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Á la California. Sketches of Life in the Golden State, 56

Adventures of a Seventeen-Year-old Lad and the Fortunes He Might Have Won, 164

An Excursion to California over the Prairie...., 88

Annals of San Francisco; Containing a Summary of the History...., 130

Argonauts of California, 75

Articles in a Miner’s Creed, 2

Auriferous Gravels of the Sierra Nevada of California, 162

Aurifodina; or, Adventures in the Gold Region, 117

Australian and Californian Gold Discoveries, and Their Probable Consequences, 133

Autobiography of Charles Camden, 29

“Be Just and Fear Not.” Fiat Justicia, Ruat Coelum. Self Preservation, the First Law of Man, 125

Bean’s History and Directory of Nevada County, California, 50

Beretning om Californien og dets Guldrigdom, 23

Book Needed for the Times, 155

California and Its Gold Regions, 120

California and Its Resources, 126

California and New Mexico. Message from the President of the United States, 146

California from the Conquest in 1846 to the Second Vigilance Committee in San Francisco, 121

California Gold An Authentic History, 13

California Gold Regions, with a Full Account...., 24

California in 1851 The Letters of Dame Shirley, 33

California In-Doors and Out, 57

California Mines and Minerals, 28

California Pilgrim, 8

California Sketches, with Recollections of the Gold Mines, 90

California: Its Gold and Its Inhabitants, 84

California: Its Past History; Its Present Position; Its Future Prospects, 62, 63

California’s Pictorial Letter Sheets, 1849-1869, 3

“Californiaia: The Date of the Discovery of the Yosemite.” , 31

“Californiana: Grizzly and Pioneer.”, 31

“Californiana: Trading with the Americans”, 31

La Californie Dévoilée, ou Vérités Irrécusables, 142

Californien und das Goldfieber. Reisen in dem Wilden Westen Nord-Amerika’s, 153

Californien und Seine Goldminen., 25

Californien wie es ist oder Handbuch von Californien, 158

Californien, en Skildring af Landet, 21

Californiens Gegenwart und Zukunft, 83

Les Californies, L’Orégon, et l’Amérique Russe, 48

Captain Bayley’s Heir: A Tale of the Gold Fields of California, 78.

Captive in Patagonia, 11

Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, 36

Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, 31

Charter of the Grass Valley Gold Mining Company, 73

Checkered Life: In the Old and New World, 149

Columbia Mining Laws, 37

Dear Family: The Story of the Lives of Charles and Clotilde Grunsky, 138

Deck and Port, 39

Description de la Nouvelle Californie geographique, politique et morale, 60.

Description of Oregon and California, Embracing an Account of the Gold Regions, 106

Diary of a Physician in California; being the Results of Actual Experience, 144

Directory of the City of Placerville and Towns of Upper Placerville, El Dorado, Georgetown, and Coloma, 51

“Discovery of Gold in California” , 31

Dreadful Sufferings and Thrilling Adventures of an Overland Party of Emigrants to California, 9

Early Days and Men of California, 136

1849-1879 Thirty Years Ago, 52

Eldorado, or, Adventures in the Path of Empire, 137

“First Emigrant Train to California”, 31

’49 The Gold-Seeker of the Sierras, 111

Four Months among the Gold-Finders in Alta California, 150

Les Français en Californie, 96

“Frémont in the Conquest of California”, 31

Friend, A Monthly, 44

Gemeinnütziger Anzeiger der Wage., 26

Geographical Memoir upon Upper California, 67

Geology and Industrial Resources of California, 145

Gold Regions of California; Describing the Geography, Topography, History, and General Features of That Country, 65

Gold Rush: The Journals, Drawings...., 17

Gold Seekers of ’49, 157

Gold: In the Mine, the Mint, and the Workshop, 72

Das Goldland Californien, oder: Bleib’ im Lande und Arbeite Fleissig, 113

Gold-Seeker’s Manual, 1

Good Natured Hint About California, 64

Guide pour les Voyageurs. Route de la Californie a travers l'Isthme de Panama, 123

Guldet och Guldgråfwarne i Kalifornien, 27

Histoire des Antilles et des Colonies Françaises, Espagnoles, Anglaises, Danoises et Suédoises, 47

History of California, from Its Discovery to the Present Time, 30

History of Nevada County California with Illustrations Descriptive of Its Scenery..., 139

History of the City of San Francisco, 79

History of the Precious Metals, 38

Horn’s Overland Guide, from the U.S. Indian the City of Sacramento..., 101

Humble Plea, Addressed to the Legislature of California, 131

Idle and Industrious Miner, 7

In Camp and Cabin. Mining Life and Adventure, in California, 132

Journal of a Voyage to California, and Life in the Gold Diggings, 98, 99

Journal of Lieutenant John McHenry Hollingsworth, 82

Journey to California in 1849, 129

Journey to the Gold Diggins by Jeremiah Saddlebags, 118

Kalifornien och Guldfebern. Guldgräfvarnes, Mormonernas och Indianernas Seder och Bruk, 152

Kaliforniens Gold u. Quecksilber-District, 71

La Californie Histoire des Progrès de l’un des États-Unis d’Amérique et des Institutions qui Font sa Prospérité, 70

La Californie Histoire Organisation Politique et Administrative, 69

Leaves from an Argonaut's Note Book, 87

“Letters of Israel S. Lee...”, 94

Life and Adventures of James W. Marshall, the Discoverer of Gold in California, 115

“Life in California before the Gold Discovery”, 31

Life in the Mountains: or Four Months in the Mines of California, 159

Life on the Plains and among the Diggings, 46

Log of an Ancient Mariner, 154

Long Ago and the Later On, 12

Luck of Roaring Camp, 74

Map of Mexico & California Compiled from the Latest Authorities by Juls. Hutawa, 102

Map of the Emigrant Road from Independence, Mo., to St. Francisco, California, 104

Map of the Mining District of California by Wm. A. Jackson, 103

Map of the United States the British Provinces Mexico &c., 100

Map to Illustrate Horn’s Overland Guide to California and Oregon, 101

Mapping the Transmississippi West...1540-1861...., 160

Maps of the California Gold Region. 1848-1857, 161

Mark Sheldon An Autobiographical Sketch, 128

Marshall’s Gold Discovery, 80

“Marshall’s Narrative.”, 31

Men and Memories of San Francisco, in the “Spring of ’50”, 5, 6

Mining and Scientific Press and Pacific Electrical Review, 112

Mining Map of Inyo County, 107

Minor Drama, 53

Mountains and Molehills, 108.

Nach dem Sacramento. Reisebilder eines Heimgekehrten, 110

Narrative of a Japanese, 76, 77

Natural Wealth of California, 43

Neueste Officielle Berichte an die Regierung der Vereinigten Staaten über die Lage und Zukunft Californiens, 61

New Map of Texas Oregon And California With The Regions Adjoining, 105

New Map of Texas Oregon and California with the Regions Adjoining, 106

New Varieties of Gold and Silver Coins, Counterfeit Coins, and Bullion, 55

Northern California, Scott & Klamath Rivers, their Inhabitants and Characteristics, 109

Notes of a Voyage to California via Cape Horn, Together with Scenes in El Dorado, 148

Oregon and California in 1848, 140

Particulars of Routes, Distances, Fares &c., to Accompany Colton’s Map of California and the Gold Region, 100

Past, the Present and the Future of the Pacific, 42

Perils, Pastimes, and Pleasures of an Emigrant in Australia, Vancouver’s Island and California, 156

Personal Adventures in Upper and Lower California, in 1848-9, 122

Phœnixiana; Or, Sketches and Burlesques., 49

Pictorial Edition!!! Life, Adventures, and Travels in California, 58, 59

Pictorial History of California, 41

Pictorial View of California, 95

Put’s Golden Songster, 134

Ramblings in California, 127

“Ranch and Mission Days in Alta California”, 31

Rebus letter...August 1856, 16

Recollections of California Mining Life, 45

Reminiscences and Incidents, of The Early Days of San Francisco, 14, 15

Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842, 68

Report of the Geology of Northern and Southern California, Embracing the Mineral and Agricultural Resources of Those Sections, 141

Report of the Geology of the Coast Mountains, and Part of the Sierra Nevada, 141

Report of the Geology of the Coast Mountains; Embracing Their Agricultural Resources and Mineral Productions, 141

Report of the Secretary of the Interior, Communicating...the Correspondence between the Indian Office...., 147

Report on the Geology of the Sierra Nevada, or California Range, 141

Round Cape Horn. Voyage of the Passenger-Ship James W. Paige, 92

Rovings in the Pacific, from 1837 to 1849, 97

Scenery of the Plains, Mountains and Mines, 93

Shirley Letters from California Mines in 1851-52, 32

Sights in the Gold Region, and Scenes by the Way, 85, 86

Six Months in the Gold Mines...., 22

Sixteen Months at the Gold Diggings, 165

T. Butler King’s Report on California, 89

Three Years in California, 10

Three Years in California, 40

Threescore Years: An Autobiography, 81

To the Golden Goal, and Other Sketches, 143

Tour of Duty in California; Including a Description of the Gold Region, 119

Travels in Mexico and California, 34, 35

Twelve Years in the Mines of California, 116

Two Eras in the Life of the Felon Grovenor I. Layton, 114

Utazás Kalifornia déli részeiben, 166

Vier Monate unter den Goldfindern in Obercalifornien, 151

Voyage aux Pays Aurifères Afrique, Mexique, Californie..., 91

Voyage of the Bark Orion from Boston around Cape Horn to San Francisco, Cal., in the Year 1849, 54

Voyages en Californie et dans l’Orégon, 124

Voyages of Nicholas Ball, from 1839 to 1853, 4

Western America, Including California and Oregon, 163

What I Saw in California, 18-20

Year of American Travel, 66

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