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Lot 2

Gold Rush Ephemera—Articles in a Miner’s Creed

2. Articles in a Miner’s Creed [by] Forty-Nine. Entered...1855, by James M. Hutchings.... Broadside, printed in double column within ornamental border. Single sheet measures 25 x 20 cm (9-7/8 ´ 7-13/16 inches), white laid paper, unruled. Fine.

     Baird, California’s Pictorial Letter Sheets (p. 24, note 8) lists this as a non-pictorial letter sheet. This is the issue with the last line of text in the first column ending “isn’t.” rather than “sn’t.” and copyright notice ending “California.” Thirty-five articles, practical to humorous, on the life of the miner. The last article is: “He believes that California, with all its social drawbacks, is not only a ‘great country,’ but that it is in every sense the best place in the world for a working man, and only awaits the coming of a good, sensible, intelligent, and contented class of women to make ‘the desert to blossom as the rose,’ and man to become rich, contented and happy.” ($1,000-2,000)


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