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The following are short descriptions of each of the 74 lots in the auction. Following each abstract is a link to a more complete description with images. Use the table of contents below to jump to different sections of the catalogue:

  1. Captain Cook & His Voyages of Discovery
    1. Bibliography & Supporting Material,  Items 1-11
    2. Cook’s Three Voyages, Items  12-26
    3. Cook’s Collected Voyages, Items 27-31
    4. Cook Literature, Items 32-35
    5. Iconography,  Items 36-43
    6. Artifacts, Items 44-54
  2. Other Voyages & Travels,  Items 55-75

Cook: Bibliography & Supporting Material

1. BEAGLEHOLE, J[ohn] C[awte] (editor). The Journals of Captain James Cook on His Voyages of Discovery. 9 vols. ($1,200-2,400) More>>

2. BEDDIE, M. K. Bibliography of Captain James Cook R.N., F.R.S., Circumnavigator.... 2nd Edition. Sydney: [Trustees of the Public Library of New South Wales]. ($20-40) More>>

3. BISHOP MUSEUM. Brigham, William Tufts. Memoirs of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History [wrapper title]. Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press, 1899, 1902, 1906, & 1906. 4 vols. ($500-1,000) More>>

4. CLARK, Thomas Blake. Omai:First Polynesian Ambassador to England... [San Francisco]: Colt Press, 1940. First edition (limited edition, 500 copies). ($100-200) More>>

5. DU REITZ, Rolf. Bibliotheca Polynesiana.... Oslo: Heirs of Kroepelien, 1969. ($200-400) More>>

6. HOLMES, Maurice. Captain James Cook, R.N., F.R.S.: A Bibliographical Excursion. London: Francis Edwards, 1952. ($100-200) More>>

7. KING, Philip Gidley. Comments on Cook’s Log (H.M.S. Endeavor, 1770) with Extracts, Charts, and Sketches. April, 1891. Sydney: Charles Potter, 1892. ($150-300) More>>

8. SAMWELL, David. Captain Cook and Hawaii. San Francisco: David Magee; London: Francis Edwards, 1957. Second edition, one of 750 copies printed by Lawton Kennedy. ($100-200) More>>

9. SKELTON, R[aleigh] A[shlin] (editor). James Cook, Surveyor of Newfoundland.... San Francisco: [text printed at Grabhorn Press, and charts printed at Meriden Gravure for] David Magee, 1965. Limited edition (365 sets). ($400-800) More>>

10. ZIMMERMANN, Henry. Zimmermann’s Account of the Third Voyage of Captain Cook, 1776-1780.... Wellington: W. A. G. Skinner, Government Printer, 1926. First edition in English of Zimmermann’s work, based on the Mannheim, 1781, edition. ($100-200) More>>

11. ZIMMERMANN, Heinrich. Zimmermann’s Captain Cook.... Toronto: Ryerson, [1930]. Limited edition (#234 of 250 copies). ($150-300) More>>

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Cook’s Three Voyages

12. Full Set of the Three Voyages, in Contemporary Matching Bindings, Plates & Maps Unfolded and in Separate Atlases. “Cook's three voyages form the basis for any collection of Pacific books” (Hill 358). (11 vols.) ($30,000-60,000) More>>

13. [COOK’S FIRST VOYAGE]. [MAGRA, James (attributed)]. A Journal of a Voyage Round the World, in His Majesty's Ship Endeavour, in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, and 1771.... London: T. Becket and P. A. De Hondt, 1771. First edition of the first printed account of Cook’s first voyage and his discovery of the eastern coast of Australia. ($30,000-60,000) More>>

14. [COOK’S FIRST VOYAGE]. HAWKESWORTH, John. An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by the Order of His Present Majesty for Making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere.... London: W. Strahan and T. Cadell, 1773. First edition of the first official account of Cook’s first voyage, commissioned by the British Admiralty. (4 vols.) ($5,000-10,000) More>>

15. [COOK’S FIRST VOYAGE]. PARKINSON, Sydney. A Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas, in His Majesty’s Ship, the Endeavour.... London: Printed for Stanfield Parkinson, and Sold by Richardson and Urquhart, Evans, Hooper, Murray, Leacroft, and Riley, 1773. First edition, first issue. ($8,000-16,000) More>>

16. [COOK’S FIRST VOYAGE]. HAWKESWORTH, John. A New Voyage, Round the World in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, and 1771.... New York: James Rivington, 1774. The much-sought edition with patriot Paul Revere’s work. With book label of Thomas W. Streeter on Vol. I pastedown and contemporary ink signature of T. Cary on both title pages. First American edition, second issue (2 vols.) ($10,000-20,000) More>>

17. [COOK’S FIRST VOYAGE]. BANKS, Joseph & Daniel Solander. Captain Cook’s Florilegium....First edition, limited edition (#56 of 100 copies, fully subscribed). Produced after over twelve years of planning, as discussed by Law, this work is considered one of the finest botanical books ever printed. ($10,000-20,000) More>>

18. [COOK’S SECOND VOYAGE]. [MARRA, John]. Journal of the Resolution’s Voyage, in 1772, 1773, 1774, and 1775.... London: F. Newbery, 1775. First edition, first issue (with D2 uncancelled), of the first authentic account of Cook’s second voyage to be published and the “first printed account of man's entry into the region South of Antarctic Circle” (Spence). ($7,500-15,000) More>>

19. [COOK’S SECOND VOYAGE]. FORSTER, Johann Georg Adam. A Voyage Round the World, in His Britannic Majesty’s Sloop, Resolution..., Commanded by Captain James Cook, during the Years 1772, 3, 4, and 5. London: B. White, J. Robson, P. Elmsly, and G. Robinson, 1777. First edition. (2 vols.) ($4,000-8,000) More>>

20. [COOK’S SECOND VOYAGE]. WALES, William. Remarks on Mr. Forster’s Account of Captain Cook’s Last Voyage round the World, in the Years 1772, 1773, 1774, and 1775. London: J. Nourse, 1778. First edition of one of the rarest Cook pieces. ($20,000-40,000) More>>

21. [COOK’S SECOND VOYAGE]. WALES, William. [Caption title]: “A Defence of the Arguments Advanced, In the Introduction to Captain Cook’s Last Voyage, Against the Existence of Cape Circumcision.” [London, 1785]. First quarto printing. ($5,000-10,000) More>>

22. [COOK’S THIRD VOYAGE]. ELLIS, William. An Authentic Narrative of a Voyage Performed by Captain Cook and Captain Clerke, in His Majesty’s Ships Resolution and Discovery During the Years 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780.... London: G. Robinson, J. Sewell, and J. Debrett, 1782. First edition. (2 vols.) ($8,000-16,000) More>>

23. [COOK’S THIRD VOYAGE]. [RICKMAN, John]. An Authentic Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific Ocean: Performed by Captain Cook, and Captain Clerke, in His Britannic Majesty’s Ships, the Resolution, and Discovery, in the Years, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780.... Philadelphia: Robert Bell, in Third-Street, price two-thirds of a dollar, 1783. First American edition of Rickman’s account of Cook’s third voyage, itself first published in London, 1781. ($10,000-20,000) More>>

24. [COOK’S THIRD VOYAGE]. ZIMMERMANN, Heinrich. Dernier Voyage du Capitaine Cook autour du Monde, où se Trouvent les Circonstances de sa Mort.... Berne: Nouvelle Société Typographique, 1783. Second edition in French, a reprint of the first edition in French (Bern, 1782), with title and text reset. ($7,000-14,000) More>>

25. [COOK’S THIRD VOYAGE]. COOK, James & James King. A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean. Undertaken, by the Command of His Majesty, for Making Discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere.... Second Edition. London: H. Hughs for G. Nicol and T. Cadell, 1785. (4 vols.) ($7,500-15,000) More>>

26. [COOK’S THIRD VOYAGE]. WEBBER, John. Views in the South Seas, from Drawings by the Late James [sic] Webber, Draftsman on Board the Resolution, Captain James Cooke [sic], from the Year 1776 to 1780.... London: Boydell and Co., & W. Bulmer and Co., 1808. First edition of the only contemporary color plate book relating to Cook’s voyages. ($50,000-80,000) More>>

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Cook’s Collected Voyages

27. KIPPIS, Andrew. The Life of Captain James Cook. London: G. Nicol and G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1788. First edition of the first full-scale biography of Cook. ($1,200-2,400) More>>

28. COOK, James. Voyages of Captain Cook Round the World: With an Account of His Unfortunate Death at Owhyhee, One of the SandwichIslands. London: Printed by T. Maiden...for Ann Lemoine and J. Roe, [1807-1808]. First edition. (6 parts) ($1,500-3,000) More>>

29. [COOK, James]. Navigazioni di Cook pel Grande Oceano e Intorno al Globo. Milano: Sonzogno, 1816-1817. First edition of this translation. (7 vols.) ($4,000-8,000) More>>

30. COOK, James. The Three Voyages of Captain James Cook Round the World. Complete in Seven Volumes. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1821. First edition by these publishers. (7 vols.) ($4,000-8,000) More>>

31. COOK, James (author) & Charles R[athbone] Low (editor). Captain Cook’s Three Voyages Round the World, with a Sketch of His Life. Edited by Lieutenant Charles R[athbone] Low. London: George Routledge and Sons, [ca. 1880]. Later edition (first edition, London, 1875). ($50-100) More>>

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Cook Literature

32. [FITZGERALD, Gerald]. The Injured Islanders; or, The Influence of Art upon the Happiness of Nature. London: J. Murray; and W. Creech, Edinburgh, 1779.     First edition. Reverend Fitzgerald, professor at Trinity College, Dublin, is believed to have styled this work after Goldsmith's "Deserted Village." ($1,000-2,000) More>>

33. GIANETTI, Michelangiolo. [First title page]: Elogio del Capitano Giacomo Cook letto da Michelangiolo Gianetti nella Pubblica Adunanza della Reale Accademia Fiorentina il dì 9. Giugno 1785. Firenze: Gaetano Cambiagi, 1785. First edition. ($2,000-4,000) More>>

34. [SCOTT-WARING, John]. An Epistle from Oberea, Queen of Otaheite, to Joseph Banks, Esq. Translated by T. Q. Z. Esq. Professor of the Otaheite Language in Dublin.... London: J. Almon, 1774 [i.e., 1773]. Third edition (first edition published earlier the same year). ($1,500-2,500) More>>

35. SEWARD, Anna. Elegy on Captain Cook. To Which Is Added, An Ode to the Sun. Fourth Edition, with Additions. Lichfield: J. Jackson and J. Dodsley, 1784. Fourth edition, revised, of the first English poem about Cook’s death. ($750-1,500) More>>

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Cook: Iconography

36. CARTER, George (after). The Death of Captain James Cook, | by the Indians of O. Why. ee one of the Sandwich Islands.... London Publish’d as the Act directs by G. Carter of Margaret Street Cavendish Square and Messrs. Sayer & Bennet in Fleet Street Jany. 1st. 1784 | Printed by Stewartson. Copper-engraved plate. Image: 43 x 59.7 cm. (17 x 23-9/16 inches). Image, title, and imprint: 47 cm. (18-5/8 inches) tall. First state. ($5,000-10,000) More>>

37. CARTER, George (after). The Death of Captain James Cook, | by the Indians of O. Why. ee one of the Sandwich Islands.... 47 x 63.5 cm (16-7/8 x 60.2 inches). [N. p., ca. 1794 or after]. Reverse painting on glass with legend of printed view pasted below and hand tinted azure blue. This is perhaps the most interesting and unusual offering in this catalogue, a real treasure for a serious collector or collection, and a thing of beauty. ($10,000-20,000) More>>

38. [CLEVELEY, John or James (attributed)]. 4 prints. Provenance: Sir Maurice Holmes. These beautifully engraved and hand-colored French views are based on a series of four aquatints published in London, originally engraved by Francis Jukes.... The views are supposedly based on John Cleveley’s work, which in turn has been said to be based on drawings by John’s brother James, supposedly an eye-witness to Cook’s death. (4 prints) ($20,000-40,000) More>>

39. [COOK: FIRST & SECOND VOYAGES]. HODGES, William, et al. (artists and engravers). Album of rare wide-margined proof plates from Cook's first and second voyages. London, n.d. [1773-1777]. 29 copper-engraved plates (31.2 x 53.7 cm; 12-1/4 x 21-1/8 inches, and smaller), all mounted on contemporary laid paper. ($20,000-30,000) More>>

40. ECKSTEIN, J[ohannes or John] & [Joseph Constantine] Stadler. 2 copper-engraved prints. These two prints are uncommon depictions of events on the continuation of Cook’s third voyage, now under Clerke’s command. (2 prints) ($10,000-20,000) More>>

41. GRASSET DE SAINT SAUVEUR, Jacques. Tableau des Decouvertes du Cook, & de la Pérouse.... Copper-engraved plate with contemporary understated, very elegant hand coloring. The image presents twenty-four separately identified groups of two, three, or four inhabitants from the different regions and islands of the Pacific Basin, including Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest Coast, Tahiti, New Zealand, South America, the Philippines, etc. ($7,500-15,000) More>>

42. HALL’S, H. B., Sons. Jam.s Cook [facsimile signature] [center below image]: Engd. by H. B. Hall’s Sons, New York. [n.d.]. Engraved portrait. ($200-400) More>>

43. HALL’S, H. B., Sons. James Cook [facsimile signature]. Lower left below image: W. MZ del. Lower right below image: H. B. Hall’s Sons, Engs. [n.d.] Engraved portrait. ($200-400) More>>

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Cook: Artifacts

44. [MAJOLICA]. Portrait plaques. 2 items, a matched pair of bas-relief bust portraits of Captain Cook, both entitled: Cook. Hand-painted, ceramic majolica. (2 artifacts) ($200-400) More>>

45. [MEDALLION]. DAILY MIRROR (publisher). Captain James Cook, 1728-1779. [Sydney, Australia, ca. 1970]. Portrait medallion of Captain Cook: Circular brass medallion showing Cook (after Nathaniel Dance) on obverse and his ship Endeavor on reverse. ($40-80) More>>

46. [MEDALLION]. TASSIE, James (attributed). Portrait medallion of Captain Cook. Untitled oval bas-relief profile of Captain Cook. N.p., n.d. [London? ca. 1790?-1798?]. Solid white enamel paste on white background. ($7,500-15,000) More>>

47. [MEDALLION]. WEDGWOOD, Josiah (attributed). Matrix for portrait medallion of Captain Cook. Untitled bas-relief oval wax matrix for Wedgwood’s front view bust portrait medallion. N.p., n.d. [England, ca. 1779?]. ($4,000-8,000) More>>

48. [MEDALLION]. WEDGWOOD, Josiah (attributed). Portrait medallion of Captain Cook: Capt. Cook. N.p., n.d. [England, ca. 1779?]. Oval bas-relief front view bust portrait on blue jasper ground, applied white relief, impressed title. ($2,500-5,000) More>>

49. [MEDALLION]. WEDGWOOD, Josiah. Portrait medallion of Captain Cook: Capt. Cook. N.p., n.d. [England, ca. 1780?]. Oval bas-relief profile portrait on blue jasper ground, applied white relief, impressed title. ($2,500-5,000) More>>

50. [MEDALLION]. WEDGWOOD, Josiah. Untitled portrait medallion of Captain Cook. N.p., n.d. [England, 1957]. Oval bas-relief profile portrait on blue jasper ground, applied white relief, laurel leaf border. ($250-500) More>>

51. [MEDALLION]. WEDGWOOD, Josiah. Untitled portrait medallion of Captain Cook. N.p., n.d. [England, 20th century]. Oval bas-relief frontal bust portrait, on black base, applied white relief. ($250-500) More>>

52. [MEDALLION]. WEDGWOOD, Josiah. Untitled portrait medallion of First Viscount Henry Dundas. N.p., n.d. [England, late 18th or early 19th century?]. Oval bas-relief profile portrait, on blue jasper base, applied white relief. ($750-1,500) More>>

53. [NUMISMATICS]. U.S. silver half dollar coin commemorating the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Captain Cook in Hawaii in 1778. Philadelphia Mint, 1928. This Hawaii half dollar has long been considered the number one “key” in a set of U.S. commemorative halves. ($2,500-5,000) More>>

54. [TAPA BARK CLOTH]. [Spine title]: Tapa Bark Cloth Collected by Captain James Cook Exhibited Colonial and Indian Exhibition 1886. Collection consisting of 7 cloth specimens. ($10,000-20,000) More>>

Other Voyages & Travels

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55. ANSON, George. A Voyage Round the World, in the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV. By George Anson, Esq.... London: Printed for Author by John and Paul Knapton, 1748. Firstedition, one of 350 copies, large paper and subscribers’ issue. ($5,000-10,000) More>>

56. BELCHER, Edward.Narrative of a Voyage around the World, Performed in Her Majesty’s Ship Sulphur, during the Years 1836-1842, including Details of the Naval Operations in China.... London: Henry Colburn, Publisher, 1843. First edition. (2 vols.) ($750-1,500) More>>

57. BLIGH, William. A Narrative of the Mutiny, on Board His Majesty’s Ship Bounty; and the Subsequent Voyage of Part of the Crew, in the Ship’s Boat, from Tofoa, one of the Friendly Islands, to Timor, a Dutch Settlement in the East Indies. London: George Nicol, 1790. First edition of Bligh's own personal account of the Bounty mutiny. ($20,000-30,000) More>>

58. [BLIGH, William]. A Voyage to the South Sea, Undertaken by Command of His Majesty, for the Purpose of Conveying the Bread-Fruit Tree to the West Indies, in His Majesty's Ship the Bounty.... First edition of the official and complete account, text revised from the original narrative (Item 58 herein) to include additional text and illustrations. ($7,500-15,000) More>>

59. BOUGAINVILLE, Louis Antoine de. A Voyage Round the World. Performed by Order of His Most Christian Majesty, In the Years 1766, 1767, 1768, and 1769. By Lewis de Bougainville.... London: J. Nourse, and T. Davies, 1772. First edition in English of the first French circumnavigation (first edition, Paris, 1771). ($5,000-10,000). More>>

60. [CLERKE, Charles (attributed)]. A Voyage Round the World in His Majesty’s Ship the Dolphin, Commanded by the Honourable Commodore Byron.... London: J. Newbery & F. Newbery, 1767. First edition. ($750-1,500) More>>

61. COOKE, Edward. [Vol. I, title page]: A Voyage to the South Sea, and Round the World, Perform’d in the Years 1708, 1709, 1710, and 1711.... London: Printed by H. M. for B. Lintot and R. Gosling, A Bettesworth, and W. Innys, 1712. First editions of both Vols. I and II (normally the work is found with second edition of Vol. I, and first edition of Vol. II). (2 vols.) ($5,000-10,000) More>>

62. COXE, William. Account of the Russian Discoveries between Asia and America. To which Are Added, the Conquest of Siberia, and the History of the Transactions and Commerce betweenRussia and China.... The Second Edition, Revised and Corrected. London: Printed by J. Nichols for T. Cadell, 1780. Second edition (first edition, London, 1780, from the same publishers). ($1,000-2,000) More>>

63. COXE, William. Account of the Russian Discoveries between Asia and America. To which Are Added, the Conquest of Siberia, and the History of the Transactions and Commerce betweenRussia and China.... London: Printed by J. Nichols for T. Cadell, 1787.     Third edition, revised and corrected (first edition, London, 1780, from the same publishers), including advertisement for the third edition (said not present in all copies). ($750-1,500) More>>

64. COXE, William. Account of the Russian Discoveries between Asia and America. To Which are Added, the Conquest of Siberia, and the History of the Transactions and Commerce between Russia and China. The Fourth Edition, Considerably Enlarged. London: [J. Easton for] Cadell and Davies, 1804. Fourth edition, one of 60 large paper copies. ($3,000-6,000) More>>

65. COXE, William. A Comparative View of the Russian Discoveries with Those Made by Captains Cook and Clerke; and a Sketch of What Remains to Be Ascertained by Future Navigators. London: J. Nichols for T. Cadell, 1787. First edition. An extremely rare and elusive Cook item. ($5,000-10,000) More>>

66. DALRYMPLE, Alexander. An Historical Collection of the Several Voyages and Discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean. Vol. I: Being Chiefly a Literal Translation from the Spanish Writers. [Vol. II]: ... Vol. II. Containing the Dutch Voyages. London: Printed for the Author; And Sold by J. Nourse, Bookseller in Ordinary to His Majesty; T. Payne...and P. Elmsley, 1770-1771. First edition, trade issue. ($9,000-18,000) More>>

67. HARRIS, John. Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca. Or, a Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels.... London: Printed for T. Woodward, A. Ward, S. Birt, D. Browne, et al., 1744-1748. Second and best edition, considerably expanded from the first edition of 1705. (2 vols.) ($10,000-20,000) More>>

68. [LA PÉROUSE, Jean-François de Galaup]. Voyage de La Pérouse Autour du Monde, Publié Conformément au Décret du 22 Avril 1791.... Paris: De L’Imprimerie de la République, [Imprimé par les soins de P. D. Duboy-Laverne] An V. (1797). First edition, the desirable large paper copy. Zamorano 80 #49. (5 vols.) ($20,000-40,000) More>>

69. MEARES, John. Voyages Made in the Years 1788 and 1789, from China to the North West Coast of America.... London: Printed at the Logographic Press, and sold by J. Walter, 1790. First edition. ($6,000-12,000) More>>

70. MELVILLE, Herman. Omoo: A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas.... London: John Murray, 1847. First edition, preceding the first American edition by almost one month. ($500-1,000) More>>

71. ROGERS, Woodes. A Cruising Voyage Round the World: First to the South-Sea, Thence to the East-Indies, and Homewards by the Cape of Good Hope. Begun in 1708, and Finish’d in 1711.... London: Printed for Andrew Bell at the Cross-Keys and Bible in Cornhil, and Bernard Lintot at the Cross-Keys between the Temple-Gates, Fleetstreet, 1718. Second edition, corrected (first edition, London, 1712). ($3,000-6,000) More>>

72. SLOANE, Hans, Sir. A Voyage to the Islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers and Jamaica, with the Natural History of the Herbs and Trees, Four-footed Beasts, Fishes, Birds, Insects, Reptiles, &c. of the last of those Islands.... London: Printed by B[enjamin] M[otte] for the Author, 1707 & 1725. First edition.European Americana 707/138 & 725/188. Great Flower Books 76: “A fundamental work for West Indian botany.” Hunt 417: "The earliest representations of the flora and fauna of Jamaica." ($30,000-50,000) More>>

73. STAUNTON, George [Leonard]. An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to China.... London: W. Bulmer and Co. for G. Nicol, 1797. First edition of the official account of the first English mission to China; reprinted myriad times, but never again so splendidly as here. (3 vols.) ($7,500-15,000) More>>

74. VANCOUVER, George. A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and round the World; in Which the Coast of North-West America Has Been Carefully Examined and Accurately Surveyed.... London: G. G. and J. Robinson; J. Edwards, 1798. First edition of “one of the most important accounts of the exploration of the Pacific Northwest” (Streeter Sale 3497). (4 vols.) ($50,000-100,000) More>>

75. DARWIN, Charles, Philip Parker King & Robert Fitzroy. Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty's Ships Adventure and Beagle, between the Years 1826 and 1836, Describing their Examination of the Southern Shores of South America, and the Beagle’s Circumnavigation of the Globe. London: Henry Colburn, 1839.First edition, first issue (including as Vol. III Darwin’s first published book, here with the title uniform with the rest of the volumes and with M.A. after Darwin’s name on second title; the first issue was printed before the end of January 1839, the month Darwin was elected a Fellow to the Royal Society, thereafter his name is followed by F.R.S.). (4 vols.) ($25,000-50,000) More>>

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