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Auction 13: A Few Good Maps & Manuscripts

Lot 5

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5. [TREATY MAP]. [POCKET MAP]. TANNER, H[enry] S[chenck]. A Map of the United States of Mexico, as Organized and Defined by the Several Acts of the Congress of That Republic, Constructed from a Great Variety of Printed and Manuscript Documents by H. S. Tanner. Second Edition, 1846. Below neatline at left: Published by H. S. Tanner, No. 144 Chesnut [sic] St. Philadelphia. Below neatline at right: Entered According to Act of Congress, the 2nd. day of April, 1832, by H. S. Tanner of the State of Pennsylvania. Two insets at lower left: (1) Table of Distances; and (2) Map of the Roads &c from Vera Cruz & Alvarado to Mexico. Inset at right margin: Statistical Table. Pocket map, folded into original 16mo dark brown ribbed blind-stamped cloth covers, with matching dark brown diced cloth label on upper cover gilt-lettered: MEXICO (covers present but detached). Engraved map with original full color and outline coloring. 58 x 73 cm (22-7/8 x 28-3/4 inches). Mild offsetting, some splits at folds repaired on verso, three small ink spots at left margin. Original pocket folder worn and split at spine. Streeter’s copy with his notes on inside front cover, including provenance (1928 Cadmus $15) and Tanner’s map of Mexico, 2d ed 1846...This interesting for California....

     “Second edition” (dated 1846; copyright April 2, 1832); Lawrence Martin’s sequence (g). Eberstadt 114:68 (offering an undesignated Philadelphia 1846 version, at $37.50 in 1939). Streeter Sale 3824 (this copy). Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West #528: “The Southern border of California is shown as 32° west of the gulf, and the Rio Ascension east of it, much farther south than the border fixed by the Treaty, and even farther south than the Gadsden purchase of 1853-4. The southern border of New Mexico is just north of El Paso. Texas extends to the east bank of the Rio Grande (including Santa Fe) and with the long panhandle. The copyright date shows that this was a hurriedly gotten up map to catch the pennies of those interested in following the war with Mexico”; Vol. III, pp. 37-38: “With Disturnell coming out with a map of Mexico largely copied from one of Tanner’s early productions, Henry S. Tanner could ill afford to sit by in silence. In 1846, therefore, he brought out a ‘second edition’ of the 1832 issue of his ‘Map of the United States of Mexico’ (even retaining the original copyright date). So far as areas now in the United States are concerned, this is a throwback map, with the Timpanogos, Buenaventura and St. Felipe rivers (and even the Los Mongos River!) flowing from the intermountain area to the Pacific Coast. Farther east, Long’s geography is still used. Tanner must have been trying to live on his reputation—or else he was in a great hurry—when he published this map.” Wheat, Maps of the California Gold Region #33n. Texas is now shown separate from Mexico, with the long panhandle and southern boundary at the Rio Grande rather than the Nueces River. Place names have been added, including the City of Austin.

     We find no sales records in the usual sources, other than this copy, which sold at the Streeter Sale in 1969. One must admire Streeter’s prescience regarding the importance of maps like these.      ($15,000-25,000)

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