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Lot 107

The Gold Rush Continues

107. [MAP]. KEELER, J. M. Pocket map:

Map: Mining Map of Inyo County Scale 12 miles to an inch; [between neat line and border, at lower right]: Lith. Britton & Rey; [below border]: This Mining Map may be obtained at the office of the Daily Report, and communications should be addressed: Inyo County Mining Map, 238 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Cal.; [text above left]: California. Comparative estimate of two great industries, mining and Agricultural...Estimate from 1848 to 1884...]; [key at left]: Explanation of District Ores...; [text below map]: Addendum Pro Bono Publico...; [text & vignette at top left]: 1883. Product of mines, gold and Silver, $19,500,000... [with vignette of stump and miner’s pick and shovel]; [view at top center]: Sketched by Miss Mollie Stevens. Mt. Whitney, from Lone Pine; [text at top right]: Inyo County...J. M. Keeler. General Features. Geology...]. Lithograph map with original coloring. Border to border: 38.5 x 43 cm; 15-1/4 x 16-15/16 inches. Exceptionally fine.

Cover: District Mining and Descriptive Map of Inyo County California. Original pale blue paper wallet-type folder, title within gold oval, and gold borders along edges [left interior flap with price for the map]: On fine Book Paper, Plain Sheet, Fifty Cents. Colored, in Covers $1.00. On Linen Paper, in Cover, Seventy-five Cents; right interior flap with ad for Carson and Colorado Narrow Gauge Railroad through Owens River Valley with illustration of train belching smoke. Very fine.

     Currey & Kruska 222 (illustrated p. 109): “Though brief, the description is notable for inclusion of a very early reference to the Sierra Golden Trout.” Norris 2375. Though issued well after the Gold Rush, this map and its accompanying text emphasize the ore that has been found in the county and the fact that gold mining is still a viable industry there. As is typical with many later publications seeking to promote areas in California, the emphasis has shifted somewhat to recreation, natural resources, and other advantages to be found in Inyo County, which is today well known for containing the both the highest and lowest points in the lower forty-eight states. The little view of Mount Whitney is striking. For more on lithographers Britton & Rey, see Peters’ long article (California on Stone, pp. 62-89) in which he refers to Britton & Rey as “the Currier & Ives of the West.” ($1,500-3,000)

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