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these plates is the work of the lithographer. Conversely, in the

plates from the New Mexico report in which yucca plants are

depicted, the flowers are correctly colored white, which gives

rise to the presumption that they were colored by someone

with first-hand knowledge about Southwestern botany. This

copy, except for the map, seems actually to have been assem-

bled, annotated, and signed by Abert, whose signature appears

on one of the plates from the Upper Arkansas Report, with the

yucca incorrectly colored. It seems clear that Abert assembled

this volume before it was bound, because his annotations are

trimmed. Possibly, in assembling this volume Abert used

plates tinted by the lithographer in addition to those that he

completed himself. The volume needs more research.

For examples of Abert’s lithographs with his original col-

oring and his original watercolors, see the internet exhibit

“The Illustrating Traveler” assembled in 1996 by William S.

Reese and George Miles for the Beinecke Library at Yale:

and See

also Reese and Miles,

Creating America

34 & 114 (color illus-

tration at p. 85)


Map of the Territory of New Mexico, Made by Order of Brig. Gen.

S. W. Kearny, under Instructions from Lieut. W. H. Emory,

U.S.T.E. by Lieut’s J. W. Abert and W. G. Peck, U.S.T.E. 1846-7.

C. B. Graham’s Lith


. Washington

[top left]:

Data. The road from

the direction of Bent’s Fort to Santa Fe and from Santa Fe to Taos

and the Astronomical positions given on the map of Lieut. Emory,

except the latitude of Taos by Lieut. Warner, U.S.T.E. Topographi-

cal sketches by Lieut. W. G. Peck, T. E. This map is connected with

the map of Senate Document N


438; 2


Session, 29



Published by order of the War Department.

Uncolored lithograph

map. Neat line to neat line: 65 x 50.8 cm; 24

x 20 inches.


Mapping the Transmississippi West



In order of appearance in this copy:

The Pillar Rock on the Canadian.

Source: Upper Arkansas and

Comanche Country report. Shaved into caption with slight

loss of lower portion of letters of title.

Valley of the Purgatory.

Source: Upper Arkansas and Comanche

Item 1