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Following are some of the highlights of Manuscripts & Autographs in our Auctions 14 & 15, with links to fuller decriptions and more images. Auction 14 has a larger amount by percentage of such material featuring, among other things, many items written & signed by Stephen F. Austin, the "Father of Texas," as well as the enigmatic Heartsill Civil War manuscript. But Auction 15 features lots related to Agustín J. V. Zamorano, the first printer of California, as well as the Proclamation of William B. Ide (who wanted to be the Father of California). Below are short descriptions with an example image. Simply click on the links to see more.

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220. ZAMORANO, Agustín J. V. Autograph letter signed, in Spanish, to Ignacio Peralta, Alcalde of San José Guadalupe. Monterey, California, September 27, 1832. At the time this letter was written, Zamorano was the acting governor of California after the fall of Governor Victoria.
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27. HEARTSILL, W[illie]. B. W. Unpublished autograph manuscript entitled “A Confederate Desperado.” [Arkansas?, ca. 1880?]. [2] 200 pp. in ink, on ruled paper (a few pages blank), clear and legible throughout, with contemporary authorial corrections, some of them substantive.
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8. AUSTIN, Stephen F. Autograph letter signed (“Estevan F. Austin”), in Spanish, to José María Viesca, Mexican Governor of Coahuila y Tejas, recommending that Henry Austin and his family be admitted to the colony and discussing Henry Austin’s experience with steamboats. [San Felipe de] Austin, January 4, 1830.
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111. IDE, William B. Contemporary manuscript copy in ink, in an unknown hand, commencing: “To all persons Citizens of Sonoma requesting them to remain at peace...”; at end: “Headquarters Sonoma, June 15, 1846.” 2 pp., on green wove paper with small embosure at top left, with conjugate docket leaf titled in ink: “Proclamation of California Independence.”
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12. Austin, Stephen F., Ramón Músquiz, José Antonio Baldomero Navarro, José Miguel de Arciniega & José Gaspar María Flores de Abrego. Manuscript in Spanish recording the election of Juan Martín de Veramendi and Rafael Manchola as representatives to the Coahuila y Tejas legislature, signed by the named parties (Austin signing “Estevan F. Austin” with his rubric below).
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148. MUIR, John. My First Summer in the Sierra. With Illustrations from Drawings Made by the Author in 1869 and from Photographs by Herbert W. Gleason. Boston & New York: Houghton Mifflin; Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1911. Ink signed presentation from Muir to California lawyer, politician, and businessman W. F. Herrin, October 1913.

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