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Following are some of the iconographic highlights of our Auctions 14 & 15, with links to fuller decriptions and more iconography. Our.Auction 15 with its 225 lots, many illustrated, offers the collector more in the way of iconography, but Auction 14 features sketches by Bernhardt Wall as well as the captivating vignettes adorning one of the all-time great California maps in Venegas. Below are short descriptions with an example graphic. Simply click on the links to see more. Some long load times may be involved, depending on your connection. Given the nature of these collections, there will be some overlap between photography, iconography, and cartography.

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78. [FLEMING, G. A.]. California: Its Past History; Its Present Position; Its Future Prospects..... London, 1850. Engraved title page, 2 engraved plates, map (all vividly hand-colored and with gesso highlights). “The hand-colored plates are of exceptional quality and the engraved frontispiece is one of the glories of Gold Rush literature.”

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14-63. WALL, Bernhardt. The Odyssey of the Etcher of Books. Sierra Madre, California, 1945. 261 etchings on heavy laid paper (almost all in colors), many of the etchings signed by Wall. The Odyssey contains the etchings Wall considered his best and most representative work, including his dramatic large-size portrait of Abraham Lincoln, generally conceded to be his top print.
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37. CHAVANNES DE LA GIRAUDIÈRE, H. de. Les Petits Voyageurs en Californie. Tours: Ad Mame, 1853. [2] 188 pp., 8 chromolithographs. Among the notable plates are a charming view of San Francisco and another showing the trio calmly killing a grizzly. One plate is an early illustration of the giant redwoods.
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28. [CALIFORNIA PICTORIAL LETTER SHEETS]. Album containing 18 California pictorial letter sheets, mostly by Britton & Rey. A well-rounded group of prints, including an early street map of San Francisco, two rare double-sheet bird’s-eye views of San Francisco, mining towns (including some first or early views of those towns), mining operations, gambling, Chinese miners, life in the mines, and Gold Rush humor.

    Click on this link or the picture for more:     More>>. See also our Auction 15 Lots 29-32 for more California pictorial letter sheets.
40. CHORIS, Louis. Voyage Pittoresque Autour du Monde, avec des Portraits de Sauvages d’Amérique, d’Asie, d’Afrique, et des Iles du Grand Océan.... Paris: Didot, 1820, 1822. 2 charts, 1 folded map, 105 plates; a fine, tall copy (41.5 cm; 16-1/4 inches), with fresh, vibrant coloring.

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10. [BAKER, S. F. or Peter Browning (attributed)]. Outline History of an Expedition to California: Containing the Fate of the Get All You Can Mining Association. Designed and Engraved by XOX. New York: H. Long & Bro., 1849. 32 pp. printed on one side only, every page with mordant illustrations of the Gold Rush.
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See also, on that same page, our Auction 15 Lot 9 for more early California iconography.
59. VENEGAS, Miguel. Noticia de la California, y de su conquista temporal, y espiritual hasta el tiempo presente.... Madrid: Viuda de Manuel Fernandez, y del Supremo Consejo de la Inquisición, 1757. The Mapa de la California su Golfo was skillfully engraved by Manuel Rodríguez and adorned with captivating vignettes.
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210. VISCHER, Edward. Vischer’s Pictorial of California Landscape, Trees and Forest Scenes. Grand Features of California Scenery, Life, Traffic and Customs. San Francisco, April, 1870. [San Francisco,1870]. Vischer’s album is a unique contribution to the iconography of California.
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68. DUPETIT-THOUARS, Abel Aubert. Voyage Autour du Monde sur la Frégate la Vénus pendant les années 1836-1839....Paris: 1840-1844. The magnificent plates are a credit to a country where those printing arts had already been brought to a high level. Many colored lithographs of scenes, people, flora & fauna of the New World.
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143. M’ILVAINE, William, Jr. Sketches of Scenery and Notes of Personal Adventure, in California and Mexico. Philadelphia, 1850. 16 lithographed plates, including illustrated title, by the author (10 views of Mexico, California, and the Gold Rush: San Francisco, Sacramento, Fort Sutter, Sutter’s Mill, Kanaka Creek, Stockton, scenes in the gold region, Acapulco, Chapultepec, Mexico City)
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178. San Francisco News Letter. Seven Christmas issues (1882-1888). Numerous colored lithographs and text illustrations (scenes and views, life in San Francisco, architecture, fanciful subjects, portraits ads). This profusely illustrated fin de siècle San Francisco periodical has attributed covers lithographed by A. L. Bancroft, Britton & Rey, Edward Bosqui, and Dickman, Jones & Hettrich. All issues but one contain either chromolithographs or lithographs on tinted grounds by Britton & Rey, Edward Bosqui, or Max Schmidt.
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123. [LETTS, J. M.]. A Pictorial View of California; Including a Description of the Panama and Nicaragua Routes, with Information and Advice Interesting to All.... 48 lithographed plates on toned grounds (including frontispiece) of scenes and views in the California Gold Rush, Mexico, and Central America after original drawings of George Victor Cooper.
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89. GERSTÄCKER, F[riedrich Wilhelm Christian]. Scènes de la Vie Californienne.
90. GIFFORD, C[harles] B. & L[ouis] Nagel.: San Francisco, 1862. From Russian Hill...
Both illustrated on the same web page. Great examples of early California iconography.
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