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Lot 135

“California is not what we expected”

135. STUART, J. C. Autograph letter signed to J. Condley, dated at Sacramento, December 18, 1850. 2 pp., folio. Edges rough, some staining and creasing (loss of a few letters).

     Gold Rush letter from a provisioner. He asks Condley to please have his family write to him since he is lonely and would love to receive news from home. He also comments about how his business is going and states that the work for the moment is more or less profitable despite the rain that has slowed down transportation. Describing some of his travails he comments: “I have mad som money her & lost somthing. Last weak I had Boath my horses stollen, thats a comon thing her, stealying horses & mules.” He concludes: “California is not what we expected but I think I can make anough her to ansser my purpos.” He advises his correspondent against sending his sons to California, noting that mining business has been slow for lack of water, although the recent rains have greatly improved that situation: “You and Squire Condley talkt somting when I left of sendding your boys this Spring. My advice is to keep them a home & all others that are doing a fair business. The mines so far reminds me very mutch of a mild one at home.” ($300-600)


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