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Items 1–25: ADAMS, John Quincy. Speech of...Relating to the Annexation of Texas to this Unionthrough BINKLEY, William C. The Expansionist Movement in Texas 1836-1850.

Items 26-50: BINKLEY, William C. (editor). Official Correspondence of the Texan Revolution 1835-1836 through BINKLEY, William C. The Expansionist Movement in Texas 1836-1850.

Items 51-75: [BROADSIDE]. TEXAS. GOVERNOR (J. S. Hogg) Proclamation by the Governor of Texas through [CISNEROS, José (illustrator)]. ALCÁZAR DE VELASCO, A. & Cleofas Calleros. Historia del Templo de Nuestra Señorade Guadalupe.

Items 76-100:CITIZENS OF TEXAS. [Election circular issued by the supporters of David G. Burnet in the presidential election of September 1841]: ... through CUSHMAN, Samuel & J. P. Waterman. The Gold Mines of Gilpin County, Colorado. Historical, Descriptive, and Statistical.

Items 101-125: CUSTER, George A. Letter signed, for the bearer, Trotter (Ses-sa), an Osage warrior, dated March 29th, 1869, at Head Quarters of Troops operating South of the Arkansas, Camp Supply Ind. Terr. through FISHER, George. Memorials of George Fisher, Late Secretary to the Expedition of Gen. Jose Antonio Mexia, Against Tampico, in November, 1835.

Items 126-150: ... through HEAP, Gwinn Harris. Central Route to the Pacific, from the Valley of the Mississippi to California: Journal of the Expedition of E. F. Beale, Superintendent of Indian Affairs in California, and Gwinn Harris Heap, from Missouri to California, in 1853.

Items 151-175: HEARTSILL, William W. Fourteen Hundred and 91 Days in the Confederate Army: A Journal Kept by W. W. Heartsill. For Four Years, One Month, and One Day, or Camp Life; Day-by-Day, on the W. P. Lane Rangers. From April 19th, 1861, to May 20th 1865 through JONES, Anson. Printed Republic of Texas land grant for land in Bastrop County, to Jacob Sargel, completed in manuscript, signed by Anson Jones as President and Thomas William Ward as Commissioner.

Items 176-200: JONES, John Rice [Jr.], et al. Autograph manuscript signed, certifying the good character of a lady, dated at San Felipe, June 1835, and signed Jno. R. Jones. MATAGORDA. PROPRIETORS. Printed form completed in manuscript, with accompanying manuscript documents, text of imprint commences]: Town of Matagorda, [January 26th] 183[3].

Items 201-225: MATTHEWS, Sallie Reynolds. Interwoven, a Pioneer Chronicle through [MOORE, E. W.]. Action of the Legislature of the State of Texas, in Reference to the Charge of Defalcation against Commodore E. W. Moore and the Construction Put upon the "Annexation Resolutions," by the Government of the United States.

Items 226-250: MORFI, Juan A. Excerpts from the Memorias for the History of the Province of Texas....through [PHOTOGRAPHY]. REYES FOTO. Collection of six original sepia photographs by Reyes Foto, depicting an aviator with his biplane and his participation in an early air show near a beach.

Items 251-275: [PHOTOGRAPHY]. ECKERSKORN, J. 7. Gross Logen Sitzung O. D. H. S. April 27-2, 1896, San Antonio, Texas through REID, John Coleman. Reid's Tramp; Or a Journal of the Incidents of Ten Month's Travel through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Sonora, and California....

Items 276-300: REID, Mayne. The Headless Horseman: A Strange Tale of Texas through TEXAS. SECESSION CONVENTION (Jan. 28-Mar. 5, 1861). Journal of the Secession Convention of Texas, 1861, Edited from the Original by Ernest W. Winkler....

Items 301-325: [TEXAS]. WHITING, W. H. C. "Exploration of a New Route from San Antonio de Bexar to El Paso," pp. 230-245 in Western Journal IV, no. 4 (July 1850). Complete issue of the journal through TEXAS (Provisional Government). COMMISSIONERS. Texian Loan....

Items 326-350: TEXAS (Provisional Government). CONSULTATION (November 1835). Declaration of the People of Texas, in General Convention Assembled through [TEXAS (Republic). MILITARY]. Lot of 4 Republic manuscripts.

Items 351-372: [TEXAS & MEXICO]. Causas y Efectos de la Última Revolución de Mégicothrough [WOLL EXPEDITION]. Printed muster roll completed in manuscript.

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