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Auction 13: A Few Good Maps & Manuscripts

Lot 14

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14. [MAP]. KIEPERT, H[einrich]. Mexico, Texas und Californien. Below neat line [left]: Bearbeitet und gezeichnet von H. Kiepert; [center]: Weimar, Verlag des Geographiscen Institus, 1849; [right]: Situation und Schrift gestochen von K. Mädel, Terrain von C. Jungmann. Inset at lower left: Plateau von Mexico im doppelten Maasstab der Hauptkarte. Inset at upper right: Die Republiken von Central-America im Maasstab der Hauptkarte. Profile at lower margin: Durchschnitt des Hochlandes von Anahuac.... Engraved map with original outline coloring. 55.5 x 63 cm (21-7/8 x 24-7/8 inches). Other than slight wear and a few neat reinforcements, a fine copy.

     The 1849 edition of Kiepert’s map (see preceding entry). Wheat lists only the 1851 edition (see Mapping the Transmississippi West #723n; Maps of the California Gold Region #199n). In this version of his map Kiepert renders the larger Emory-style Texas with much more assurance. Texas boldly stands out, strongly outlined in blue. The German colony in Texas retains its engraved designation, but in this edition, it is not shaded. Additional place names have been added, especially in California, where the designation Gold Region has been added.     ($4,000-$10,000)

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