNER, T. D. (editor). The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth. New York, 1856. First edition. ($150-300)


32*. [BOOK CLUB OF TEXAS]. TERRELL, A. W. From Texas to Mexico. Dallas [Chicago: Lakeside Press for] The Book Club of Texas, 1933. First edition, limited edition (printer's specimen). ($150-300)


33. BORDEN, John P. Manuscript survey notes, signed by Borden, November 16, 1840, with the embossed seal of the Land Office. ($100-200)


34. [BORDERLANDS]. MEXICO. COMISIÓN PESQUISIDORA DE LA FRONTERA DEL NORTE. Folio broadside. Matamoros, November 21, 1872. With related correspondence and decrees for 1873 & 1874. ($750-1,500)


35. BOREIN, John Edward. [High, Wide & Handsome]. Original etching of a cowboy on a bucking bronco, unsigned but etched "Edward Borein." N.d. ($1,500-3,000)
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36. BOREIN, John Edward. [Little Bucking Horse]. Original etching of a cowboy on a bucking bronco, in a cloud of dust, waving his hat, signed in pencil "Edward Borein." ($1,500-3,000)
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37. BOREIN, John Edward. [Noontime in Taos]. Original etching and drypoint of Taos pueblo scene, signed in pencil "Edward Borein 1915."
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38*. BOSSU, [Jean Barnard]. Nouveaux Voyages aux Indes Occidentales. Paris, 1768. Second edition. ($500-1,000)


39. BRISCOE, Andrew. Autograph document signed. Houston, February 28, 1838. ($150-300)


40. [BROADSIDE]. GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE. CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILWAY. Folio broadside advertising express trains in full, vivid color. Chicago, n.d. ($750-1,000)
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41. [BROADSIDE]. POSADA, José Guadalupe. Aquí la Calavera está, Señores, De toditos los Buenos Valedores. Zinc etching printed in black on blue paper. ($400-800)


42. [BROADSIDE]. POSADA, José Guadalupe. Barata de Calaveras. Mexico, 1907. Type-metal engraving printed in black on white paper. ($500-1,000)


43. [BROADSIDE]. POSADA, José Guadalupe. Calavera Bolshevik. Mexico, n.d. Zinc etching printed in black on pink paper. ($800-1,600)


44. [BROADSIDE]. POSADA, José Guadalupe. Calavera de Actualidad, with Don Chepito Marihuano. Mexico, October 1911. Type-metal engraving printed in black on pink paper. ($400-800)


45. [BROADSIDE]. POSADA, José Guadalupe. Calavera de Don Juan Tenorio. Mexico, n.d. Type-metal engraving printed in black on beige paper. ($500-1,000)


46. [BROADSIDE]. POSADA, José Guadalupe. La Calavera de los Camiones. Mexico, n.d. Zinc etching printed in black on pale green paper. ($700-1,500)


47. [BROADSIDE]. POSADA, José Guadalupe. La Calavera del Tenorio De la Colonia de la Bolsa. Mexico, n.d. Zinc etching printed in black ink on gray paper. Very fine. ($400-800)


48. [BROADSIDE]. POSADA, José Guadalupe. La Gran Calavera. Este cráneo singular-Verdades puede enseñar. N.p., n.d. [1913].Type-metal engraving printed in black on tan paper. Verso: Continuation of the poem from the recto, plus La Calavera de Artesanos, type-metal engraving with Posada's engraved signature. ($1000-2,000)


49. [BROADSIDE]. POSADA, José Guadalupe. La Tarasca. Mexico, n.d. Type-metal engraving printed in black on green paper. ($250-500)


50. [BROADSIDE]. POSADA, José Guadalupe. ¡Rebumbio de Calaveras De catrines y Borrachos De viejos. Mexico, n.d. Zinc etching printed in black on gray paper. ($500-1,000)


51*. [BROADSIDE]. TEXAS. GOVERNOR (J. S. Hogg) Proclamation by the Governor of Texas. Austin, September 28, 1893. First printing. Establishes a livestock quarantine line. ($250-500)


52. [BROADSIDE]. [BLACK HISTORY]. Two sensationalized book advertisements printed on each side of a 4to sheet of newsprint. ($150-300)


52A. [BROADSIDE]. STITH, Henry. To the Voters of Pickens County. Pickensville, [Alabama]. 1845. Folio broadside printed on newsprint. ($50-100)


53. BROWN, John Henry. Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas. Austin, [1896]. First edition. Basic Texas Books 23. ($400-800)


54. BRYAN, Guy M. Address to the People of the State of Texas. N.p., n.d. Winkler (1334) locates one other copy (UT). ($750-1,500)


55. BURLESON, Edward. Autograph document signed, certifying service of Calvin Gage at the Battle of San Jacinto. Colorado, June 4, 1836. [With] printed pay voucher completed in manuscript. Columbia, December 27, 1836. ($300-600)


56. [BURLESON, EDWARD]. Engraved invitation to a ball given in honor of Edward Burleson. Austin, Nov. 9th, 1841. Unrecorded Republic imprint honoring one of its leading military commanders and statesmen. ($750-1,500)
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57*. BURNABY, Andrew. Travels Through the Middle Settlements. London, 1798. ($200-400)


58. BURNET, David G. Autograph letter, signed by Burnet as President of the Republic of Texas, appointing Michael B. Menard as special agent to the Shawnee, Delaware, and Kickapoo tribes residing in the department of Nacogdoches. Countersigned by Thomas Rusk. ($4,000-8,000)


59. BURNET, David G. Autograph document signed. September 14, 1836. ($250-500)


60. BURNET, David G. Printed folio folder, To Messrs. Anthony Dey, Wm. H. Sumner and George Curtis. A Brief Account of Texas. Colonies of Zavala, Vehlein and Burnet. [New York? 1830]. First edition. Streeter 1116. ($3,000-6,000)


61. BURNET, David G. & Pinckney Henderson. Printed appointment form completed in manuscript, December 22, 1846. Appoints Thomas Ward as Commissioner of the General Land Office, signed by Burnet and Henderson. Ward's filing notes on verso. ($2,500-5,000)


62*. [BURR, AARON]. DAVIS, Matthew L. Memoirs of Aaron Burr. New York, 1836-37. First edition. ($100-200)


63. BURRUS, Ernest J. Kino and the Cartography of Northwestern New Spain. [Tucson], 1965. First edition, limited edition. ($350-450)


64. BURTON, I[saac] W[atts]. Autograph manuscript field notes of a survey of 920 acres in Nacogdoches County for Michael Costley, signed. N.p. (Nacogdoches?), February 18, 1837. Rare. ($150-300)


65*. BURTON, Richard F. The City of the Saints, and Across the Rocky Mountains to California. New York. 1862. Two folding maps. First American edition. ($300-600)


66. BYWATERS, Jerry (artist). Texas Courthouse. [1938]. Original black & white lithograph, signed to J. Frank and Bertha Dobie. Limited edition. ($2,500-5,000)
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67*. CABRERA DE CORDOBA, Luis. Felipe Segundo Rey de Espana. [Madrid, 1619]. First edition. Wagner, Spanish Southwest 25 (locates no copies in America). ($600-1,200)


68*. CARLOS III (King of Spain). Reglamento e instruccion para los presidios que se han de formar en la Linea de Frontera de la Nueva España resuelto por el Rey Nuestro Señor en cédula de 10 de Setiembre de 1772. Mexico, 1834. Streeter 706B. ($750-1,500)


69*. [CATLIN, George]. DONALDSON, Thomas. "Part V. The George Catlin Indian Gallery." in Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution. Washington, 1886. First edition. ($250-500)


70. [CAZNEAU, Jane M. McManus Storms]. Texas and Her Presidents by Corinne Montgomery [pseudonym]. New York, 1845. Streeter 1572: "Important [for] showing the opinion of an intelligent contemporary on Burnet and his successors." ($6,000-12,000)


71*. CHANDLESS, William. A Visit to Salt Lake. London, 1857. First edition. Plains & Rockies 287. ($400-800)


72. CHANNING, William E. A Letter to the Hon. Henry Clay, on the Annexation of Texas to the United States. Boston, 1837. First edition of this famous anti-Texas pamphlet. Streeter 1266. ($100-200)


73. [CHILD, D. L.]. The Texan Revolution. [Washington, 1843]. First separate edition. Streeter 1431. ($1,000-2,000)


74. CHILTON, F. B. Unveiling and Dedication of Monument to Hood's Texas Brigade.[1910] and Minutes of the Thirty-Ninth Annual Reunion. Houston, 1911. ($600-1,200)


75. [CISNEROS, JOSÉ (illustrator)]. ALCÁZAR DE VELASCO, A. & Cleofas Calleros. Historia del Templo de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. Juárez, 1953. First edition, limited edition. ($500-1,000)
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76. CITIZENS OF TEXAS. Citizens of Texas! [Circular issued by supporters of David G. Burnet in the Republic of Texas presidential election of September 1841]. [1841]. Broadside. First printing. Streeter 439 (locates two copies): "Rare anti-Houston diatribe." ($8,000-16,000)
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77. [CIVIL WAR IN TEXAS]. Lot of 12 items, including autograph letters signed by noted Texans John Arnold, Bird Holland, John Ireland, and John C. Robertson; Confederate currency; U.S. Army manuscript orders; and documents related to slavery. ($750-1,500)


78. CLARKE, A. B. Travels in Mexico and California. Boston, 1852. Plains & Rockies IV:210. ($1,500-3,000)


79*. CLOPTON, A. G. An Eulogy, on the Life and Character of Dr. Ashbel Smith. Jefferson, 1886. First edition. ($100-300)


80. COAHUILA Y TEJAS. Printed land grant completed in manuscript: El Ciudadano Robert Peebles. [San Felipe, 1835]. With manuscript receipt signed by Reddin Andrews at Lagrange, May 29, 1838. ($3,500-7,500)
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81. COAHUILA Y TEJAS. Printed promissory note completed in manuscript: Sixty days from date] I PROMISE to pay to HORATIO CHRIESMAN, Surveyor.[November] 18[32]. [San Felipe de Austin, n.d. Signed by Jno. S. [L?] Cox. ($600-1,200)


82. COAHUILA Y TEJAS. COMISIONADO PARA EL REPARTIMIENTO Y POSESION DE TIERRAS Y ESPEDICION DE TITULOS (Miguel Arciniega). Printed form of land title completed in manuscript, with heading: Sello segundo: Doce reales. San Felipe de Austin, May 12, 1831. Signed by Arcienega. ($2,500-5,000)


83. COAHUILA Y TEJAS. LAWS (April 17, 1834). Plan para el mejor arreglo de la administración de justicia en Texas [A Plan for the Better Regulation of the Administration of Justice in Texas]. [Monclova, 1834]. First printing. Streeter 805. ($4,000-8,000)


84. COAHUILA Y TEJAS. [ROBERTSON COLONY]. Printed form of land title completed in manuscript relating to the grant to Thomas Barron. June 10, 1835. ($600-1,200)


85*. COAHUILA Y TEJAS. VERAMENDI, Juan Martin de. Instrucciones que el Gobierno del Estado há tenido á bien dictar. [Leona Vicario, February 4, 1833]. Folio broadside. Streeter 787. ($200-400)


86*. COAHUILA Y TEJAS. VIDAURRI Y VILLASEÑOR, Francisco. El Gobernador del Estado de Coahuila y Tejas, á todos sus habitantes. [Monclova, June 24, 1834]. Folio broadside. Streeter, Texas 796n & 810n. ($150-300)


87*. COAHUILA Y TEJAS. LAWS. (January 31, 1831). Decree No. 164 of the Congreso constitucional. Leona Vicario, January 31, 1831. Small 4to broadside printed on recto and verso. Streeter, Texas 768. ($250-500)


88. [CODY, WILLIAM F.]. Portrait of Buffalo Bill Cody in his later years, under glass, with dark mat and inset autograph, "W. F. Cody, 'Buffalo Bill.'" Undated. ($750-1,500)


89. [CODY, WILLIAM F.]. Collection of five "Buffalo Bill's Wild West" cards with photographs, including two portraits of Cody and portraits of "Blue Horse, Chief of the Shoshones," "Little Bull, Chief of the Arrapahoes," and "Buck Taylor, 'King of the Cow-boys'". N.p., n.d. ($7,500-10,000)


90. [COLORADO]. TERRITORIAL BOARD OF IMMIGRATION. Resources and Advantages of Colorado. Denver, 1873. First edition. ($500-1,000)


91. COLORADO NAVIGATION COMPANY. Printed form completed in manuscript, for making a conditional subscription to the capital stock of the company by transfer of land. Signed by William Menefee, A. C. Horton, and W. J. E. Heard. October 14, 1839. [Matagorda?, 1838]. First printing. Streeter 232.2 ($3,000-6,000)


92*. COMAN, Katherine. Economic Beginnings of the Far West. New York, 1912. First edition. ($50-100)


93. CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. House of Representatives, Jan. 19, 1865.-Laid on the table, and ordered to be printed. Resolutions. [Richmond, Virginia, dated at end]: November 15, 1864. ($150-300)


94*. CONKLING, Roscoe P. & Margaret B. The Butterfield Overland Mail. Glendale: Clark, 1947. First edition, limited edition. ($600-1,200)


95. COOKE, William G. Autograph manuscript signed. October 25, 1847. Certified copy of the certificate of discharge of Simon Cockrell, with the embossed seal of the Adjutant General's office. ($600-1,200)


96*. [CORTES, HERNANDO]. LÓPEZ DE GÓMARA, Francisco. Voyages et Conquestes du Capitaine Ferdinand Courtois. Paris, 1588. First and only edition in this format. ($400-800)


97. [CRIPPLE CREEK, COLORADO]. History and Description of the Cripple Creek Mining District. Cripple Creek, 1894.

Rare mining business directory ($500-1,000)


98. [CROCKETT, DAVID]. Vol. I. "Go Ahead!" No. 3. Davy Crockett's 18 Almanack. [1836]. First edition. Streeter 1194. ($1,500-3,000)


99. [CROIX, TEODORO DE]. Manuscript document, contemporary copy of an order of Teodoro de Croix, Arispe, Sonora, June 23, 1780. ($400-800)


100. CUSHMAN, Samuel & J. P. Waterman. The Gold Mines of Gilpin County, Colorado. Central City, 1876. First edition. ($400-800)


101. CUSTER, George A. Letter signed, for the bearer, Trotter (Ses-sa), an Osage warrior, dated March 29th, 1869. A letter of introduction and recommendation. ($5,000-10,000)
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102*. [CUSTER, GEORGE A.]. UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. Military Expedition Against the Sioux Indians. Washington, July 18, 1876. First edition. The famous announcement of the fall of Custer at Little Big Horn. ($150-300)


103. DANIEL, F. E. Recollections of a Rebel Surgeon. Austin, 1899. First edition. ($150-175)


104. DARLEY, Alexander M. The Passionists of the Southwest. Pueblo, 1893. First edition. ($500-1,000)


105. DARLEY, Felix Octavius Carr. Etching of riders in the wilderness. Done in an unusual medium, perhaps a combination of etchig and photography. By one of the most important illustrators of 19th-century U.S. ($1,000-2,000)


106. DARLEY, Felix Octavius Carr. Etching of woodland scene, in the same unusual format as previous. Needs research. ($750-1,500)


107*. DAVIS, John. Travels of Four Years and a Half in the United States. London, 1803. First edition. ($200-400)


108. DAYTON, Edson C. Dakota Days: May 1886-August 1898. [Hartford]: Privately printed, 1937. A fine, bright copy. First edition, limited edition (#107 of 300 copies). ($250-500)


109. DE CORDOVA, Jacob. Autograph letter, signed, to County Clerk, Galveston. Houston, December 21, 1852. ($300-600)


110. [DE CORDOVA, JACOB]. Engraved printed document completed in manuscript, granting land in Travis District, to Jacob De Cordova, signed by George T. Wood. Austin, March 2, 1848. ($2,500-4,000)


111. DESERET NEWS. The Deseret News, New Year's 1893. First edition. A Mormon publication. ($250-500)


112. DeSHIELDS, James T. Cynthia Ann Parker. St. Louis, 1886. First edition. ($250-500)


113*. DEWITZ, Paul W. H. (editor). Notable Men of Indian Territory at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century, 1904-1905. Muskogee, Indian Territory, [1905]. First edition. ($150-300)


114. [DICKENSON BAYOU, TEXAS]. Lot of 8 items, including invitation to the First Annual Ball at the Beef Packery given on the 26th Anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto; field notes for a land survey (1851); Robert A. Harris family ephemera and manuscript letters; quit claim deed to Robert A. Harris; and autograph manuscript signed by Sidney Sherman. ($600-1,200)


115. [DIRECTORY]. GRAY, S. A. & W. D. MOORE (publishers). Mercantile and General City Directory of Austin, Texas-1872-73. Austin, 1872. Lacking the topographic map of Austin. First edition of Austin's first directory. ($1,000-2,000)
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116. [DIRECTORY]. MOONEY & MORRISON (publisher). Mooney & Morrison's General Directory of the City of San Antonio, for 1877-78. Galveston, 1877. First edition of the first Directory of the City of San Antonio. ($1,000-3,000)


117. [DIRECTORY]. MORRISON & FOURMY (publisher). Morrison & Fourmy's General Directory of the City of San Antonio, for 1879-80. Marshall, [1879]. First edition. ($750-1,500)


118*. DOBIE, J. Frank. Wild and Wily Range Animals. Flagstaff, 1980. First edition. ($10-20)


118A. DOBIE, J. Frank. The Mustangs. Boston: Little, Brown, [1952]. Presentation copy inscribed and signed from Dobie to Carl Hertzog. First edition, limited edition (100 copies). ($2,500-5,000)


119. [DOMÍNGUEZ GRANT]. DOMÍNGUEZ, Juan. Engraved certificate completed in manuscript: Domínguez' Grant. No. [4337]. N.p. [New York?], November 11th, 1831. Small folio broadside in English. First printing. Streeter 1122A (one location). ($1,500-3,000)


120. EDWARD, David B. History of Texas. Cincinnati, 1836. With folding engraved map of the Republic of Texas. First edition. Streeter 1199: "One of the essential Texas books." ($3,000-6,000)


121*. EHRENBERG, Hermann. Fahrten und Schicksale Eines Deutschen in Texas. Leipzig, 1845. Third edition, but first under this title. Basic Texas Books 54. Fifty Texas Rarities 25. Streeter 1454B. ($1,500-3,000)


122. EVERETT, Adam. Autograph letter signed, to Susan F. Colby in New London, New Hampshire, dated at Shelbyville, Ky., July 31, 1836. Extended discussion of military preparations by Kentuckians to go to the defense of Texas. ($1,800-2,500)


123. FIELD, Joseph E. Three Years in Texas. Including a View of the Texan Revolution, and an Account of the Principal Battles. 1836. Second edition. Fifty Texas Rarities 14. Streeter 1202A: "This is the first published account by a participant, except perhaps in a newspaper." ($7,500-15,000)


124. FILISOLA, Vicente. Evacuation of Texas. Columbia: G. & T. H. Borden, 1837. First edition in English of Filisola's account of the Mexican retreat following San Jacinto. Fifty Texas Rarities 7. Jenkins, Basic Texas Books 61A: "The first book printed in the Republic of Texas." Streeter 191. ($20,000-40,000)


125. FISHER, George. Memorials of George Fisher. 1840. First edition. Contemporaneous account of the Tampico Expedition. Streeter 384. ($7,500-15,000)


126. [FISKE, M. (attrib.)]. A Visit to Texas. New York, 1834. Folding map with original color by W. Hooker. First edition. Streeter 1155. ($2,000-4,000)
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127*. [FISKE, M. (attrib.)]. A Visit to Texas. New York and Mobile, 1836. Second edition, with an Appendix. Basic Texas Books 209A. Streeter, Texas 1155A. ($150-300)


128. FORREST, Earle R. Missions and Pueblos of the Old Southwest. Cleveland, 1929. First edition. ($100-200)


129. GALVESTON BAY & TEXAS LAND COMPANY]. Address to the Reader of the Documents Relating to the Galveston Bay & Texas Land Company. New York, 1831. First edition, first issue. Streeter 1123. ($800-$1,200)


130. GALVESTON BAY & TEXAS LAND COMPANY. Ornate lithographed land certificate with map of Southeast Texas. New York, October 16, 1830. Signed by officers of the Company. First edition. Streeter 1117. ($1,000-2,000)


131. [GALVESTON BAY & TEXAS LAND COMPANY]. Printed power of attorney, followed by another power of attorney in manuscript, with signatures of David G. Burnet, Lorenzo de Zavala, Anthony Dey, William H. Sumner, George Curtis, et al. New York, December 10, 1830, and November 9, 1832. First issue, with second power of attorney in manuscript rather than printed. ($4,000-6,000)


132. [GANILH, Anthony]. Ambrosio de Letinez, or The First Texian Novel. New York, 1842. Second and best edition. ($1,000-2,000)


133. [GERMAN COLONIZATION IN TEXAS]. VEREIN ZUM SCHUTZE DEUTSCHER EINWANDERER IN TEXAS. Circularschreiben in Betreff der Regelung. [Frankfurt, 1852]. First edition. ($1,000-1,500)


134. [GERMAN COLONIZATION OF TEXAS]. VEREIN ZUM SCHUTZE DEUTSCHER EINWANDERER IN TEXAS. Lithographed form completed in manuscript, commencing: Verein zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas. Frankfurt, [1843?]. Manuscript date of 1846. ($400-800)


135. [GERMAN COLONIZATION OF TEXAS]. VEREIN ZUM SCHUTZE DEUTSCHER EINWANDERER IN TEXAS. Text commences: Nachdem die ersten Niederlassungen in Texas gegründet. [Dated and signed in print at end]: Mainz, den 24. Februar 1845. Streeter 1626 (locating one copy). ($300-600)


136. [GERMAN COLONIZATION OF TEXAS]. VEREIN ZUM SCHUTZE DEUTSCHER EINWANDERER IN TEXAS. Nro. [___] Prioritats-Obligation Vereins zum Schutze deutscher Einwanderer in Texas. Wiesbaden, July 1, 1850. ($300-600)


137. [GERMAN COLONIZATION OF TEXAS]. VEREIN ZUM SCHUTZE DEUTSCHER EINWANDERER IN TEXAS. Printed form completed in manuscript, commencing: Verein zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas. [Bremen?], 1846. Signed and dated at end [Bremen, October 7, 1846]. ($400-800)


138. [GERMAN COLONIZATION OF TEXAS]. VEREIN ZUM SCHUTZE DEUTSCHER EINWANDERER IN TEXAS. [Printed form with English and German, completed in manuscript, commencing]: Vertrag swischen dem Verein zum Schutze deutscher Einwanderer in Texas und dem Auswanderer. Antwerp, 1845. ($400-800)


139*. GONZALEZ DE MENDOZA, Juan. Dell' Historia Della China. Rome, 1586. ($400-800)


140*. [GOROSTIZA PAMPHLET]. WEAVER, William A. Examination and Review of a Pamphlet Printed and Secretly Circulated by M. E. Gorostiza. Washington, 1837. First edition. Streeter 1301. ($300-650)


141. GOUGE, W. M. The Fiscal History of Texas. Philadelphia, 1852. First edition, second state. Basic Texas Books 77A. ($350-650)


142*. GREELEY, Horace. A History of the Struggle for Slavery Extension or Restriction in the United States. New York, 1856. First edition. ($50-100)


143. GREEN, Jno. A., H. N. Burditt, & George Flournoy. To the Voters of Travis County. N.p., n.d. [Austin, 1860]. Small folio broadside. ($1,500-2,500)


144. GREGG, Josiah. Commerce of the Prairies. New York, 1844. 2 vols. First edition, first issue. Streeter 1502. ($1,000-$3,000)


145. HAFEN, Mary A. Recollections of a Handcart Pioneer of 1860. Denver, 1938. First edition. ($250-500)


146. HALEY, J. Evetts. Life on the Texas Range. Photographs by Erwin E. Smith. Austin, 1952. Publisher's slipcase. Hertzog's Copy. Reese, Six Score 55. ($100-200)


147. HALLENBECK, Cleve. The Journey of Fray Marcos de Niza. Dallas: Carl Hertzog, 1949. Very fine in d.j., signed by Hertzog. Very fine in d.j. Signed by Hertzog. First edition, limited edition ($150-300)


148. HAMILTON, Andrew J . Printed document signed, appointing B. Graham, M.D., to be Superintendent of the State Asylum. Austin, August 8, 1865. ($1,500-3,000)


149. HASTINGS, Frank S. A Ranchman's Recollections. Chicago: Breeder's Gazette, 1921. Very fine in original glassine d.j. Basic Texas Books 86. Merrill, Aristocrat. ($150-300)


150. HEAP, Gwinn Harris. Central Route to the Pacific. Philadelphia and London, 1854. First British edition. ($250-500)


151. HEARTSILL, William W. Fourteen Hundred and 91 Days in the Confederate Army. [1876].First edition. With 61 original albumen photographs. Basic Texas Books 89: "The rarest and most coveted book on the American Civil War." ($25,000-35,000)


152. HENDERSON. J. Pinckney. Printed land grant to Trowbridge Ward, completed in manuscript, signed by J. Pinckney Henderson. Austin, Texas, February 24, 1847. ($400-800)


153. HINMAN, S. D. Journal of the Rev. S. D. Hinman, Missionary to the Santee Sioux Indians, and Taopi, by Bishop Whipple. Philadelphia, 1869. First edition. ($150-300)


154. HOCKLEY, George Washington. Letter signed, to Edward Burleson, Department of War & Navy at Austin, February 16, 1842. ($750-1,500)


155*. HOLLINGSWORTH, John. The Journal. San Francisco, 1923. First edition, limited edition. ($150-300)


156. [HOOD'S BRIGADE]. Unsigned original manuscript in ink of speech delivered at annual Hood's Brigade reunion. Author unknown but apparently was a veteran of the war and the Brigade. N.p., n.d. ($1,000-3,000)


157. HOUSTON, Samuel. Autograph letter signed to Col. Thos. W. Ward, relating to the Archives War. Houston, September 6, 1842. Houston orders Ward to fetch an iron chest containing government papers, which is buried in the room where the sugar and salt were left, and to retain it until further orders. ($15,000-25,000)


158*. HOUSTON, Samuel. "Message of the President to Both Houses of Congress, Republic of Texas," in Telegraph and Texas Register, Vol. II, No. 49, Whole No. 101, Houston, Saturday, November 25, 1837, p. 2. In red cloth slipcase with gilt-lettered red leather spine, raised bands. ($750-1,500)


159. HOUSTON, Samuel. Printed form completed in manuscript, appointing Thomas W. Ward to the office of Associate Land Commissioner for the county of Harrisburg, signed in ink by Sam Houston. Houston, May 10, 1838. ($5,000-10,000)


160. HOUSTON, Samuel. Printed land grant, completed in manuscript, to "James H. Collett, apee. of George W. Walker." Signed by Sam Houston. Austin, January 7, 1861. ($750-1,500)


161. HOUSTON, Samuel. Printed Treasury Warrant for the Republic of Texas made out to Sam Houston, completed in manuscript. N.p., n.d. (manuscript date December 12, 1844). Signed on verso by Houston. ($2,000-4,000)


162. HOUSTON, Samuel & Anson Jones. Printed form on vellum, completed in manuscript, appointing Henri Castro as Consul General for the Republic of Texas for the Kingdom of France, signed by Sam Houston, countersigned by Anson Jones. February 4, 1842. ($5,000-7,500)
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163. [HOUSTON, TEXAS]. Real Estate Gift Concert Land Distribution at Houston, Texas. December 21, 1874. Two fancy decorative wood-engraved tickets. Very unusual Texas ephemeron, relating to a Houston get-rich-quick scheme. ($200-400)


164*. HUBBARD, R. B. Centennial Oration...Delivered at the National Exposition, September 11, 1876. Texas. [St. Louis, 1876]. ($300-600)


165. HUFF, William P. California Gold Rush Journal and Republic of Texas Reminiscences. Holograph journal describing an overland trip from Texas to California in the years 1849 and 1850; also incorporating "The Stormy Days of 1836" by Henry Smith. With early manuscript maps showing the movement of General Sam Houston's and General Santa Anna's troops across Texas and of the Battlefield of San Jacinto. 2 vols. Details upon request.


166*. HUGHES, John T. Doniphan's Expedition. Cincinnati, 1848. ($250-500)


167. [HUNT, MEMUCAN]. TUCKER, Philip C., Jr. (auctioneer). Large folio broadside advertising his estate sale. Galveston, [1860]. ($800-1,600)
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168*. HUNTER, John D. Memoirs of a Captivity Among the Indians of North America. London, 1823. First London edition. ($100-250)


169. IDE, Simeon. A Biographical Sketch of the Life of William B. Ide. [Claremont, N. H., 1880]. First edition. Zamorano Eighty 45. ($1,500-3,000)


170*. IRVING, Washington. The Rocky Mountains. Philadelphia, 1837. First American edition. ($300-600)


171. IVES, P. C. Autograph letter signed to his sister Laura, dated at Washington-on-the-Brazos, June 28, 1844. Witty description of life in the Republic of Texas. ($150-300)


172. JENKINS, John H. (editor). The Papers of the Texas Revolution 1835-1836. 10 vols. Austin, 1973. First edition. Basic Texas Books 106. ($500-1,000)


172A. JENKINS PUBLISHING COMPANY. Collection of Jenkins Publishing Company publications, and a few other publishers. ($2,000-5,000)


173*. JOHNSON, Theodore T. Sights in the Gold Region, and Scenes by the Way. New York, 1849. First edition. ($250-500)


174. JONES, Anson. Memoranda and Official Correspondence Relating to the Republic of Texas. New York, 1859. First edition. Basic Texas Books 113. ($300-600)


175. JONES, Anson. Printed Republic of Texas land grant for land in Bastrop County, to Jacob Sargel, completed in manuscript, signed by Anson Jones as President and Thomas William Ward as Commissioner. Dated in manuscript: Austin, April 8, 1845. ($1,000-2,000)


176. JONES, John Rice [Jr.], et al. Autograph manuscript signed, certifying the good character of a lady, dated at San Felipe, June 1835, and signed Jones and others. ($300-600)


177. JONES, Jonathan H. A Condensed History of the Apache and Comanche Indian Tribes. Prepared from the General Conversations of Herman Lehmann, Willie Lehmann. San Antonio, 1899. First edition. Basic Texas Books 124. adapting quite well to all aspects of their cultures, ($1,000-2,000)


178. JUÁREZ, Benito. Printed document signed, certifying the appointment of Felix Barron as public scribe. Mexico, February 19, 1862. ($500-1,000)


179. [KANE, PAUL]. HARPER, J. Russell (editor). Paul Kane's Frontier. Austin & London, [1971]. First edition, limited edition. ($200-400)


180. KANSAS CENTRAL RAILWAY. Statement of the Condition and Resources of the Kansas Central Railway. Leavenworth, 1871. First edition. ($500-1,000)


181*. KENDALL, George W. Narrative of an Expedition Across the Great South-Western Prairies, from Texas to Santa Fé. London, 1845. The first single-volume edition and apparently the second English printing. Basic Texas Books 116. Streeter 1515B. ($150-300)


181A. [KENNEDY, John P.] Printed document completed in ink, dated February 12, 1846, signed on verso by John P. Kennedy. See our item 90 in Auction 10. ($150-300)


182. KERR, Hugh. A Poetical Description of Texas. New York, 1838. First edition. Streeter 1317. ($750-1,500)


183. KIMBALL, J. P. Laws and Decrees of the State of Coahuila and Texas, in Spanish and English, to which is added the Constitution of said State, also the Colonization Law. Houston, 1839. First edition. ($500-750)


184. LAMAR, Mirabeau B. Printed document signed, dated at Houston, March 22, 1839, appointing John H. Kirchoffer to the office of Chief Justice of the county of Houston. Very rare Lamar signature in this format. ($1,200-1,400)


185. LAMAR, Mirabeau. Printed land grant completed in manuscript and signed by Lamar and John P. Borden. Houston, February 25, 1839. ($800-1,600)


186*. LANE, Walter P. The Adventures and Recollections of General Walter P. Lane. Marshall, 1887. First edition. Basic Texas Books 119. ($1,200-2,400)


187. [LANGWORTHY, A.]. The Constitution of the Republic of Mexico, and of the State of Coahuila & Texas. New York, 1832. First edition. ($1,250-2,500)


188. LARSON, James. Sergeant Larson, 4th Cav. San Antonio, 1935. First edition, limited edition. ($300-600)


189. LASATER, Laurence. The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Raising. El Paso, 1972. First edition, limited edition. ($100-200)


190. LAWRENCE, William. Letter, signed, addressed to John Work, dated at Galveston, August 16, 1836. ($250-500)


191. LEA, Tom. The King Ranch. Kingsville: Printed for the King Ranch [by Carl Hertzog] 1957. First edition, limited edition, the Saddle Blanket edition. Adams, Herd 1319. Basic Texas Books 121. ($750-1,500)


192. LÓPEZ DE SANTA ANNA, Antonio. Pronunciamiento del escmo. Sr. General D. Antonio López de Santa-Anna. Fortaleza de Perote, September 8, 1841. First printing. ($150-300)


193. [LUBBOCK, FRANK. R.] Original manuscript document addressed to Captain F. Lubbock, Provost Marshal, Matagorda, signed by the Major and Provost Marshal General, District of Texas, New Mexico & Arizona. Houston, Dec. 23, 1864. ($400-600)


194. LUBBOCK, Francis Richard. Six Decades in Texas, or Memoirs of Francis Richard Lubbock. Austin, 1900. With Lubbock's original autograph letter signed, Austin, November 26, 1897. First edition, deluxe edition. Basic Texas Books 130. ($400-800)


195. MACOMB, John N. Report of the Exploring Expedition from Santa Fé, New Mexico, to the Junction of the Grand and Green Rivers. Washington, 1876. Lacking the folding map. First edition. ($400-600)
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196*. MADELÈNE, Henry de la. Le Comte Gaston de Raousset-Boulbon. Paris, 1859. Second edition. ($150-300)


197*. MARRYAT, [Frederick]. A Diary in America. Paris, 1839-40. 2 vols., original wrappers. First Paris edition. Very scarce. ($200-400)


198*. MARRYAT, [Frederick]. The Travels and Romantic Adventures of Monsieur Violet. London, 1843. First edition, second issue. Bright set in original gilt pictorial cloth. ($150-300)


199. MATAGORDA. PROPRIETORS. Printed form completed in manuscript, certifying the highest bidder at the sale of In and Out-Lots in Matagorda. [San Felipe de Austin, 1830?]. Oblong broadside. First printing. Streeter 18.1 (locating only one copy). ($3,000-6,000)


200. MATAGORDA. PROPRIETORS. Printed form completed in manuscript, with accompanying manuscript documents, granting permission for taking possession of land in the town of Matagorda. [San Felipe de Austin, 1830?]. First printing. Streeter 18.2 (only one other location). ($3,000-6,000)


201. MATTHEWS, Sallie Reynolds. Interwoven, a Pioneer Chronicle. Houston, 1936. Signed by seven members of the Matthews, with presentation inscription to Carl Hertzog signed by Watt R. Matthews. First edition. Basic Texas Books 139. ($1,000-1,500)


202*. McBETH, Reid Sayers. Pioneering the Gulf Coast. [Beaumont], ca. 1915. First edition. Scarce local history, with information on the early oil industry. ($250-500)


203. McCALLA, W. L. Adventures in Texas. Philadelphia, 1841. First edition. ($1,500-3,000)


204*. McCORMICK, Richard C. Arizona: Its Resources and Prospects. New York, 1865. First edition. ($50-100)


205. McKENNEY, Thomas L. Kee-She-Waa. A Fox Warrior. Philadelphia, 1843. Handcolored lithographic print. Matted and framed. ($400-800)


206*. McKENNEY, Thomas L. Memoirs, Official and Personal, with Sketches of Travels Among the Northern and Southern Indians. New York, 1846. First edition. ($250-500)


207. McKINNEY, Thomas F. Autograph letter signed, written to Sam Houston. Galveston, December 3, 1841. ($500-1,000)


208*. MERCER, A. S. The Banditti of the Plains. [Cheyenne, 1894]. First edition. ($1,000-2,000)


209. [MEXICAN AMERICAN WAR]. HOUSTON, Samuel, Thomas H. Benton, Thomas J. Rusk et al. Manuscript document, signed by Houston, Rusk, Benton, and 13 others. February 2, 1847. ($4,000-6,000)


210. [MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR]. MEXICO (Republic). PRESIDENT (Antonio López de Santa Anna). The President of the Mexican Republic to the Troops Engaged in the Army of the United States of America. [Mexico, 1847]. Broadside. First printing. ($1,500-3,000)
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211. MEXICO (empire). LAWS. (January 4, 1823). Mexico City bando issue of the important general colonization law, which Streeter (694) calls "one of the fundamental laws relating to Texas." Mexico, January 7, 1823. Double folio bando. ($750-1,500)


212. MEXICO. (Republic). Printed circular order of governor of Coahuila Andrés S. Viesca, Saltillo, December 12, 1866, of a decree of Benito Juárez. Signature of Florencio Valdez. ($150-300)


213*. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS. Decree of the Congreso general, pledging every effort to secure the liberty of Santa Anna. Mexico, May 10, 1836. First printing. Streeter 879 (locating only his copy, now at Yale) ($400-800)


214*. MEXICO (Republic). SECRETARÍA DE ESTADO Y DEL DESPACHO DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES. [ALAMÁN, Lucas.] Memoria Presentada a las dos Camaras del Congreso General de la Federacion. Año de 1825. [Mexico City], 1825. First edition. ($500-1,000)
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215. MILLER, Mrs. S. G. Sixty Years in the Nueces Valley: 1870-1930. San Antonio, [1930]. First edition. Adams, Herd 1491 ($150-300)


216. [MINING: BORDERLANDS]. File of claims against abandoned mines in the Sierra de los Potrerillos, Coahuila, with testimony, survey, publication of claim, certification of compliance; removed from larger volume. Monclova, 1819-1830. ($400-800)


217*. [MODERN OVERLANDS]. AUDUBON, John W. Audubon's Western Journal: 1849-1850. Cleveland, 1906. Rosenbach copy. ($150-250)


218. [MODERN OVERLANDS]. Lot of 6 titles, including HILL, Jasper S. The Letters of a Young Miner, San Francisco, 1964; LOCKLEY, Fred. Across the Plains by Prairie Schooner. Eugene, n.d.; LOCKLEY, Fred. Captain Sol. Tetherow, Wagon Train Master. Portland, n.d.; SMEDLEY, William. Across the Plains in '62. [Denver, 1916]; [YOUNG, Frank C.] Across the Plains in '65. Denver, 1905; [YOUNG, Frank C.]. Echoes from Arcadia. Denver, 1903. ($550-1,100)


219*. [MODERN OVERLANDS]. Lot of 5 titles, including STUART, Robert. The Discovery of the Oregon Trail. New York: Edward Eberstadt & Sons, [1935]. Plus 4 others. ($150-300)


220. MOELLER, Hugo. Grand-Prairie. San Antonio, 1909. First edition. ($400-800)


221. MOKLER, Alfred James. History of Natrona County, Wyoming. Chicago: R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company, 1923. First edition. Adams, Guns 1624; Herd 1509. Howes M719. ($200-400)
View Illustration


222*. MONCLOVA GARRISON. Small folio broadside with the Monterrey pronunciamiento of 17 July 1834 printed in full, and adopted by the Monclova garrison. [Monclova, 23 July 1834]. Streeter 813. ($250-500)


223. [MONTANA]. Constitution of the State of Montana. Helena, [1889]. First edition. ($400-800)


224. [MOORE, Ealy ]. HALEY, J. Evetts (editor). A Log of the Montana Trail--As Kept by Ealy Moore. [Amarillo, 1932]. Presentation copy from editor Haley to Winnie Allen. ($100-200)


225. [MOORE, E. W.]. Action of the Legislature of the State of Texas, in Reference to the Charge of Defalcation against Commodore E. W. Moore. Washington, 1849. First edition. ($1,500-3,000)


226. MORFI, J. A. Excerpts from the Memorias for the History of the Province of Texas. San Antonio, 1932. First edition, limited edition (limited not states in this copy). Basic Texas Books 145A. ($150-250)


227. [MORRIS, William Walton]. Considerations on the Propriety and Necessity of Annexing the Province of Texas to the United States. New York, 1829. First edition. Streeter 1109. ($2,000-4,000)


228. NEW ARKANSAS AND TEXAS LAND COMPANY. Engraved land certificate completed in manuscript, for land in Texas. New York, April 29, 1833. First edition. Streeter 1138.1. ($1,500-3,000)


229. NEWELL, C[hester]. History of the Revolution in Texas, Particularly of the War of 1835 & '36. New York, 1838. First edition. Basic Texas Books 151A. Streeter 1318. ($2,500-5,000)


230. [NEWSPAPER]. Republic of Rio Grande and Friends of the People. (Vol. I, No. 7). Matamoros, June 27, 1846. ($500-750)
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231. [NEWSPAPER]. Lot of Texas Confederate newspapers, including issues from The Galveston Tri-Weekly News and The Houston Daily Telegraph. (9 issues total) ($250-500)+($200-400)


232*. NORTH, Thomas. Five Years in Texas; or, What you Did not Hear During the War from January 1861 to January 1866. Cincinnati, 1871. Second edition ($100-300)


233*. NUEVO LEON (Mexican state). GOBERNADOR (Juaquín García). El C. Joaquin Garcia.a sus Conciudadanos. [Monterrey, March 17, 1839]. Folio broadside. Streeter 946 (locating only one copy). ($200-400)


234. [NUÑEZ, Israel P.]. Photographic portrait of Major Israel P. Nuñez, founder of Stonewall, Texas. ($100-200)


234A. NUNN, Ancel E. 201 M. C. & S A. Watercolor painting of antique locomotive and tender. ($2,000-4,000)


235. NYSTEL, Ole T. Lost and Found; Or, Three Months with the Wild Indians. Dallas, 1888. First edition. ($400-800)


236. [OLD THREE HUNDRED]. Lot of 7 items signed by or relating to Stephen's first colonists, including: CHRIESMAN, Horatio. Autograph manuscript signed.[Brazoria?], April 9, 1835; COLES, John P. Manuscript power of attorney and printed form completed in manuscript. September 15, 1838 and April 9, 1839; plus 5 others. ($500-1,000)


237. PARKER, Rev. Samuel. Journal of an Exploring Tour Beyond the Rocky Mountains. Ithaca, 1842. Third edition. With the important map. ($150-300)


238. PAGÈS, [Pierre-Marie-François de]. Travels Round the World. London, 1793, 1793, 1792. 3 vols. Second English edition. ($400-800)


239*. PALLISER, John. Solitary Rambles and Adventures of a Hunter in the Prairies. London, 1853. First edition. ($200-500)


240. PALMER, Joel. Journal of Travels Over the Rocky Mountains 1845 and 1846. Cincinnati, 1847. First edition, second issue. ($650-1,500)


241. PALÓU, Francisco. Historical Memoirs of New California. Berkeley, 1926. First edition in English. ($200-400)


242*. PARKER, A. A. Trip to the West and Texas. Concord, 1835. First edition. Basic Texas Books 159. Streeter 1172. ($2,000-4,000)


243. PASCHAL, George W. A Digest of the Laws of Texas. Washington, 1870. Governor E. M. Pease's copy, signed by him. ($250-500)


244. PAWNEE COUNTY AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL ASSOCIATION. Premium List of the Sixth Annual Fair. Pawnee City, [1885]. First edition. ($150-300)


245. [PETERS COLONY]. PETERS, William C. Emigration to the Trinity and Red River Colony, Texas. Louisville, August, 1846. Broadside, hitherto unrecorded. Important for history of Dallas. ($2,500-5,000)

246. [PHOTOGRAPHY]. BARRY, D. F. (photographer). Original sepia photograph of D. F. Barry posing with Indian chief Rain-in-the-Face, falsely reputed to have been the one who killed Custer at Little Bighorn. This is probably the best Barry photograph that one could ever acquire. ($2,500-5,000)
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247. [PHOTOGRAPHY]. CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY. Glimpses Along the Canadian Pacific Railway. Mountain Series A. N.p., n.d. 12 scenic black-and-white photographic views. First edition. ($400-600)


248. [PHOTOGRAPHY]. Original black-and-white photograph of former Texas Ranger, Andrew Mather (1851-1923), who served with "Capt. Jeff" (William Jeff Maltby, commander of Company E of the Frontier Battalion). Photographer unknown. ($750-1,500)


249. [PHOTOGRAPHY]. Photographic portrait of handsome late nineteenth-century young woman, in ornate contemporary gilt wooden frame. Verso label "Framed by Bradford Gallery, Austin, Texas." ($50-100)


250. [PHOTOGRAPHY]. REYES FOTO. Collection of six original sepia photographs by Reyes Foto, depicting an aviator with his biplane and his participation in an early air show. Location and date unknown. ($400-800)


251. [PHOTOGRAPHY]. 7. Gross Logen Sitzung O. D. H. S. April 27-2, 1896, San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio, J. Eckerskorn. ($750-1,500)


252. [PHOTOGRAPHY: THE WEST]. Album with 126 photographs, photographer unknown, with scenes ranging from California to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio, and New York. Ca. 1890. ($500-1,000)


253. PIKE, Albert. Prose Sketches and Poems, Written in the Western Country. Boston, 1834. First edition. Streeter 1150n. ($600-1,200)


254. PINKERTON'S NATIONAL DETECTIVE AGENCY. History and Evidence of the Passage of Abraham Lincoln. N.p. ca. 1892. With Army orders dated April 16, 1865 announcing the death of Lincoln. ($300-600)


255. [POLAR EXPLORATION]. FRANKLIN, John. Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea, in the Years 1819, 20, 21, and 22. London, 1823. First edition. ($750-1,500)


256. [POLAR EXPLORATION]. FRANKLIN, John. Narrative of a Second Expedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea, in the Years 1825, 1826, and 1827. London, 1828. First edition. ($500-1,000)
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257. [POLAR EXPLORATION]. KANE, Elisha Kent. Arctic Explorations. Philadelphia, 1856. First edition. ($100-200)


258. [POLAR EXPLORATION]. PARRY, William Edward. Journal of a Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific. London, 1821. First edition. ($400-800)
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259. [POLAR EXPLORATION]. PARRY, William Edward. Journal of a Second Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific. London, 1824. First edition. ($750-1,500)
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260. [POLAR EXPLORATION]. PARRY, William Edward. Journal of a Third Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific. London, 1826. First edition. ($600-1,200)
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261. [POLAR EXPLORATION]. ROSS, James Clark. A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions, During the Years 1839-43. London, 1847. 2 vols. First edition. ($750-1,500)
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262. [POLAR EXPLORATION]. ROSS, John. A Voyage of Discovery. London, 1819. First edition. ($1,700-3,500)
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263. [POLAR EXPLORATION]. ROSS, John. Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-west Passage. Vol. I only. London, A. W. Webster, 1835. First edition. ($250-500)
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264. [PORTLAND, TEXAS]. LOWE, J. (engraver). Ornately engraved township stock certificate with allegorical figures, completed in manuscript, signed by Nicholas Clopper. Streeter 450. ($2,000-3,500)


265. [RAILROADS]. [BRAZOS AND GALVESTON RAILROAD]. "An Act to incorporate the Brazos and Galveston Rail Road Company" in Telegraph and Texas Register, Supplement to No. 135, May 1838. ($2,000-4,000)


266. [RAILROADS]. GALVESTON, HOUSTON AND HENDERSON RAILROAD COMPANY. Three forms of 3 engraved bonds with coupons. Completed in manuscript. ca. 1865. ($300-600)


267. [RAILROADS]. GALVESTON & RED RIVER RAILWAY COMPANY. To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of Texas. [Galveston or Austin?, 1850?]. ($250-500)


268. [RAILROADS]. Lot of 2 items: GALVESTON AND RED RIVER RAILWAY COMPANY. Printed promissory note to P. Bremond, completed in manuscript, Burleson County, September 2, 1856, and signed by Jno. Cockrell. WASHINGTON COUNTY RAIL ROAD COMPANY. Autograph account for construction charges from November 1858 to February 1859. ($150-300)


269*. RAMOS ARÍZPE, Miguel. Memoria sobre el estado natural, político, y cívil de su dicha provincia [Coahuila], y las del Nuevo Reyno de Leon, Nuevo Santander, y los Texas. Cádiz, 1812. First edition. Streeter 1050. ($1,000-2,000)
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270. RAMOS ARÍZPE, [José] Miguel. Memorial on the Natural, Political, and Civil State of the Province of Coahuila. Philadelphia, 1814. First American edition. ($1,500-3,000)


271. [RANCHING]. Catalogue of Imported and Home-Bred Hereford and Aberdeen-Angus Cattle To be Sold at Dexter Park, Chicago, Thursday, April 3, 1884. Chicago, [1884]. First edition. ($250-500)


272. [RANCHING]. Lot of 4 items, including:

AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL COLLEGE. Feeding Experiment. June 1889; MASTERSON, R[obert]. B[enjamin]. Autograph letter signed. Fort Worth, May 1, 1899, to R. M. Thomson in Austin, Texas; WYNN, W. L. Autograph letter signed. Houston, June 11, 1855, to J. H. Stevens. Plus one other. ($150-300)


273. RANDOLPH, Cyrus H. To the Voters of Texas. Fellow Citizens. Austin, July 21, 1860. Large folio broadside. First printing. ($300-600)


274*. RAYMER, Robert George. Montana: The Land and the People. Chicago and New York, 1930. First edition. ($250-400)


275. REID, John Coleman. Reid's Tramp. 1858. First edition. Plains & Rockies IV:307. Fifty Texas Rarities 39. Huntington 740: "Excessively rare. Probably no subsequent overland, and only one or two of earlier date, can in any way compare with it in point of actual rarity." Plains & Rockies IV:307. (18,000-25,000)


276. REID, Mayne. The Headless Horseman. London,[1866]. 2 vols. First edition. ($100-300)


277*. REVILLAGIGEDO, Conde de. Instrucción reservada. Mexico, 1831. First edition. ($300-600)


278. RICHTHOFEN, Walter Baron von. Cattle-Raising on the Plains of North America. New York, 1885. First edition. Reese, Six Score 90. ($300-600)


279. RICKARDS, Constantine George. The Ruins of Mexico. Volume. 1. London, 1910. First edition. Photographic record of the ruins of Mexico in 1910. ($100-200)


280*. ROBERTSON, William. The History of America. London, 1777. First edition. ($150-300)


281*. ROGERS, Woodes. A Cruising Voyage Round the World. London, 1718. ($600-1,200)


282. [ROOSEVELT, THEODORE]. Collection of 45 original letters, etc. Theodore Roosevelt and/or related officials and various Roosevelt family members to Captain and Mrs. Seth Bullock of South Dakota, 1901-1920. Kermit Roosevelt remarks in one letter: "I am so sorry that father and I could not get out to Arizona this summer, but father took it into his head that he wanted to run for President, so there you are! We are all very excited, and of course we hope he will win and of course we have a wonderful platform, but I am afraid that the odds are for Wilson, and we all know it. Of course you must not mention that." ($7,500-15,000)


283. RUSK, Thomas J. Manuscript signed, appointing Thomas W. Ward Commissioner of the General Land Office, August 29, 1845. Co-signed by James Raymond as Secretary of State. ($1,250-2,500)


284. RUXTON, George F[rederick Augustus]. Adventures in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains. London, 1847. First English edition. ($250-500)


285. [SAN ANTONIO]. Lot of 14 ephemera, including confederate currency; engraved colored print of "Victor Considerant's Texan Home"; an estimate for building a house, August 1, 1867; an invitation to a Masquerade Ball, December 16, 1872; a printed receipt completed in manuscript for the San Antonio Valley Ditch Subscription, signed by Emma Ferguson for J. C. Helschlag, San Antonio, 187-; a certification of transcription of the minutes for proceedings of the San Antonio City Council for March 18, 1838, for laying out the city, signed by the City Secretary, C. E. Jefferson (San Antonio. November 6, 1858); and more. ($500-1,000)


286. SCOBLE, John. Texas. London, 1839. First edition of a rare British-Texan imprint. Streeter 1354. ($2,000-4,000)


287. [SEALSFIELD, Charles]. Nathan le Squatter. Geneva and Paris, 1880. Later edition. Streeter 1289. ($30-40)


288. [SEALSFIELD, C.]. Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika. Stuttgart & Tübingen, 1827. First edition. Streeter 1111. (150-300)


289. SEGUIN, Juan Nepomuceno & John Coffee Hays. Autograph document signed by Seguin and Hays, dated at Bejar, March 11, 1837. ($500-1,000)


290. SMITH, Buckingham (editor). [NENTUIG, J. (attrib.)]. Rudo Ensayo. San Augustin de la Florida [Albany], 1863. First edition, limited edition. ($200-400)


291. SOLMS-BRAUNFELS, Prince Carl of. Autograph note, signed, Comal Creek, April 23, 1845. Concerns steamboat navigation for the German Association. ($500-1,000)


292. SPOTTS, David L. Campaigning with Custer on the Washita Campaign, 1868-'69. Los Angeles, 1928. First edition, limited edition. ($250-500)


293. STEAMER GALVESTON. Printed stock certificate, completed in manuscript. [Galveston]: Printed at the "NEWS" Office, [by Samuel Bangs?], n.d. Filing notes on verso, dated July 7, 185[4?]. ($1,500-3,000)


294. STEELE, John. In Camp and Cabin. Lodi, 1901. First edition. Adams, Guns 2130 (noting rarity and presence of material on Joaquín Murieta). ($1,500-3,000)


295. SWARTWOUT. PROPRIETORS. Printed stock certificate completed in manuscript, signed by James Morgan, early Texas land baron. Houston, [1838]. First printing. Streeter 244. ($800-1,600)


296. TATUM, Laurie. Report of U.S. Indian Agent for the Kiowas, Comanches and Apaches to the Indian department for the year 1870. Autograph manuscript in ink, signed by Laurie Tatum, at Fort Sill, Indian Territory, [December 8, 1870]. ($1,500-3,000)
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297. TAYLOR, Fitch W. The Broad Pennant. New York, 1848. First edition. ($150-300)


298*. [TEXAS. BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION]. Texas: The Home for the Emigrant from Everywhere.[Austin, 1873.] First edition. ($250-500)


299. TEXAS. CONSTITUTION. "Texas-Constitution." Pp. 225-237 in Democratic Expositor and United States Journal for the Country, Vol. I, no. 15 (October 18, 1845). Washington, D.C., 1845. ($250-500)


300*. TEXAS. SECESSION CONVENTION (Jan. 28-Mar. 5, 1861). Journal of the Secession Convention of Texas, 1861. Austin, 1912. First edition. Basic Texas Books 69n. ($60-100)


301*. [TEXAS]. WHITING, W. H. C. "Exploration of a New Route from San Antonio de Bexar to El Paso," pp. 230-245 in Western Journal IV, no. 4 (July 1850). First printing. See Basic Texas Books 111. ($50-100)


302. [TEXAS ALMANAC]. The Texas Almanac for 1868. Galveston, 1867. Folio broadside. Advertisement for the Almanac. ($500-1,000)


303*. [TEXAS ANNEXATION]. URQUHART, David. Annexation of the Texas, A Case of War Between England and the United States. London, 1844. First edition. Streeter 1554. ($200-400)


304*. [TEXAS ANNEXATION]. WALKER, Robert J. Letter of Mr. Walker Relative to the Reannexation of Texas. Washington, 1844. First edition. ($50-100)


305*. [TEXAS ANNEXATION TREATY]. UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. SENATE. Proceedings of the Senate and Documents Relative to Texas, from Which the Injunction of Secrecy Has Been Removed. [Washington: SD341, 1844]. First edition. Streeter 1542. ($100-200)


306. [TEXAS CENTENNIAL COMMEMORATIVE CHINA]. Set of 12 commemorative blue-and-white china plates with assorted scenes and date 1836-1936. Titles of scenes on backs of plates. China by "MZ Altrohlau CM-R, Czechoslovakia." ($3,000-5,000)
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307. [TEXAS CURRENCY]. Lot of 15 items of Currency, Treasury Warrants, and Bank Notes. ($100-300)


308. [TEXAS CURRENCY. CONFEDERACY]. Lot of 15 Confederacy Treasury Warrants. ($50-100)


309*. [TEXAS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE]. Niles' Weekly Register, April 9, 1836. Contains the Declaration of Independence for Texas. ($300-600)


310. [TEXAS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: SIGNERS]. CALDWELL, Mathew. Autograph manuscript signed. County of Washington, Republic of Texas, March 8, 1837. ($250-450)


311. [TEXAS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: SIGNERS]. ROBERTS, John. Manuscript promissory note signed by Charles Chevaillier, W. M. Kuling, and J. Roberts. March 30, 1838. ($250-450)


312. [TEXAS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: SIGNERS]. ROBERTSON, Elijah Sterling Clack. Printed deed completed in manuscript, signed by Robertson and by Bird Holland and Julius C. Lynch as witnesses, at Salado, December 3, 1856. ($500-1,000)


313. [TEXAS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: SIGNERS]. PEEBLES, Robert. Certification of receipt of money. Autograph manuscript signed. December 8, 1834. ($600-1,200)


314. [TEXAS EPHEMERA]. Lot of 26 items including:

17 merchants' trade tokens; Daughters of the Republic card of "Miss Clara Driscoll, President and Treasurer Alamo Mission Fund Organization"; article on "Texas" with map, (1855); etc. ($250-350)


315*. [TEXAS LAND]. CHAMBERS, Thomas Jefferson. Argument of T. J. Chambers. Austin, 1858. First edition. ($250-500)


316*. [TEXAS LAND]. FISHBURN, J. W. & S. W. Holman. Office of Fishburn & Holman, Agents for the Sale and Purchase of Lands. Mexia, Texas, June 1st, 1876. Folio broadside. ($150-250)


317. [TEXAS LAND]. Lot of 10 items, including:

ALCORN, John H. Autograph manuscript signed; BEVIL, John, and W. H. Stark. Printed document completed in ink and signed. Republic of Texas, Jasper County, July 5, 1839; FLORES, Vital. Autograph manuscript signed. County of Nacogdoches, October 28, 1851; HARRINGTON, C. S. Come On! Come On! This is Your Chance. [Dalhart, 1905 or 1906?]. Printed broadside; etc. ($300-600)


318. [TEXAS LOCAL HISTORY]. Collection of 14 autograph letters, signed documents, etc. relating to nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Texas life, ranging in date from 1844 to 1922 or undated. ($100-200)


319. [TEXAS LOCAL HISTORY]. Collection of 35 autograph letters, signed manuscript documents, ephemera, etc. relating to nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Texas life, ranging in date from 1853 to 1915. ($200-400)


320. [TEXAS LOCAL HISTORY. NAVARRO COUNTY]. FEARIS, David P. & William Balch. Manuscript agricultural sharecropping lease agreement, dated Navaro [sic] Co., September 5th 1848. ($250-500)


321*. [TEXAS MASONS]. By-laws of Hardeman Lodge. Seguin, 1856. First edition. ($250-500)


322. [TEXAS SHIPS & SHIPPING]. Lot 8 items from the 1830s to the 1860s, including: HUMPHREYS, P. W. Manuscript authorization signed; MATAGORDA (Port of). Printed document completed in ink and signed by George M. Collinsworth; STEAMER ECLIPSE. Ornate printed document completed in ink; STEAMER GALVESTON. Manuscript statement of charges for pilot fees; STEAMER LAURA. Manuscript authorization of deck passage by John Brent for the government of Texas on the Steamer Laura to Red Fish Bar, signed by P. W. Humphreys; STEAMER NEW CASTLE. Printed document completed in ink and signed by Simon Mussina, C. Donaldson, and William H. Fowler; STEAMER Tennessee. Manuscript document of Sheriff's Sale of the wreck of the Steamer Tennessee; TRINITY RIVER STEAMBOAT NAVIGATION. KERR, D. G. Autograph letter, signed in full. ($750-1,500)


323. [TEXAS STOCK CERTIFICATES]. Lot of 6 stock certificates, including: ALEXANDER GROCERY COMPANY (La Grange, Texas); F. V. GENTRY (Port Lavaca, Texas); FIRST NATIONAL BANK (Troupe, Texas); GLENN McCARTHY, INC.; TEXAS STAR FLOUR MILLS, OF GALVESTON; VALENTINE MERCANTILE COMPANY (Valentine, Texas). ($150-300)


324. TEXAS. Circular announcing the arrival of Lt. Colonel D. Luciano García. [San Antonio, 1823]. Signed by Baron de Bastrop. First printing of the seventh Texas imprint. Streeter 7. ($6,000-12,000)
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325. TEXAS. Texian Loan. New Orleans: Benjamin Levy, 1836. Signed by Stephen F. Austin, B. F. Archer, and William H. Wharton. ($1,500-2,500)
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326. TEXAS. Declaration of the People of Texas. San Felipe de Austin: Baker & Bordens, 1835. Streeter 89. Rare, important, and an early Texas imprint of the highest consequence. ($50,000-100,000)


327. TEXAS. GENERAL COUNCIL. Original manuscript document entitled "An Ordinance Regulating the Militia." San Felipe de Austin, November 24, 1835, signed by Elisha M. Pease, Henry Smith, and James W. Robinson. Exceedingly important manuscript relating to the formation of the Army of the Republic of Texas. ($10,000-20,000)


328. TEXAS (SMITH, Henry). Signed broadside: An Ordinance & Decree granting Letters of Marque and Reprisal. San Felipe de Austin: Baker & Bordens, 1835. First printing. One of the earliest Baker & Borden imprints and one of the few relating to maritime activities of revolutionary Texas. Streeter 100 (locating only one copy). ($3,000-6,000)


329*. TEXAS. Ordinances and Decrees of the Consultation.March 1, 1836. Houston, 1838. First edition. Streeter, Texas 246. ($600-1,200)


330. TEXAS. Printed form completed in manuscript, granting license to carry on coasting trade, signed at Matagorda, March 24, 1840. [Houston], ca. 1843. Large folio broadside. ($1,000-2,000)

331. TEXAS. CONSOLIDATED FUND. Printed bond completed in manuscript. Houston: Intelligencer Office, [1837]. Signed by Thomas Gale Forster and J. W. Simmons. Verso with signatures of Thomas Toby and Edward Hall. First printing. ($250-500)


332. TEXAS. CORPORATION OF VICTORIA. Manuscript document concerning Philip Dimmitt and J. C. Warous town survey. April 15, 1843. ($100-300)


333. TEXAS. (HOUSTON, Sam). A Detailed Account of the Battle of San Jacinto. New Orleans: Moses W. Brigham, 1836. A substantially enlarged and corrected work on the battle that "sealed the destiny of the Texas Republic [and] confirmed its Declaration of Independence" (Dixon, 1932). Streeter 1239A. The only other surviving copy is in the New York Historical Society collection. ($30,000-60,000)


334. TEXAS. ARMY OF RESERVE. Commandancy General; Army of Reserve for the Protection of the Liberties of Texas. Circular letter, signed by Thomas Jefferson Chambers. N.p., [1836]. First edition. Streeter 1240. ($3,500-7,500)
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335. TEXAS. CONSTITUTION. Constitution of the Republic of Texas. To Which is Prefixed the Declaration of Independenc. Washington [D.C.], 1836. First printing of the constitution of the Republic of Texas. Streeter 1243. ($3,500-7,500)
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336. TEXAS. CONSULATE (New Orleans). Printed document completed in manuscript, signed by Archibald Austin. New Orleans, February 7, 1842. ($250-500)


337*. TEXAS. CONVENTION, 1845. TEXAS. Journals of the Convention. Austin, 1845. Streeter's copy with leaf of notes laid in. Streeter 638. ($2,500-5,000)


338. TEXAS. GENERAL LAND OFFICE. Printed form commencing: General Land Office, Austin February 1845. To Mr. ___ Surveyor of _______ County. [Austin, 1845]. ($300-600)


339. TEXAS. LAWS. "Rules and Regulations of the Different Departments of Government." in Telegraph and Texas Register, Vol. III, No. 26, Whole No. 130, May 12, 1838, Vol. III, No. 27, Whole No. 131, May 16, 1838, and Vol. III, No. 27, Whole No. 132, May 19, 1838. ($4,000-8,000)
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340. TEXAS. (Samuel Houston). A Message from the President Relative to Indian Affairs. Houston, 1838. First edition. Streeter 290. ($3,000-6,000)
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341. TEXAS. (Samuel Houston). Proclamation to the Army and Citizens of Texas. Galveston, March 11, 1842. Small folio broadside ($5,000-10,000)
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342*. TEXAS. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Special Report of the Secretary of the Treasury. November, 1839. [Austin, 1839]. First edition. Streeter 369. ($1,250-2,500)


343. TEXAS. TREATY. GREAT BRITAIN. Convention between Her Majesty and the Republic of Texas. London, [1842]. First edition. ($1,000-2,000)


344. TEXAS. TREATY. GREAT BRITAIN. Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between Her Majesty and the Republic of Texas. November 13, 1840. London, [1842]. First edition. Streeter 1417. ($1,000-2,000)


345. TEXAS. WAR DEPARTMENT. Government of the Army of the Republic of Texas. Houston: Intelligencer Office, [1839]. [With] Uniform of the Army of the Republic of Texas. N.p., n.d. First edition, first issue listed by Streeter (no priority). Streeter 372. ($7,500-15,000)


346. [TEXAS]. GARRISON, George P., (editor). Diplomatic Correspondence of the Republic of Texas. Washington, 1908-1911. 2 vols. First edition. Basic Texas Books 73. ($100-200)


347. [TEXAS (Republic)]. Lot of 19 items (mostly manuscript, many signed), including: title bonds, land documents, sale contracts, bills, summons, receipts, agreements, etc., from San Felipe, Montgomery County, Hanson County, Galveston District Court, Texas General Land Office, Washington County, Fayette County, Houston County, San Augustine, Galveston, and Austin, from 1836 to 1845. ($300-500)


348. [TEXAS (Republic). BONDS]. Lot of 5 Republic bonds, including: $1,000 Consolidated Fund Bond; $100 Ten Percent Coupon Bond; $100 Eight Percent Coupon Bond; $500 Ten Percent Coupon Bond; and $500 Eight Percent Coupon Bond. ($200-300)


349. [TEXAS (Republic). CURRENCY]. Lot of 24 items, including: 1 Star Note; 10 Bills of Currency in denominations of $1, $2, $3, $5, $10 (2 examples)$20, $50 (2 examples), $100; 2 Consolidated Fund notes for $100, $500; 3 Treasury Warrants; 8 Scrip notes-Columbia & Houston. ($1,500-3,000)


350. [TEXAS (Republic). MILITARY]. Lot of 4 Republic manuscripts, including: Election returns of militia officers, Austin County, March 16, 1839; Receipt for one horse furnished by Harden Jones to J. Sowell, Fannin County, November 2, 1838; Two $25 printed pay certificates completed in manuscript for services in the Texian Navy, signed and dated April 23, 1841. ($150-300)


351*. [TEXAS & MEXICO]. Causas y efectos de la última revolución de Mégico. Mexico, 1841. First edition. ($150-300)
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352. [TEXIAN CAMPAIGN COMMEMORATIVE CHINA]. Commemorative porcelain 10-inch dinner plate, with a center transfer design depicting a scene from the Mexican-American War, ca. 1850. Designed by "J. B.," produced by Anthony Shaw, and made in Burslem, Staffordshire, England. ($3,000-5,000)


353. THORPE, Thomas B. Our Army on the Rio Grande. Philadelphia, 1846. First edition. Basic Texas Books 205. ($250-500)


354. TRAVIS, William Barret. Autograph letter, signed, to Governor Henry Smith, dated at Bexar, February 15, 1836. 1 p., folio. Alamo hero Travis recommends to Texas' first Anglo Governor Henry Smith the services of Smith Erastus "Deaf". A rare conjunction of three great Texans in one document. This is one of the last letters written by Travis. ($50,000-$100,000)


355. [TREATY OF LIMITS (U.S. & Mexico)]. MEXICO. PRIMERA SECRETARIA DE ESTADO. DEPARTAMENTO DEL EXTERIOR. Decree of June 18, 1836. First Mexican printing. Streeter 1257A. ($1,000-2,000)


356. TRIGGS, J. H. History and Directory of Laramie City, Wyoming Territory. Laramie City, 1875. First edition. ($1,500-3,000)


357. TYLER, Ron. Audubon's Great National Work. The Royal Octavo Edition of The Birds of America. Austin, [1993]. First edition, limited edition. ($400-800)


358*. UNITED STATES. ARMY. DEPARTMENT OF TEXAS. (E. O. C. Ord, Commanding General). Report Relative to His Department, and the Security and Protection of the Texas Frontier. San Antonio, Texas, Dec. 1, 1879. First edition. ($1,500-3,000)
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359. UNITED STATES. (Andrew Jackson). Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress.December 6, 1836. Washington: SED1, 1836. First edition. Streeter 1254. ($150-300)


360. USHER, Patrick, Thomas Simons, & Andrew J. Dunluf. Autograph manuscript signed by San Jacinto veteran. "Republic of Texas, County of Jackson," January 20, 1838. ($400-800)


361. WALKER, Simeon. Original unpublished manuscript diary, covering a trip to Texas between December 1853 and February 1854, and service as a chaplain in an Illinois regiment during the Civil War, July 1863-February 1864, with his autobiography, recorded for his family in 1878. ($4,000-8,000)


362. WALL, Oscar G. Recollections of the Sioux Massacre. [Lake City], 1909. ($60-120)


363. WARD, Thomas. Civil War correspondence of approximately 20 letters written between 1862 and 1864. ($5,000-10,000)


364. WAVELL, [Arthur G.]. "Description de la Province de Texas, par le Genéral Wavel." In Nouvelles Annales Des Voyages et Des Sciences Géographiques. N.p., n.d. ($100-200)


365. WHARTON, J. E. History of the City of Denver. Denver, 1866. First edition. ($1,000-2,000)


366. WHARTON, John A. Manuscript promissory note executed and signed by J. Brown for $680.00 in favor of John A. Wharton, January 12, 1836. ($200-400)


367. WHARTON, William H. Address of the Honorable Wm. H. Wharton.Address of the Honorable Stephen F. Austin. New York, 1836. First edition. Streeter 1260. ($4,000-8,000)


368*. [WHITAKER, DANIEL KIMBALL]. Sydney's Letters to William E. Channing. Charleston, 1837. First edition. ($150-300)


369. WHITE, E. E. Service on the Indian Reservations. [Little Rock, 1893]. First edition. ($600-1,200)


370. WILSON, Mrs. M. A. C. Reminiscences of Persons, Events, Records and Documents of Texian Times [wrapper title]. Austin, 1882. First edition. ($250-500)


371. WRIGHT, William. The Oil Regions of Pennsylvania. New York, 1865. First edition. ($200-400)


372. [WOLL EXPEDITION]. Printed muster roll completed in manuscript. March, 1842. ($3,000-6,000)