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Texas, California, the Southwest U.S., Mexico & the Borderlands


Brief abstracts of each lot in the auction are listed below. Following each abstract is a link to a more complete, illustrated description. Either scan through the material, or click on the letter of the following alphabet to get to the abstracts beginning with that letter:


1. ABERT, J. W. Report of the Secretary of War... Report and Map of the Examination of New Mexico. Washington, 1848. 132 pp., 24 lithographs, folding lithograph map of New Mexico + 11 lithographs from Abert’s 1846 report (Message...Report of an Expedition...on the Upper Arkansas and through the Country of the Comanche Indians, in the Fall of the Years 1845). Total: 35 lithograph plates with exceptionally beautiful contemporary watercolor. The coloring of the plates is in the same style, technique, and shades found in Abert’s own copies of these reports with his original watercolors or hand-coloring that are now in the Beinecke Library at Yale; in all probability the plates here were also colored by Abert. This is an extra illustrated and annotated copy, with extensive manuscript corrections, especially of botanical and Spanish words, also apparently in Abert’s hand. 8vo, modern morocco. Very fine W. J. Holliday’s copy, with his bookplate.
     This is a major artifact on the iconography of the Southwest and Borderlands by an outstanding expeditionary artist who served with the early U.S. surveys of the Southwest. The printed report on New Mexico is among the early U.S. publications relating to New Mexico. See: Plains & Rockies IV:143. Raines, p. 1: “Canadian Valley of Texas was part of region traversed and described.” Rittenhouse 2: “A basic Santa Fe Trail document.” Streeter Sale 168: “First printed map of New Mexico made public by the War Department.” Wheat, Transmississippi West 532. For reference to the report which accompanied the 11 added plates, see: Plains & Rockies IV:120. Streeter Sale 161. The emphasis of this fundamental iconographical work on the Southwest is New Mexico, but the work is also important for Texas. Ron Tyler in his unpublished manuscript on Texas lithographs of the nineteenth century refers to the plate entitled The Pillar Rock on the Canadian as the first lithographic image of Texas from a U.S. government survey. See also Ron Tyler, Prints of the American West, pp. 75-76. ($25,000-$50,000) More>>

2. ALESSIO ROBLES, Vito. Coahuila y Texas en la Epoca Colonial [With]: Coahuila y Texas Independencia hasta el Tratado de Paz de Guadalupe Hidalgo. Mexico: 1938, 1945-1946. 3 vols., 8vo, original beige printed wrappers. First edition.Basic Texas Books 1. Howes R382. Steck, Borderlands, p. 53: “A splendid, authoritative study, heavily documented, with a rich bibliography.” ($200-400) More>>

3. ALLEN PRESS. [WRIGHT, William]. Snow-Shoe Thompson: 1856-1876 by Dan De Quille. Los Angeles: Glen Dawson, 1954. Linoleum block illustration by Mallette Dean on title, printed in green, text in black and red. 12mo, original white parchment paper spine, Swedish pattern-paper sides. Limited edition (210 copies). Allen Press Bibliography 14. Paher, Nevada 2222. Because this book has been avidly sought by collectors of postal history and skiing, it has become among the most elusive of all Allen Press books. ($200-400) More>>

4. [ATLAS]. BRADFORD, T. G. A Comprehensive Atlas,Geographical, Historical & Commercial. Boston, etc, 1835. Among the 76 engraved maps & plates are three maps with original outline color that show Texas as part of Mexico: [1] United States; [2] Mexico, Guatemala, and the West Indies; [3] North America. See next entry for the first edition of this atlas to contain a separate map and text leaf for Texas. It is always preferable to acquire maps of this nature in situ, as part of the original atlas. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

5. [ATLAS]. BRADFORD, T. G. A Comprehensive Atlas,Geographical, Historical & Commercial. Boston, etc, 1835. 77 engraved maps & plates. This is basically the same Bradford atlas as in the preceding entry, but with the addition of the important Texas map based on Stephen F. Austin’s work and the leaf of text relating to Texas. The map is entitled simply: Texas, and on it grants are hand-colored in outline. Small folio, original marbled boards (neatly rebacked). First edition of the first printed atlas to contain a separate map of Texas. Martin & Martin 31. ($4,000-8,000) More>>

6. [BIRD’S-EYE VIEW: LAREDO, TEXAS]. [WELLGE, Henry (attributed)]. Perspective Map of the City of Laredo, Texas. The Gateway to and from Mexico.... Milwaukee, ca. 1890-1892. Lithographic bird’s-eye view. Earliest bird’s-eye view of Laredo listed by Reps. ($4,000-8,000) More>>

7. [BIRD’S-EYE VIEW: SPOKANE, WASHINGTON]. KOCH, Augustus. Panoramic View of Spokane Falls, Spokane County, Washington, 1890 Eleven Months after the Great Fire. Kansas City, 1890. Lithographic bird’s-eye view with original coloring. Approximately 29 x 39-1/2 inches. Not in Reps. ($3,000-6,000) More>>

8. BREWER, William H. Up and Down California in 1860-1864.... New Haven: Yale University Press, 1930. Fine in blue cloth and d.j. First edition. Edwards, Enduring Desert, pp. 32-33. Neate, Mountaineering and Its Literature 106. Powell, California Classics, pp. 115-27: “Brewer was the field leader of the first California Geological Survey.... His description of California in the early 1860s is unmatched by any other in its variety, fidelity, and human interest.” Zamorano 80 #9. ($150-300) More>>

9. [BROADSIDE: CALIFORNIA & THE CIVIL WAR]. KING, T. STARR. Peace: What It Would Cost Us. [San Francisco, 1861]. Folio broadside in six columns. Text of an address denouncing the Southern Rebellion and advocating a return to constitutional government for the whole county, by force if necessary. King was a prominent Boston emigrant to California and a strong Union advocate. Greenwood 1480 (2 locations: California Historical Society & Boston Public Library). ($600-1,200) More>>

10. [BROADSIDE: MANIFEST DESTINY]. PHELPS, H. The Great West.... New York, 1847. Large broadside with woodcut illustrations and printed text, hand colored. Panoramic view at top showing overland and sea route from the U.S. to China, portraits (Ferdinand De Soto, Daniel Boone, Thomas H. Benton, and Henry Clay), shields with statistics for states (including Texas), itinerary of routes on the Missouri, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers and allegorical scene “Westward the Star of Empire makes its way.” Manifest Destiny ephemera—the climax of popular iconography for the masses. ($750-1,500) More>>

11. [BROADSIDE: TEXAS STUD]. CONN, Tramuel. Young Comet! [Gonzales, Texas, 1855]. Broadside. Dated March 15, 1855, this broadside offers the stallion Comet for stud services at the rate of $15.00. Not in Winkler. This type of stud advertisement is rare, especially for Texas. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

12. [CALIFORNIA PICTORIAL LETTER SHEET]. Dividing the Pile [upper illustration, four miners in a cabin weighing gold]; Hard Road to Travel [lower illustration, miner on mountain trail with packed mules]; [below border]: Lith & Pub. by Britton & Rey, Cor Mont & Comml. Sts.[upper right]: 7. Lithograph, double sheet, white wove. Baird 54. Britton & Rey numbered series. ($250-500) More>>

13. [CALIFORNIA PICTORIAL LETTER SHEET]. Hutching’s [sic] California Scenes.The California Indians. [Eight scenes, clockwise, from top]: An Indian Fandango; Catching Grasshoppers; Grinding Acorns, &c.; Cooking Food; Burning Their Dead; Mode of Traveling; Gathering Seeds; Gathering Acorns. Descriptive text printed at center. Wood engraved, single sheet, blue laid paper. Baird 105. One of the most popular letter sheets, with illustrations by Charles Nahl. ($150-300) More>>

14. [CALIFORNIA PICTORIAL LETTER SHEET]. Life in The Mines [below border]: Lith. Britton & Rey San Francisco. [4 scenes]: [1] Slapjacks (miner’s cooking pancakes); [2] Rush for new Diggings (long line of miners hitting the road for new diggings); [3] Tree’d (man high in a tree pursued by bear); [4] Nooning (miners cooking over an open fire in front of a tent). Lithograph, single sheet, on grey wove paper. Baird 133. ($200-400) More>>

15. [CALIFORNIA PICTORIAL LETTER SHEET]. The Mining Business in Four Pictures. [below border]: Lith & Published by Britton & Rey, corner of Montgomery & Commercial Sts. S.F. [upper right] 9. [4 scenes]: [1] Going in to It (two miners entering the mining country); [2] Making Something (two miners finding gold and leaping with joy); [3] Making Nothing (two discouraged miners staring at an empty hole); [4] Going out of It (two miners with knapsacks hiking to a city). Lithograph, double sheet, white wove. From the Britton & Rey numbered series. Baird 171. ($200-400) More>>

16. [CALIFORNIA PICTORIAL LETTER SHEET]. Past & Present of California. [below border, at right]: Lith. & Pub. by Britton & Rey S. Francisco. [number at upper right]: 11. Elephant at top, two ships in large circles at center loading and docking, surrounded by vignettes of mining and life in California. Lithograph, single sheet, white wove. From the Britton & Rey numbered series. Baird 193. A complex and creative composition, especially desirable with the elephant at the top. ($250-500) More>>

17. [CALIFORNIA PICTORIAL LETTER SHEET]. Sundry Amusements in the Mines [below border]: Lith. & Published by Britton & Rey [upper right]: 23. [4 scenes]: [1] A Sundays Amusement (two miners washing laundry in a stream); [2] A Daily Pleasure (two men cooking over a fireplace in a long cabin, with a dog watching); [3] Occupation for Rainy Days (two men in tent, one mending a boot, the other sewing); [4] A Pleasant Surprise (two miners discover a bear in their tent warming his paws before their fire). Lithograph on thin white wove paper. Baird 268. Peters, California on Stone, p. 78 (Plate 39). From the Britton & Rey numbered series. ($200-400) More>>

18. [CALIFORNIA PICTORIAL LETTER SHEET]. The Winter of 1852 & 3. [below border]: Lith. & Publd. by Britton & Rey, corner Montgomy. & Califa. Sts. S. Francisco. Four lithograph illustrations of winter mining scenes in California, including street scene (Sacramento?) with horses and wagons mired in mud. Single sheet, gray wove. Baird 335. ($200-400) More>>

19. [CATTLE BRANDS]. “Stockmen’s Brand Directory. For Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas” in Carrizo Weekly Minerand Stockmen’s Range Journal, June 2, 1905. Folio, newspaper leaf with about a hundred brands for various ranchers in the region, including several ladies (Annie B. Darling in Carrizo, Colorado; Mrs. Deborah Breislin in Vilas, Colorado, and Mrs. A. Schroder in Regnier, Colorado). ($200-400) More>>

20. [CATTLE TRAILS]. Original manuscript map in sepia ink: “Cattle Trails of the Old West.” N.p., [1946]. 19 x 25 inches. Map showing cattle trails through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. Attractively done, title of map decorated with buffalo head and cow skull. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

21. CAVO, Andres. Los tres siglos de México durante el gobierno Español...con notas y suplemento, el Lic. Carlos Maria de Bustamante.... Mexico, 1836. 4 vols. in 2, 8vo, three-quarter contemporary Mexican tree calf. First edition. Barrett 484n. Cowan, p. 88. Palau 50645. Raines, p. 47: "Includes an account of the Presidios and Missions of Texas." Wagner cited this work in his bibliography on the Spanish Southwest because it contains information on colonial Texas, California, and New Mexico. ($250-500) More>>

22. [COLORADO]. Idaho Springs; Its Mines and Mineral Waters. Georgetown, Colorado: Georgetown Courier Steam Printing Company and Blank Book Manufactory, 1880. 8vo, original pictorial paper wrappers. Promotional for mining, mineral waters, and hot springs. ($50-100) More>>

23. COOLBRITH, Ina. Songs from the Golden Gate....Illustrations by William Keith. Boston & New York, 1895. 12mo, original red cloth. Mild browning to endpapers, otherwise very fine and bright in the rare d.j. Zamorano 80 #21. ($300-600) More>>

24. DALE, Harrison Clifford (editor). The Ashley-Smith Explorations and the Discovery of a Central Route to the Pacific, 1822-1829, with the Original Journals.... Cleveland: The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1918. 8vo, original red cloth. First edition. Cowan II, p. 154. Edwards, Enduring Desert, p. 64: “Jedediah Smith is the first known white man to come into California via the overland route from the east, crossing the Mojave Desert into Los Angeles.” Howes D21. Zamorano 80 #25. ($150-300) More>>

25. FALCONER, Thomas. On the Discovery of the Mississippi, and on the South-Western, Oregon, and North-Western Boundary of the United States.... London, 1844. Engraved, folding map of North America. 12mo, original cloth. Howes F16: "Weightiest exposition of British claims to Oregon and contains the first English translation of La Salle's report and Tonty's 1693 Memoire.” Plains & Rockies IV:106b. ($2,000-4,000) More>>

26. FARNHAM, Thomas J. Mexico: Its Geography—Its People—And Its Institutions: With a Map, Containing the Result of the Latest Explorations of Fremont, Wilkes, and Others. New York: H. Long & Brother, [1846 copyright by Theodore Foster]. 80 pp., 2 folding lithograph maps (Mexico, Texas & California; and Map; of Central Mexico: Showing the Contemplated Route of the Army). 8vo, original beige pictorial wrappers with portrait of Santa Anna. Second edition, enlarged (with an added map, plus an additional chapter “Mexican character, habits, manners and superstitions”). Day, Maps of Texas, p. 42. Garrett, p.201. Plains & Rockies IV:120b:3. Wheat, Transmississippi West 508. ($1,200-2,400) More>>

27. FILISOLA, Vicente. Representación dirigida al Supremo Gobierno...en defensa de su honor y aclaración de sus operaciones como General en Gefe del Ejército sobre Tejas. Mexico: Cumplido, 1836. 8vo, original Mexican tree sheep. First edition. Basic Texas Books 61. Graff 1321. Howes F127. Raines, p. 82. Streeter 853: “The classic account of the retreat of the Mexicans through Texas after the battle of San Jacinto and a masterly defense by Filisola of his acts in ordering and conducting the retreat.” Vandale 66. ($2,000-4,000) More>>

28. FIGUEROA, José. The Manifesto, Which the General of Brigade, Don José Figueroa, Commandant-General and Political Chief of U. California, Makes to the Mexican Republic, in Regard to His Conduct and That of the Snrs. D. José María de Híjars [sic] and D. José María Padrés, As Directors of the Colonization in 1833 and 1834.... San Francisco, 8vo, original upper printed wrapper. First edition in English of “second and most important of the early books printed by the Spanish press of California” (Cowan II, p. 210). Greenwood 562. Streeter Sale 2784. Zamorano 80 #37. Scarce in printed wraps. ($2,000-3,000) More>>

29. [FISKE, M. (attributed)]. A Visit To Texas.... New York, 124 Broadway, 1834. 4 copper-engraved plates, folding copper-engraved map with original hand coloring. 12mo, original green cloth. First edition. Basic Texas Books 209. Howes T145. Streeter 1155 & p. 328. Streeter Sale 330. Vandale 187. Streeter remarks that the handsome little engravings are “thought to be the earliest to show sporting scenes in the West.” The excellent map by William Hooker showing Texas land grants was first published as a separate in 1833 and again, with revisions, in Holley’s 1833 book. ($5,000-10,000) More>>

30. FORBES, Alexander. California: A History of Upper and Lower California. London, 1839. Superb copy in original cloth, folding map and plates. First edition of the first book published in English relating exclusively to California. Howes F242. Zamorano 80 #38. ($2,500-5,000) More>>

31. FROST, Max (editor). New Mexico: Its Resources, Climate, Geography, and Geological Condition. Santa Fe: New Mexican Printing Company, 1890. 216 pp., 2 lithographed folding maps. 8vo, original tan pictorial wrappers. Fine copy. First edition. Adams, Herd 857. Rare promotional. ($750-1,500) More>>

32. GILPIN, William. The Central Gold Region.... Philadelphia & St. Louis, 1860. 6 maps. 8vo, original cloth. First edition. Howes G192. Plains & Rockies IV:358. Wheat, Transmississippi West 1010 & 1011. Gilpin presents his concept of United States’ greatness to create a ringing endorsement of Manifest Destiny. The highly original thematic maps of North America include a hydrographic map of North America with dramatic concentric circles radiating from the Great Plains, a map of the gold and silver region of pre-Territorial Colorado, and a map of South Pass with suggested transcontinental rail route. See Karrow’s remarks in Paul E. Cohen, Mapping the West: America’s Westward Movement 1524-1890, pp. 145-148). ($500-1,000) More>>

33. GREEN, Thomas J. Journal of the Texian Expedition Against Mier... New York: Harper, 1845. 13 engraved plates, folding map. Usual scruffy condition, but in original cloth. First edition. Basic Texas Books 80: “The most important account of the tragic Texan expedition against Mier and the drawing of the black beans, this is also one of the most vitriolic Texas books.” Dobie, p. 55: “He lived in wrath and wrote with fire.” Howes G371. Streeter 1581. ($500-1,000) More>>

34. HOLLADAY, Ben. Tables of Distances of the Overland Daily Stage Line from Atchison, Kansas, to Great Salt Lake City. New York, 1863. Mint copy. Plains & Rockies IV:382d:2. Crème de la crème of Western Americana ephemera—rare itinerary for Holladay’s overland stage line. ($3,000-6,000) More>>

35. HOWELL, Victoria. A Trip to the Yosemite Valley... Letters Giving the Author’s Experiences on a Ten Days’ Trip. Oakland: J. Howell, 1908. Photographic illustration of Bridal Veil Falls. Original pictorial wrappers in glassine. Very rare privately printed account of a lady’s trip to Yosemite. Unrecorded. ($200-400) More>>

36. HUGHES, George W. Report...Operations of the Army of the United States in Texas and the Adjacent Mexican States on the Rio Grande.... [Report title]: Memoir Descriptive of the March of a Division of the United States Army, under the command of Brigadier General John E. Wool, from San Antonio de Bexar, in Texas, to Saltillo, in Mexico. Washington, 1850. 8 lithographs after watercolors by Edward Everett (Mission San José, Mission Concepción, San Antonio, 3 views of the Alamo, scenes in Monclova), 2 lithographed maps. First edition. Ron Tyler, in his preliminary survey of Texas lithographs, states: “The lithograph of the Alamo façade made after Everett’s watercolor was not the first published picture of the famous structure, but it was the first to be lithographed from an eyewitness drawing.... The Everett watercolors, and lithographs made from them, are a substantial document of the missions at a time of considerable neglect.” ($750-1,500) More>>

37. LE CONTE, Joseph. A Journal of Ramblings through the High Sierras of California by the “University Excursion Party.” San Francisco: Francis & Valentine, 1875. 9 mounted albumen photographs. 8vo, original blue cloth. First edition. Currey & Kruska 230. Farquhar, Yosemite 14a: “The original edition was printed for the members of the party, ten in number. Professor Le Conte’s son, Joseph N. Le Conte, tells me that he thinks twelve copies were made for each of them.... Nothing can quite equal the charm of the original thin blue volume with its photographs.” Neate, Mountaineering and Its Literature 451: “The book is regarded as one of the greatest classics of early Californian mountain travel.” ($10,000-$15,000) More>>

38. [LUNDY, Benjamin]. The Life, Travels and Opinions...Including His Journeys to Texas and Mexico.... Philadelphia: Parrish, 1847. [4, blank] [5]-316 pp., frontispiece mezzotint portrait, map: California, Texas, Mexico, and Part of the United States... 12mo, original cloth. First edition. Howes E10. Plains & Rockies IV:108n. Streeter 1169n: “A most interesting Texas book because of Lundy’s three journeys to Texas.... Lundy was a keen observer and in his journeys refers to many of the prominent Texans.” ($750-$1,500) More>>

39. [MAP]. CAREY, H. C. & I. LEA. United States of America. [New York, ca. 1825]. Young Republic pocket map. Copper-engraved map, contemporary outline color, folded into stiff leather covers with Carey & Lea ad on front pastedown. Shows an expanding U.S., including Missouri, admitted in 1821, but Arkansas, admitted in 1836, still a territory. Louisiana Purchase, Texas, and New Mexico are indicated in outline. ($300-600) More>>

40. [MAP]. CASTRO, Lorenzo. Map of the Republic of Mexico... Drawn by Theodore Gentilz.... New York, 1882. Large lithograph map of Mexico and the Borderlands showing the Gulf of Mexico, most of Texas and the railroad routes throughout Mexico and along the border in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and east to Florida. The makers of this map are outstanding for Texas history—Theodore Gentilz (1820-1906), the French artist and engineer employed by Henri Castro to survey and promote his colony southwest of San Antonio; and Lorenzo Castro, son of Franco-Texan empresario Henry Castro. Rare and little known. ($750-1,500) More>>

41. [MAP]. COLTON, G. W. & C. B. Colton’s California and Nevada.... New York, 1886. Pocket map. Folding lithograph map in full original color, folded in original brown cloth folder. Exceptionally fine and crisp. This is an interesting copy—a contemporary owner augmented this copy by pasting in a portion of another map showing the Gold Regions of California (mounted on old linen). ($750-$1,500) More>>

42. [MAP]. COLTON, J. H. Colton’s Texas Published by Johnson & Browning...1860. Pocket map. Folding lithograph map on bank note paper, full color, bright rose outline color, ornate border, “Census of Texas” printed on verso of map, folded into original red cloth folder with printed paper labels on covers. Rare. Bright and beautiful, superb Texas artifact. One of the most appealing maps of Texas of this era, for its rarity and exciting visual appeal. We have not had this map before in pocket version. ($5,000-10,000) More>>

43. [MAP]. DAY, Sherman. Plat of the Ex-Mission De San Fernando finally confirmed to Eulogi[sic] de Celis Compiled in the Office of the U. S. Surveyor General from the Examined and Approved Field Notes of Official Surveys on Record Therein. May 26 1869. Containing 116.85846 Acres. Manuscript survey map in red and black ink on cartographical cloth. Detailed professional survey map documenting this as the largest private holding in California at the time. The area comprised 13 square leagues and is the basis of present-day San Fernando, California, and parts of Los Angeles. Eventually, the valley came to comprise all or parts of the communities of San Fernando, Van Nuys, Hollywood, Universal City, and Sylmar. Connecticut native Sherman Day (1806-1884) prospered tremendously in the Golden State as a mining and civil engineer, surveyor general, and senator; he helped lay the path for the first practical wagon route across the Sierras. This map is the first modern depiction of the area that became San Fernando and other important areas of modern-day Los Angeles. ($4,000-8,000) More>>

44. [MAP]. EMORY, W. H. Map of Texas and the Country Adjacent.... Washington, 1844. Lithographed map. First edition, the small-format issue of the first map published by the United States government to recognize the boundaries of the Republic of Texas, thus recognizing Texas as a separate entity. “The order of priority of the issues cannot now be determined” (Streeter 1543B). The small format issue is more rare in commerce. Martin & Martin 33. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 478 (describing this issue). ($7,500-15,000) More>>

45. [MAP]. EMORY, W. H. Military Reconnaissance of the Arkansas, Rio del Norte and Rio Gila by W. H. Emory.... [Washington, 1848]. Lithograph map. 30-1/4 x 72-1/4 inches. California 49: Forty-Nine Maps of California from the Sixteenth Century to the Present 26. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 544. The map issued with Notes of a Military Reconnoissance... (Plains & Rockies IV:148). Zamorano 80 #33. Tough to find in acceptable condition, like this copy. ($600-1,200) More>>

46. [MAP]. ENSIGN & BRIDGMAN. Map of the United States, Canada, Mexico and the West Indies with Central America, Showing All the Routes to California with a Table of Distances.... New York, n.d. [ca. 1854-1855]. Pocket map. Lithographed map with original full color, vivid rose outlining, ornate vine border, folded into original lilac embossed and gilt-lettered cloth folder. Superb copy, bright and beautiful. It would be difficult to find a better copy. This rare map focuses mostly on the interest in "routes to California" generated by the Gold Rush. Uncommon. ($2,000-$4,000) More>>

47. [MAP]. GUNN, Otis. New Map and Hand-Book of Kansas & The Gold Mines. Containing Descriptions and Statistics of the Indian Tribes, Settlement, Soil, Productions, Climate, Roads, Rail Roads, Telegraphs, Mail Routes, Land Districts, etc. With description of All the Routes to the New Gold Mines.... Pittsburgh, 1859. Pocket map & guide. 71 pp., folding map: Gunn’s New Map of Kansas and the Gold Mines.... Contemporary cloth covers. First edition of one of the more elusive 1859 maps and guidebooks to the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush (see Hafen, p. 235). As Charles Eberstadt observed, the guides to the Pike's Peak gold fields have long been "perhaps the rarest of the several groups of overland guides to the West" ("On Colorado Guidebooks of '59," in Bookman's Holiday, pp. 33-43). Plains & Rockies IV:327. Streeter Sale 2017 (map only). Rare in any form or condition, but particularly with map, pamphlet, and covers present, as here. ($25,000-35,000) More>>

48. [MAP]. KELLOGG, E. B & E. C. (lithographers). Map of Mexico, Texas, Old and New California, and Yucatan. Showing the Principal Cities and Towns, Travelling Routes, &c. Hartford: Published by House & Brown, 1847. Insets: [left]: Map of Vera Cruz and San Juan de Ulloa; [right]: Plan of Operations at the Battle of Monterey on the 21st, 22nd & 23rd Sept. 1846. View: Castle of San Juan d’Ulloa. Lithograph map in full color. Day, Maps of Texas, pp. 46-47. Garrett, Mexican-American War, p. 414. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 545. Cf. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 620 & Gold Region 97. A shameless commercial attempt by House and Brown and the Kellogg lithographic firm (the latter sometimes euphemistically referred to as the Currier & Ives of Connecticut) to cash in on the interest in Disturnell’s treaty map and Mitchell’s Mexican-American War Map of Mexico, including Yucatan & Upper California. Two years later the Yankee entrepreneurs would reissue the map yet again, adding a glittering dot in California to lure the Gold Rush market. ($2,500-$5,000) More>>

49. [MAP]. KEELER, William J. National Map of the Territory of the United States from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean. Washington, 1868. Pocket map. Large lithograph map on bank note paper, original partial color, folded into original cloth covers. Rare pocket map version of Keller’s monumental map, "the largest, finest and most detailed map of the West as it was then known.” Martin & Martin 47. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 1170 & p. 211: "A complete Railroad Map, the only one published which shows the whole of the great Pacific Railroad routes and their projections and branches, together with all other railroads in the States and Territories bordering the Mississippi on both sides."($4,000-8,000) More>>

50. [MAP]. MILLROY, J. J. Alaska and British Columbia Showing the Yukon, Cariboo, Cassiar, with a Portion of the Kootenay Gold Fields.... New York, 1898. Large, colored map on bank note paper showing routes to Alaska and locations of gold fields, both in red. Area includes coastal and inland regions from Astoria, Washington, to the Arctic Sea, including all of Alaska. Inset showing "All Lake Routes." Yukon Gold Rush ephemera. ($300-600) More>>

51. [MAP]. MITCHELL, Samuel Augustus. A New Map of Texas Oregon and California With the Regions Adjoining.... Philadelphia, 1846. Lithograph map with original color, linen backing. Faded. Baughman, Kansas in Maps, p. 35. Braislin 1268. California 49: Forty-Nine Maps of California from the Sixteenth Century to the Present 25. Cohen, Mapping the West, pp. 134-135. Martin & Martin, pp. 134-135, Color Plate XI (p. 56). Schwartz & Ehrenberg, The Mapping of America, p. 276. Streeter Sale 2511. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 520, Vol. III, p. 35. Wheat, Maps of the Gold Region 29, pp. xv-xvi. ($4,000-8,000) More>>

52. [MAP]. PALMER, W. R. & L. D. Williams. Map of Central America.... New York: J. Bien for U.S. Coast Survey, 1856. Lithographed map with original outline coloring. 43 x 40-3/4 inches. Folded into original 8vo brown cloth folder. Handsome, detailed map of Central America, with historical notes and insets of the Bay of Fonseca, the port of San Juan, and an area map from Nicaragua to Fonseca. The map includes Florida, the Texas coast, and the Gulf of Mexico. ($100-200) More>>

53. [MAP]. RAND, McNALLY. Correct Map of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. Connecting Lines. Chicago: Rand, McNally, 1883. Very large fully colored map showing roads and CB&Q rail lines, with scenic insets and views of train car interiors. Cf. Modelski 375. ($300-600) More>>

54. [MAP]. SCHOYER, Solomon. Map of the United States Drawn from the Most Approved Surveys. New York, 1826. Pocket map. Copper-engraved map with large and fine eagle at lower left, contemporary outline color, folded into stiff red paper covers. Shows the Young Republic in an area generally east of the Mississippi River and various territories west of that line. ($300-600) More>>

55. [MAP]. WHITE, GALLAHER & WHITE. Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Méjico...Nueva York. 1828. Wall map. Engraved map, original shading and outline coloring, on rollers. First edition of the White, Gallaher & White version of the Treaty Map. Both Tanner’s English language map, on which this version is based, and this map served as precursors for Disturnell’s Treaty Map. These three versions of the map are exceptionally significant due to their historical context and function with regard to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Together the Tanner, White, Gallaher & White, and Disturnell maps document the cartographical sequence that resulted in the boundary dispute following the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The White, Gallaher & White map is perhaps the single most rare map in the Treaty Map sequence. Martin & Martin, Maps of Texas and the Southwest, 1513-1900, Plate 37 & p. 137. Streeter Sale 222: “This map is included as it is such a direct source for Disturnell’s Map of Mexico with the same title, published in New York in 1846, that Col. Martin in his elaborate survey, Disturnell’s Map, calls it the first of the 24 editions of that map, and the map published by Disturnell in 1846 the second. This White, Gallaher & White map in turn follows closely, even to errors, the Tanner Map of Mexico of 1825.—TWS.” Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West #384, Vol. II, pp. 95-96 & Vol. III, p. 36. Of the Treaty Map sequence of over thirty-five maps, White, Gallaher & White’s map (Streeter 222), Tanner’s 1826 issue (Streeter 3824), and Rosa’s version published in Paris in 1837 (Streeter 233) are the most difficult to obtain. ($7,500-15,000) More>>

56. MARSHALL, William I. Acquisition of Oregon and the Long Suppressed Evidence about Marcus Whitman. Seattle, 1911. 2 vols., green cloth. Howes M322. Tweney, Washington 89 #48: “Probably the most thorough attempt ever made to expose the myth that Whitman saved Oregon... Essential to any complete library dealing with the history of Oregon.” ($400-800) More>>

57. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (April 25, 1835). [Decree of the Congreso general declaring invalid the decree of March 14, 1835, which authorized the sale of 400 sitios, as being contrary to the colonization law of August 18, 1824]. El C. Manuel Diez de Bonilla, Gobernador Constitucional del Estado Libre de México. [Toluca, April 30, 1835]. Unrecorded Toluca broadside issue of Streeter 833. With the passage of this law, many Anglos in Texas concluded that such arbitrary actions and the unrelenting dictatorship of President Antonio López de Santa Anna reflected the death of the republicanism and liberalism of the Constitution of 1824 under which they had united with the Mexican nation. ($500-1,000) More>>

58. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (April 27, 1836). [Printed decree issued by José María Tornel, establishing a military legion of honor for honoring distinguished actions in the campaign against the Texans]. Mexico, April 27, 1836. 8 pp., folio. Streeter 877 (3 loc.). The legion of honor was established to pay homage to the Mexican heroes of the Alamo. No copy has been located of the first separate publication of this or of a republication. ($500-1,000) More>>

59. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (May 20, 1836). [Decree of the Congreso general promulgated by José María Tornel, pledging every effort to secure the liberty of Santa Anna]. [Toluca, May 31, 1836]. Unrecorded Toluca broadside issue of Streeter 879 (listing the Mexico City issue): “This law was passed the day after the capture of Santa Anna [at San Jacinto] had been announced.... On the same day the president declared a national state of mourning to continue while Santa Anna was a prisoner.” The military is ordered to fly flags at half staff so long as Santa Anna remains a prisoner, but one provision judiciously stipulates that any promises Santa Anna makes while prisoner will not be binding on the Mexican government. ($500-1,000) More>>

60. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (December 30, 1836). [Decree dividing the country into as many Departments as there formerly were States, separating Coahuila from Texas and authorizing the central government to locate the capital of Texas where most convenient when order is re-established there]. [Toluca, January 5, 1837]. Unrecorded Toluca broadside issue of Streeter 882. “Had this decree been passed in 1833, Texas might be a Mexican state today" (Eberstadt 162:581). ($500-1,000) More>>

61. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (October 15, 1836). [Printed decree allowing some duty-free imports in northern Mexican ports for the army now proceeding to Texas]. Mexico, October 15, 1836. Streeter 885 (locating only the Bancroft copy). This law was to support the army preparing to re-invade Texas. Among the provisions deemed necessary for the Mexican army to subsist in the Texas campaign were sugar of all classes, chocolate, coffee, tea, chile, corn, and meat. Once again it is proven that an army travels on its stomach. ($300-600) More>>

62. MEXICO (Republic). SECRETARÍA DE FOMENTO, COLONIZACIÓN Y INDUSTRIA. RIVA PALACIO, Vicente. Memoria presentada al Congreso de la Union por el Secretario de Estado y del Despacho de Fomento, Colonización, Industria y Comercio de la República Mexicana.... Mexico, 1877. 558 [3] pp., 17 original albumen photographs (sites in Mexico, railroad, canal, and other civil engineering works in progress), 20 lithographs (including maps). Folio, original printed wrappers. First edition of a monumental survey of the current state of public works of the Mexican Republic. Palau 269849. Truthful Lens 136 (& fig. 116). ($5,000-8,000) More>>

63. MÖLLHAUSEN, Baldwin. Diary of a Journey from the Mississippi to the Coasts of the Pacific.... London, 1858. Folding map, 11 lithograph plates (tinted and chromo), text illustrations (many full-page). 2 vols., 8vo, later three-quarter mottled calf. First edition in English of one of the classic accounts of the American West, with an introduction by Alexander von Humboldt. Farquhar Colorado River 19b. Howes M713. Plains & Rockies IV:305. Streeter Sale 3134. Wheat, Books of the California Gold Rush 145. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 956. The best account of Whipple's expedition to survey a railroad route to the Pacific, by the party's naturalist and artist. ($1,500-3,000) More>>

64. MORA, Jo. Jo Mora's Watercolor Collection of Hopi Kachina and Ceremonial Figures. Tulsa, 1979. Collection of 8 colored lithographed plates on rag paper in original portfolios. First edition, limited edition (650 copies). Perceiving the Hopi were the last Native Americans to preserve the integrity of their ceremonies, Mora created a valuable ethnological record of Hopi ceremonial dress. Samuels, Artists of the American West. ($1,500-3,000) More>>

65. MURAT, [Napoléon] Achille. A Moral and Political Sketch of the United States of North America...With a Note on Negro Slavery by Junius Redivivus. London, 1833. Lithograph, folding map in color: Map of the United States. Rare. First edition in English. Howes M901. Sabin 51417. The exiled Royal Prince of the Two Sicilies resided six years on a plantation near Tallahassee and commanded a militia regiment in a campaign against Native Americans. Here he expresses contempt for religious hypocrisy in the U.S. but warmly defends slavery. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

66. PATTIE, James O. The Personal Narrative.... Cincinnati: E. H. Flint, 1833. 300 pp., 5 copper-engraved plates. 8vo, early twentieth-century three-quarter navy blue sheep over marbled boards. Second edition of the first printed overland narrative to California (the original edition, which is exceedingly rare, was published in 1831, and the only difference is the 1833 title replaces the earlier). Plains & Rockies IV:45:2. Zamorano 80 #60: “Both the first and second editions of the Pattie Narrative are of extreme rarity.”($4,000-8,000) More>>

67. PIKE, Albert. Prose Sketches and Poems, Written in the Western Country. Boston, 1834. Map. 12mo, original cloth (rebacked, original spine preserved). First edition. BAL 16031. Plains & Rockies IV:50: "Pike was one of the first Anglo-American authors to use the Southwest as a setting for his writings." Streeter 1150: "This seems to be the first published account of a journey in modern times across the Texas Panhandle.” Cited by Streeter in the introduction to his Texas bibliography as "especially desirable for a Texas collection" (p. 328). ($1,500-3,000) More>>

68. PIKE, Z. M. An Account of Expeditions to the Sources of the Mississippi and through the Western Parts of Louisiana, to the Sources of the Arkansaw.... Philadelphia: C. & A. Conrad, et al., 1810. 8vo, original drab boards, uncut. Fine, complete, unsophisticated copy. Rarely found in boards. First edition of the first U.S. government exploration of the Southwest. Basic Texas Books 163: “The beginning of serious interest in Texas.” Martin & Martin 24 (citing the map). Plains & Rockies IV:9. Streeter 1047 & p. 328 (citing the book as especially desirable for a Texas collection): “Its early date and its writer make it a foundation piece.... [T]he account of Texas in the appendix to Pike is the first, in English, for Texas as a whole. Three of its maps show Texas.” The maps, the first of the Southwest to be based on firsthand exploration, are considered “milestones in the mapping of the American West” (Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 297-99). ($35,000-70,000) More>>

69. ROEMER, Ferdinand. Die Kreiderbildungen von Texas und ihre Organischen Einschlüsse. Bonn: Adolph Marcus, 1852. 11 lithographic plates of Texas fossils. Folio, original printed boards. First edition of the first treatise on Texas geology. ($4,000-8,000) More>>

70. SOLÍS Y RIVADENEYRA, Antonio de. The History of the Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards...Done in Thomas Townsend Esq. London, 1724. 7 copper-engraved plates & 2 maps. Folio, contemporary full calf over wooden boards. First English edition. European Americana 1724/165. Hill II:1601: “An authoritative and extremely popular history of Mexico, this work was regularly reprinted for more than a century.” Medina, BHA 1773n. Palau 318693. Sabin 86487. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

71. [SPANISH TEXAS]. “Presidio de Nra. Senora del Pilar de Los Adaes en la frontera de los Thexas....” Manuscript plan of the presidio, drawn before 1726. [2] pp., ink on paper, 42 x 30 cm. Except for small splits at folds, very good. Professionally rendered drawing of the fort to scale, including prominent features such as the chapel but lacking structures in the courtyard. With key. Established in the eighteenth century to block French encroachment upon Spain's southwestern possessions, Los Adaes was at this time the capital of Texas and the farthest eastern point in Spanish Mexico. In 1726, the garrison was reduced to 60 men; because of a reference here to 100 men in the garrison, the plan must predate 1726. Historically important depiction of a site that is being actively excavated by the State of Louisiana. ($6,000-12,000) More>>

72. STANISLAUS CENTRAL BRIDGE COMPANY. Engraved pictorial stock cetificate completed in manuscript, illustrating steamship, suspension bridge, and train at top. No. [610] Sonora, [March 4,] 185[3], Stanislaus Central Bridge Company, Chartered for 50 Years, from October 1852.... [below border]: Printed at the Dispatch Office, Commerical Street, San Francisco. Signed by Lewis C. Gunn as secetary and Byrne as President and P. O. Byrne as President (and founder of Poker Flat). Not in Greenwood. ($200-400) More>>

73. SKELTON, R. A. (editor). James Cook, Surveyor of Newfoundland: Being a Collection of Charts of the Coast of Newfoundland and Labradore.... San Francisco: [Grabhorn Press for] David Magee, 1965. 2 vols., wrappers, laid in box. Limited edition (365 sets). Beddie 1946. Grabhorn Press 649. Hill II:370. ($400-800) More>>

74. STAPP, William. The Prisoners of Perote: Containing a Journal Kept by the Author, who was Captured by the Mexicans, at Mier, December 25, 1842, and Released from Perote, May 16, 1844. Philadelphia, 1845. 12mo, original cloth. First edition. Basic Texas Books 197: "The first book to appear on the Mier expedition." Fifty Texas Rarities 27. Howes S891. Streeter 1610. Cited by Streeter as one of the top books for a Texas collection (p. 329). Vandale 167. ($600-1,200) More>>

75. TEXAS. CONFEDERATE STATE. Engraved pictorial Texas Confederate Bond completed in manuscript and signed by Governor F. R. Lubbock and C. H. Randolph as Treasurer: $1,000...Texian Loan of One Million Dollars, Issued under an Act of the Legislature, April 8th, 1861.... Austin, [January 1st], 186[2]. Engraved by J. Douglas at New Orleans. This is a rare example of the infamous Beaver Bond, so named because of the pictorial vignette at top showing a man wearing beaver hat and carrying a musket. After the Civil War ended, the bonds were not paid because the State of Texas claimed the State government under the Confederacy was illegal, and thus the bonds were null and void. ($750-1,500) More>>

76. TORNEL Y MENDÍVIL, J. M. Tejas y los Estados Unidos de América, en sus relaciones con la República Mexicana. Mexico, 1837. First edition of Tornel’s domino theory regarding Texas.Fifty Texas Rarities 18. Howes T302. Streeter 932: "A plea for a vigorous continuation of the Texan war...Tornel says that the loss of Texas would mean the loss of New Mexico and the Californias." ($2,500-5,000) More>>

78. WAGNER, Henry R. The Cartography of the Northwest Coast of America to the Year 1800. Berkeley, 1937. Maps & illustrations. 2 vols., original black cloth, fine in jackets. First edition. Howell 32:313 “Absolutely indispensable for any collector specializing in the subject. Interesting and readable for others.” ($400-800) More>>

79. WAGNER, Henry R. Spanish Explorations in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Santa Ana, California, 1933. Maps. Fine in original cloth over boards. First edition (limited to 425 copies). Howes W10. Streeter Sale 4409. ($400-800) More>>

80. WALL, Bernhardt. Bits from Wall's Etched Books. [Lime Rock, ca. 1932]. 13 etchings, 6 signed by Wall, and one inscribed. Original hand-bound plain boards, dust wrapper. Signed presentation copy by Wall to the Blodgetts. Limitation not stated. Weber, p. 37. The present copy varies in selection of plates from others we have seen; apparently Bits from Wall’s Etched Books were made up by Wall for the nonce, as the title would imply. ($400-800) More>>

81. WALL, Bernhardt. Dogs and Some Literature. Lime Rock, [1932]. 19 etchings. Original hand-bound cloth over plain boards. Wall’s signed presentation to the Blodgetts. Limited edition (#4 of 100 signed copies). Weber, p. 6: "Wall always claimed in his lectures that a dog had occasioned his etching career”; & p. 41: "This book was described by Wall as being a collection of plates 'etched in the past dozen years.'" ($300-400) More>>

82. WALL, Bernhardt. The Etched Monthly. Vol. I, Nos. 1-12, October 1928 to September 1929. 12 issues, with 197 etchings. Many of the etchings are signed by Wall. 12 vols., original hand-bound paper wrappers with etching on each upper cover. Exceptionally fine set. Rarely found thus. Limited edition (#55 of 250 signed and numbered copies). Weber, p. 56: "Though advertised as being part of a press run of 250 copies, only fifty-five subscribers were identified." A variety of etching techniques are used, including regular etching, dry-point, aquatint, soft-ground, and roulette. Nine of the etchings are by other artists, including one of a charro by noted Texas artist, Mary Bonner. ($2,000-4,000) More>>

83. WALL, Bernhardt. Following James McNeill Whistler Etcher and Painter 1834-1903. [Lime Rock, 1944?]. 65 etchings, 54 signed by Wall. Original hand-bound cloth over boards, dust wrapper. Limited edition (#8 of 103 copies). Weber, p. 44. ($1,500-3,000) More>>

84. WALL, Bernhardt. Following Stephen F. Austin: Father of Texas. Lime Rock, [1936]. 47 etchings, most signed. Original hand-bound cloth over boards. Wall’s signed presentation: “To Sir Robert Falconer, by George A. Hill, Jr., Esq., Houston Texas.” Limited edition, “Centennial Edition” (200 copies). Weber, p. 43. ($1,500-3,000) More>>

85. WALL, Bernhardt. Greenwich Village Types: Tenements & Temples. New York, [1920]. 27 etchings, 23 signed. 2 original zinc plates set within boards. Original hand-bound cloth over paper-covered boards, dust wrapper. With Wall’s unsigned typed letter of explanation concerning production of the book, in which he states that the plates had become so worn that he could not print from them any longer. Wall’s signed ink presentation copy to Dorothy Blodgett Scholle, dated 1937. Limited edition (#21 of 26 signed copies). Weber, p. 31: "An interesting pictorial presentation of 'the Montmartre of America,' an area in Manhattan long frequented by authors, artists, and students." One of the most charming and spirited of Wall's productions. ($4,000-8,000) More>>

86. WALL, Bernhardt. In Mark Twain's Missouri. Lime Rock, 1931. 18 etchings (plus cover etching), 13 signed. Original hand-bound cloth over boards, dust wrapper. Very fine. Wall’s presentation to the Blodgetts. Limited edition (#3 of 100 signed copies). Weber, p. 37: "This book resulted from a tour in 1926 'amidst the scenes of Mark Twain's early childhood.' The frontispiece is based on a sketch of Mark Twain by Wall at New York City in 1904." ($500-1,000) More>>

87. [WALL, Bernhardt (etcher)]. MARKHAM, Edwin & Bernhardt Wall. Edwin Markham and "The Man With the Hoe." Lime Rock, 1936. 34 etchings, 25 signed. Limitation signed by both Wall and Markham. Original hand-bound cloth over boards, dust wrapper. Wall’s signed ink presentation copy to Howard Scholle. Limited edition (Trial Copy #5 of an unstated limitation copy; the Humanities Research Copy at UT has Trial Copy #1 of a designated 13 trial copies). Of the original edition (San Francisco, 1899), Grolier American Hundred #99 states: “The plaint of the laboring man, in an honest, passionate, truly poetic outcry, which still rings to shame and shock—and stimulate.” ($750-1,500) More>>

88. [WALL, BERNHARDT]. WEBER, Francis J. Following Bernhardt Wall 1872-1956...Biobibliographical Sketch. Austin: [Patrick Reagh of Glendale & Castle Press of Pasadena, for] The Book Club of Texas, 1994. Frontispiece portrait, tipped-in samples and photogravure reproductions of Wall's etchings. Original cloth over boards. New as issued, in d.j. & slipcase. Limited edition (195 copies, this being one of the 95 copies with an original ALs by Wall). ($200-400) More>>

89. Zuni Indian Guide to Health and Longevity. Lancaster, New York, 1889. 4 pp., folio, woodcut illustrations (including portrait of supposed Zuni medicine chief S. Wolf who allegedly was born in Zuni in 1857 but went east 1877). A typical nineteenth-century medical advertisement selling Indian remedies. This advertising was produced for a “big free show” that was to run for two weeks at LaFargeville, according to the rubber stamp on p. 1. Rare quack medicine ephemera using the Native American factor as its shtick. ($100-200) More>>

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