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Short Abstracts of Auction Fourteen Lots


with an emphasis on the Southwest & the Borderlands, especially Texas, California, and Mexico. The type of material offered includes rare books, manuscripts, autograph letters, maps, atlases, broadsides, and ephemera

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Following are short abstracts for each of the 64 lots in our Auction 14.
Items are followed by a "More>>" link that will take you to fuller descriptions, often with iconography.
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1. [ATLAS]. ARROWSMITH, [Aaron] & [Samuel] Lewis. A New and Elegant General Atlas.... Boston, 1812. 63 copper-engraved maps. 4to, contemporary sheep over boards. Cohen, Mapping the West, p. 80: “The Samuel Lewis map [of Louisiana] was the primary map of the newly purchased territory of Louisiana and its surroundings and, as such, reflected the shaped American popular geographical images of the western interior at the time of Lewis and Clark.” Wheat, Transmississippi West 259, 260, 261 & 262. ($1,000-3,000)     More>>

2. [ATLAS]. BRADFORD, T[homas] G[amaliel]. An Illustrated Atlas, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the United States.... Boston, [1838]. 39 engraved maps & plates. Folio, contemporary three-quarter leather over cloth. The fine Nathan Appleton copy. With the Texas map (Martin & Martin 31). First edition of Bradford’s large format atlas, the earliest atlas published in the U.S. to contain maps of Texas as a republic. Howes B701. Streeter Sale 88. Wheat, Transmississippi West 430 & 431 & II, p. 165. ($8,000-16,000)     More>>

3. [ATLAS]. Gibson, John. Atlas Minimus.... Philadelphia, 1798. 36 copper-engraved maps. 24mo, nineteenth-century calf. Early American pocket atlas. Evans 33794. Wheat & Brun, p. 169. ($2,000-4,000)     More>>

4. [ATLAS]. JOHNSON, [Alvin Jewett]. Johnson’s New Illustrated (Steel Plate) Family Atlas.... New York, 1864. 67 engraved maps & plates. Folio, original three-quarter roan over cloth. An early intermediate version of Johnson’s enduring atlas. Augmented with information on the progress of the Civil War. ($1,000-3,000)     More>>

5. [ATLAS]. RAND, McNALLY & CO. New Indexed Atlas of the World.... Chicago, 1887. 97 cerograph & lithograph maps, text engravings. Folio, original sheep. Includes another issue of the Texas map noted by Martin & Martin. ($750-1,500)     More>>

6. [ATLAS]. WILKINSON, Robert (publisher). A General Atlas.... London, 1800. 48 copper-engraved maps. 4to, contemporary three-quarter sheep over marbled boards. Five maps are of American interest, including the map of the U.S. acknowledging its independence. ($600-1,200)     More>>

7. AUSTIN, Moses. ANs. [Mine à Breton, Missouri], June 17, 1813. 16mo, 1 p. Fine signature and paraph of the first person to obtain permission to bring Anglo-American settlers into Spanish Texas and the founder of the lead industry in the U.S. ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

8. AUSTIN, Stephen F. ALs to José María Viesca, Mexican Governor of Coahuila y Tejas, recommending that Henry Austin be admitted to the colony and discussing Henry Austin’s experience with steamboats. [San Felipe de] Austin, January 4, 1830. 4 pp. Excellent commentary on the first steamboat in Texas. ($12,000-24,000)     More>>

9. AUSTIN, Stephen F. ANs, promissory note from Austin to Dr. M. B. Nuckols (Old Three Hundred). [San Felipe de Austin?], June 22, 1828. ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

10. AUSTIN, Stephen F. Document signed, written in a secretarial hand and signed by Austin in full and with title and paraph: “S. F. Austin, Comd. in Chief,” a letter of passage for David B. Macomb to attend the Consultation, giving particulars on Macomb’s service. November [12?], 1835. 1 p., Superb Texas Revolution item, signed by Austin as Commander in Chief of the army of Texas volunteers. Macomb’s retained copy. ($15,000-30,000)     More>>

11. AUSTIN, Stephen F. Printed form for promissory note completed in manuscript. [San Felipe de Austin: G. B. Cotten, 1829]. Ironically, the form is dated April 6, 1830, the date of the Mexican law prohibiting further Anglo colonization in Texas. Tenth Texas imprint. Streeter 10. ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

12. Austin, Stephen F., Ramón Músquiz, José Antonio Baldomero Navarro, José Miguel de Arciniega & José Gaspar María Flores de Abrego. Manuscript recording the election of Juan Martín de Veramendi and Rafael Manchola as representatives to the Coahuila y Tejas legislature, signed by Austin and the named parties. San Fernando de Béxar, September 5, 1830. 1 pp., folio, with manuscript note at top: “Sello 4o una cuartillo,” which is signed “Flores” (i.e., José Gaspar María Flores de Abrego). The content and gathering of signatures of Stephen F. Austin and Tejano luminaries make this an especially important document for Texas while it was still part of Mexico. ($15,000-30,000)     More>>

13. [AUSTIN, Stephen F.]. TEXAS (Provisional Government). COMMISSIONERS. Texian Loan.... New Orleans: Benjamin Levy, 1836. Engraved document, unused, with Stephen F. Austin’s unsigned ink manuscript note: “copy first loan” and his ink cancel. ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

14. [AUSTIN, Stephen F.].TEXAS (Provisional Government). COMMISSIONERS. Texian Loan.... New Orleans: Benjamin Levy, 1836. Engraved document completed in manuscript, signed by Stephen F. Austin, B. Archer, and William H. Wharton. Triangular clip cancel. ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

15. [AUSTIN, STEPHEN F.]. Pen, graphite, & sepia ink wash bust portrait of Stephen F. Austin, unsigned and undated. The portrait is most like the mid-nineteenth century unattributed oil-on-canvas bust portrait of Stephen F. Austin hanging in the Texas Senate Chamber. ($2,000-4,000)     More>>

16. [BANGS, Samuel (printer)]. SPAIN. LAWS. [Reissued by]: MEXICO. PROVINCIAS INTERNAS DE ORIENTE. COMMANDANTE GENERAL (Joaquín de Arredondo). D. Joaquín de Arredondo Mioño Pelegrin.... Monterrey, December 5, 1820. Printed broadside, 1 p. folio, with ink rubric of Joaquín de Arredondo, and signed in full by Rafael Gonzáles. Very fine. Thomas W. Streeter’s copy. Early Northern Mexican imprint, dating from the first year of establishment of a press in Monterrey. Jenkins, Bangs 29. Spell 35. ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

17. BRYAN, Moses Austin & William & Rebecca Lochridge. Manuscript promissory note. 1843-1846. Written and signed by Moses Austin Bryan on behalf of James F. Perry. ($100-200)     More>>

18. carrillo y PÉrez, Ignacio. Pensil Americano florida en el rigor del invierno, la imágen de María Santísima de Guadalupe.... Mexico: Mariano Joseph de Zúñiga y Ontiveros, 1797. Copper-engraved plate of the Virgin of Guadalupe in a beautiful ornate frame border, engraved by Tomás Suria. 4to, contemporary mottled sheep. Medina, México 8686. ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

19. CHAMBERS, Thomas Jefferson. ALs to Major Ira Randolph Lewis, requesting that they meet to discuss official business. San Felipe [de Austin], August 17, 1835. 1 p. on 4 pp. folder, 4to. Chambers was the first Anglo attorney licensed to practice law in Texas. ($500-$1,000)     More>>

20. Espinosa, Isidro Felix de. El cherubin custodio de el arbol de la vida, la Santa Cruz de Querétaro.... Mexico: Hogal, 1731. Copper-engraved portrait. 4to, contemporary vellum. First edition. Medina, México 3173. First published work by Espinosa, Texas missionary and chronicler of the Franciscan Order in the New World. ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

21. FILISOLA, Vicente. Memorias para la historia de la guerra de Tejas.... Mexico: Cumplido, 1849. 8vo, original maize upper wrapper. First edition of the Cumplido edition of Filisola’s memoirs (Rafael published an edition in Mexico in 1848 and 1849), the Cumplido edition giving the best coverage of the Battle of the Alamo and the 1836 campaign. Basic Texas Books 62. Howes F126. Streeter 853n. ($2,000-4,000)     More>>

22. FRANCE. COMMISSION SCIENTIFIQUE DU MEXIQUE. Guillemin-Tarayre, E. [Wrapper title]: Mission Scientifique au Mexique et dans L’Amérique Centrale...Description des Anciennes Possessions Mexicaines du Nord.... Paris, 1871. 20 lithographed & engraved maps, plans, profiles, and plates (Nevada and California). 4to, original grey printed wrapper (lower wrap missing) bound in sheep over cloth. Exceedingly rare. First edition (not offered for public sale). Palau 110850. ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

23. GALVESTON BAY & TEXAS LAND COMPANY. Lithographed land certificate with map of Company lands in southeast Texas. New York, 1830. Made out to Joel R. Poinsett and signed by him. ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

24. GRABHORN PRESS. SCAMMON, L. N. (artist). Spanish Missions California, A Portfolio of Etchings. San Francisco, 1926. 11 sheets folded to 4-page folders, 10 original signed etchings. Folio, publisher’s vellum boards sympathetically rebacked, portfolio lined in gold silk. A fine, well-preserved large-paper copy, the etchings and text superb. Limited edition, one of ten signed and numbered copies (A7), specially bound and printed on Whatman handmade paper (of an edition of 400). Grabhorn 82. ($1,500-3,000)     More>>

25. GUATEMALA. Collection consisting of 103 printed items, almost all pertaining to 1840, a crucial year in Guatemala’s history, documenting the invasion of the country by an El Salvadoran army led by Francisco Morazán, who succeeded in briefly occupying Guatemala City itself before being expelled on March 18-19. Besides documenting this event, there are important laws regarding economic and medical societies, circulation of money, marriage and divorce, passports, and matters relating to daily life. Details upon request. ($30,000-40,000).     More>>

26. HAMILTON, Leonidas. Border States of Mexico.... A Complete Guide for Travelers and Emigrants. San Francisco: Bacon & Company, 1881. 2 maps. 8vo, original printed wrappers bound in modern Library of Congress cloth. First edition. Palau 112119 (con un mapa plegado y dos láminas). Very rare. ($300-600)     More>>

27. HEARTSILL, W. B. W. Unpublished autograph manuscript entitled “A Confederate Desperado.” [Arkansas?, ca. 1880?]. [2] 200 pp. in ink. This enigmatic manuscript, which opens in 1862, relates the complicated, involved story of his life during the Civil War around Bristol, Tennessee, and his involvement with one Jo J. Cox, whom he terms “The Confederate Desperado.” ($5,000-10,000)     More>>

28. HEARTSILL, W. W. Fourteen Hundred and 91 Days in the Confederate Army.... [Marshall: Privately printed, 1876]. 61 original albumen photographs (portraits, including Heartsill in his leopard-skin britches). 8vo, original black cloth with silver lettering and ruling on spine. First edition, limited edition (100 copies). Basic Texas Books 89: “The rarest and most coveted book on the American Civil War... One of the most vivid and intimate accounts of Civil War battle-life that has survived.” Howes H380. ($30,000-50,000)     More>>

29. [JONES, William H. (attributed)]. Lamar. A Sketch of Its Position, Advantages and Prospects, with a Map of the Adjacent Country. New York, 1853. Folded lithographed map: Aransas Bay | by Wm. H. Jones. 1850 (51 x 31.4 cm). 8vo, original printed wrappers. Very rare. First edition of an early map and promotional focusing on the Refugio County area. Sabin 38705. ($3,000-6,000)     More>>

30. LÓPEZ AGUADO, Juan. Vozes y que hizieron eco en la religión pyra que en las honras del V. P. Fr. Antonio Margil de Jesús.... Mexico: Hogal [1726]. First edition. Medina, México 2868. Palau 140614 (mentioning only the Leclerc copy). Sabin 41985. This funeral sermon and eulogy were preached in honor of the late Father Margil (1657-1726), sometimes referred to as “The Apostle to Texas.” ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

31. [MAP: CALIFORNIA]. VINCENT. Map of the State of California... 1860. With panorama of San Francisco and Contra Costa. Engraved map with contemporary color. Pocket map with original covers. Provenance: Eberstadt-Streeter-Howell. Wheat, Gold Region 317. ($4,000-8,000)     More>>

32. [MAP: CALIFORNIA AS AN ISLAND]. [KINO, Eusebio Francisco (after)]. FER, Nicolas de. Cette Carte de Californie et du Nouveau Mexique.... Paris, 1705. Copper-engraved map with contemporary outline coloring. Very fine and fresh. First edition, second issue. McLaughlin, The Mapping of California as an Island 134. Wheat, Transmississippi West 78 & I, pp. 45-46. ($1,200-2,400)     More>>

33. [MAP: CALIFORNIA AS AN ISLAND]. SANSON, N. Amérique septentrionale...1650. Copper-engraved map with contemporary outline color. An excellent, fresh example, with vibrant contemporary outline coloring. First edition, second state. Burden, The Mapping of North America 294: “The first extremely rare [two copies located]; the second is also uncommon.... Landmark map of North America.” McLaughlin, The Mapping of California as an Island 12. Wagner, CNW 360. Wheat, Transmississippi West 47. ($3,000-6,000)     More>>

34. [MAP: MEXICO CITY]. GARCÍA CONDE, Diego. Plano general de la Ciudad de México.... [Mexico, 1807]. Copper-engraved wall map on 9 separate mounted sheets, adorned with views. Approximately 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 feet. A very good copy of a rare and important map, one of the finest ever made of Mexico City. First and only printing in large format (the plates for this map were destroyed and lost). Carrera Stampa 245. Lombardo, Atlas histórico de la ciudad de México, plate 144. Mayer, Poblaciones Mexicanos: Planos y panoramos siglos XVI al XIX, pp. 76-77. Probably the most important plan drawn of Mexico City in the nineteenth century, not only for its size but also for the excellence of the artists involved in drawing and engraving it. Of all maps of Mexico City none is more spectacular than this one. ($20,000-40,000)     More>>

35. [MAP: SOUTHERN UNITED STATES]. Coltons’ Rail Road and County Map of the Southern States...1867. Lithographed map, full original color. Folded into original pocket covers. ($750-1,500)     More>>

36. [MAP: SOUTHWEST U.S., MEXICO & CENTRAL AMERICA]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. Map of Mexico, including Yucatan & Upper California...1847.... Lithographed map, original full coloring. Folded into original pocket covers. Superb Huntington duplicate. See Wheat, Gold Region 35 & Transmississippi West 548. ($5,000-10,000)     More>>

37. [MAP: TEXAS (Washington County)]. CLAMPITT, Nathan A. Manuscript survey map and description signed and dated by surveyor. Late Republic of Texas survey. ($250-500)     More>>

38. [MAP: TEXAS, THE SOUTHWESTERN STATES, MEXICO & THE BORDERLANDS]. ENSIGN, T. & E. H. Ensign. Map of Texas and Part of Mexico Reduced and Compiled from the Congressional Map...1846.... Engraved map on clay-coated card paper on stiff card stock. Rare small-format version of Emory’s 1844 map. ($3,000-6,000)     More>>

39. [MAP: UNITED STATES]. CASE, TIFFANY & CO. The United States.... Undated lithographed map, original color. Wheat, Transmississippi West 664 & III, pp. 148-149. ($500-1,000)     More>>

40. [MAP: UNITED STATES]. GILMAN, E. [Untitled map of the United States and western territories showing boundaries after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Washington, 1848]. Lithographed map, original color. This little known but important map documents the changes in the U.S. landscape due to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Wheat, Gold Region 42; Transmississippi West 561. ($400-800)     More>>

41. [MAP: UNITED STATES, LOWER CANADA, MEXICO & CENTRAL AMERICA]. CASE, TIFFANY & COMPANY. Map of the United States...1851. Lithographed map, original color. The United States is shown shortly after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. ($300-600)     More>>

42. [MAP & GUIDE: TEXAS, OREGON, CALIFORNIA & THE WEST]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California...1845.... Lithographed map with original outline coloring and shading. [With guide book]: Accompaniment to Mitchell’s New Map of Texas, Oregon, and California...1846. Folded into pocket covers. Superb, as issued. First printing of a landmark map and guide for the American West. Cohen, Mapping the West, pp. 134-135. Cowan II, p. 433. Graff 2841. Howes M685. Martin & Martin 36. Plains & Rockies IV:122b. Streeter Sale 2711. Wheat, Gold Region 29; Transmississippi West 520. ($10,000-20,000)     More>>

43. [MAP & GUIDE: UNITED STATES]. Phelps’s National Map of the United States, a Travellers Guide....1849.... Engraved map on bank note paper, original color. [With guide book]: Phelps’s Travellers’ Guide through the United States. 1849. Map and guide folded into original pocket covers. ($750-1,500)     More>>

44. [MAP & GUIDE: UNITED STATES]. WEBSTER, J. Map of the United States Published by J. Webster New-York. 1836.... Engraved map on bank note paper, original outline color. [With foldout letterpress broadside, text within ornamental typographical border]: Travellers Guide and Statistical View of the United States. Map and guide folded into original pocket covers. American Imprints 42373. ($500-1,000)     More>>

45. [MAP REFERENCE]. RUIZ NAUFAL, V. M. El territorio mexicano... [with] Planos y mapas.... Mexico, 1982. Hundreds of illustrations and maps, many in color and/or folding. 3 vols., folio, original brown cloth, beige cloth backstrips. Lavish cartographical exposition on mapping of Mexico from pre-Cortesian maps to the present, including states formerly part of Mexico but now in the U.S. ($300-600)     More>>

46. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (April 14, 1836). [Decree substituting perpetual banishment for the death penalty in the case of certain Texan prisoners of war, but not members of the government and leaders of the revolution. Dated and signed at end]: México 14 de Abril de 1836 Tornel. 2 pp., folio. First edition. Eberstadt 162:839. Streeter 876. ($600-1,200)     More>>

47. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS. ...Ley para el arreglo de la administración de justicia en los tribunales y juzgados del fero común....” [México, á 16 de Diciembre de 1853. 50 pp. Ink paraph of Teodosio Lares. First printing of the revised judicial code formulated during Santa Anna’s short-lived final centralist dictatorship. Not in Palau, Sabin, Sutro, etc. ($750-1,500)     More>>

48. MEXICO (Republic). PRESIDENTE INTERINO (José Justo Corro). El Presidente interino de la República a los valientes del ejercito mexicano... [Another decree below]: El Presidente...La Providencia cuyos decretos son inescrutables, ha permitido que una corta parte de nuestro ejército sufriera en Tejas un reves.... Guanajuato, 1836. 1 p., folio broadside. Two separate decrees relating to the capture and defeat of Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto (see Streeter 884 & 884.1). ($1,200-2,400)     More>>

49. MEXICO & UNITED STATES. TREATY (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo). Tratado de paz, amistad, límites y arreglo definitivo entre la República Mexicana y los Estados-Unidos de América....Querétero, 1848. [With, as issued] Esposición.... Queréaro[sic], 1848. 8vo, new Mexican leather. Lacks wrappers. First edition (without the added protocols). Cowan II, p. 252. Graff 2775. Howes M565. Libros Californianos, p. 29, “This was the treaty that gave California to the United States.” Streeter Sale 281. ($1,500-3,000)     More>>

50. MEXICO & UNITED STATES. TREATY (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo). Tratado de paz, amistad, limites y arreglo definitivo entre la República Mexicana y los Estados-Unidos de America.... Mexico, 1848. 8vo, original wrappers bound in new Mexican leather. First complete edition, with the added protocols, which were necessary for the conclusion of the peace treaty. Cowan II, p. 252. Howes M565. Streeter Sale 282. ($1,500-$3,000)     More>>

51. PARKER, James W. [& Rachel Parker Plummer]. Narrative of the Perilous Adventures, Miraculous Escapes and Sufferings... To Which is Appended a Narrative of the Capture and Subsequent Sufferings of Mrs. Rachel Plummer.... Louisville, 1844. 95, 35 (i.e., 36) pp. (first 12 leaves at front with photofacsimiles where damaged, final 6 leaves supplied in photofacsimile). 8vo, new plain paper wrappers. First edition. Howes P80 (“dd”). Streeter 1525: “The capture of Fort Parker on the Navasota River in the then quite unsettled part of Texas and the subsequent captivities are among the famous events in Texas history.” ($1,000-2,000)     More>>

52. ROBINSON, James W. ALs to Ira Randolph Lewis, strongly urging Lewis to quickly come and take his seat at the General Council. San Felipe de Austin, January 16, 1836. 1 p., small folio. A good, strong letter clearly documenting the urgency many Texans felt about establishing their own independent government. ($750-1,500)     More>>

53. ROEMER, Ferdinand. Texas. Mit besonderer Rucksicht auf deutsche Auswanderung und die physichen Verhältnisse des Landes nach eigener Beobachtung geschildert.... Bonn, 1849. With lithograph map: Topographisch-geognostische Karte von Texas.... 8vo, contemporary sheep over boards. First edition. Basic Texas Books 179. Graff 3549. Howes R407. Vandale 144. The map published with this work is the first geological map of the state and in some respects has never been surpassed. ($10,000-20,000)     More>>

54. SEMINARIO DE MONTERREY. Alcance al Semanario nùm. 80 del jueves 14 de Julio de 1842. [Monterrey, Nuevo León]: Imprenta del Gobierno a cargo de Froylan de Mier, [1842]. Broadside in three columns. Folio. First printing of a rare broadside extra relating to the Battle of Lipantitlán on July 7, 1842. Streeter, Texas 985.2 (locating only the Yale copy). ($200-400)     More>>

55. Semanario Político del gobierno de Nuevo León. [Monterrey, 1842]. Issue for July 14, 1842, Vol. III (no. 80), pp. 319-322. Not in Streeter. This issue includes a Spanish version of the Texas government’s instructions to its New Orleans delegation requesting assistance from the U.S. to repel the Mexican invasion (pp. 321-322). Periodicals like this are a fugitive but very important source for understanding events in the Borderlands and their interpretation by “The Other Side.” ($200-400)     More>>

56. Semanario Político del gobierno de Nuevo León. [Monterrey, 1843]. Issue for February 9, 1843, Vol. III (no. 110), pp. 441-444. Not in Streeter. This Monterrey periodical has more news and commentary on Texas than Mexico. Included is a long, scathing article assembled from various sources entitled “Nueva-York 26 de Noviembre Mejico y Tejas” (pp. 442-443) that paints a dismal picture of “la fugitiva vida de la dichosa república de Tejas.” ($200-400)     More>>

57. TEXAS (Republic). CONSULATE (New Orleans). Printed document completed in manuscript, signed by William Bryan. New Orleans, March 17, 1841. 1 p., small 4to. This New Orleans imprint relating to the Republic of Texas is signed by William Bryan, secret agent for the U.S. in Texas, diplomat, and important financial backer of the Texas Revolution and Republic. ($200-400)     More>>

58. UHDE, Adolph. Die Länder am untern Rio Bravo del Norte.... [Leipzig], 1861. Folding lithographed map: Karte von Texas, Tamaulipas, Nuevo León & Cohahuila im Jahre 1861 von A. Uhde. 8vo, recent three-quarter blue cloth over boards. Map excellent. First edition, first issue. Howes U6. Tate, The Indians of Texas: An Annotated Research Bibliography 517. ($3,000-6,000)     More>>

59. VENEGAS, Miguel. Noticia de la California, y de su conquista temporal, y espiritual hasta el tiempo presente.... Madrid: Viuda de Manuel Fernandez, y del Supremo Consejo de la Inquisición, 1757. 4 copper-engraved maps. 3 vols., small 4to, early nineteenth-century sheep over marbled boards on pasteboard. First edition, intermediate issue. Barrett, Baja California 2539. Cowan I, p. 238: “Considered the foundation of a library of Californiana.” Cowan II, p. 659. Farquhar, The Books of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon 5. Graff 4470. Hill 1767. Howes V69. Libros Californianos, p. 10 (Powell commentary): “The distinction of being the most prized of all California books Miguel Venegas’ Noticias.” Mathes, California Colonial Bibliography 50. Medina, Biblioteca Hispano-Americana 3855. Wagner, CNW 585-588; Spanish Southwest 132. Wheat, Transmississippi West 138 & I, p. 85. Zamorano 80 #78. The superb maps in this Venegas’s history of California are highly significant and with high aesthetics. ($10,000-20,000)     More>>

60. VENEGAS, Miguel. A Natural and Civil History of California.... London, 1759. 8 copper-engraved plates on 4 sheets, map. 2 vols., 8vo, contemporary calf. First English edition of preceding. Hill I, p. 307: “This first translation gave the English-speaking world its earliest thorough account of the little-known areas of the west coast of North America. This work has been cited as the first book in English completely devoted to California.” Wagner, CNW 587n. ($3,000-6,000)     More>>

61. WALKER, Bernard N. O. Yon-Doo-Shah-We-Ah (Nubbins). By Hen-Toh (Wyandot). Oklahoma City, 1924. Frontispiece portrait of author. First edition. 12mo, original cloth. Very rare poetry by a Wyandotte author of exceptional talent. ($200-400)     More>>

62. WALL, Bernhardt. Following Andrew Jackson 1767–1845. Lime Rock, 1937. 46 etchings (plus cover etching and etcher's slip), most signed. Small 4to, original cloth and boards. Limited edition (#3 of 100 copies). Etcher’s signed presentation copy. ($2,000-4,000)     More>>

63. WALL, Bernhardt. The Odyssey of the Etcher of Books. Sierra Madre, 1945. 261 etchings, many signed by Wall. 4to, original green cloth. Limited edition (trial copy #4 of 8, in an edition of 50 signed copies). Weber, p. 44. Contains the plates Wall considered his best and most representative work, including his dramatic large-size portrait of Abraham Lincoln. ($3,000-6,000)     More>>

64. WOODMAN, David. Guide to Texas Emigrants. Boston, 1835. Copper-engraved plate, folding copper-engraved map with original hand-coloring. 12mo, modern three-quarter morocco over marbled boards. First edition. Fifty Texas Rarities 12. Graff 4737. Howes W647. Phillips, Sporting Books, p. 413. Sabin 105111. Streeter 1177. Vandale 197. ($15,000-30,000)     More>>

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