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Texas, California, the Southwest U.S., Mexico & the Borderlands:
Interesting books, broadsides, maps & ephemera

Lot 12

12. [CALIFORNIA PICTORIAL LETTER SHEET]. Dividing the Pile [upper illustration, four miners in a cabin weighing gold, one stands at left and weighs gold dust over a gold pan; of the three seated, one watches the weighing carefully, the others smoke as they await the outcome]; Hard Road to Travel [lower illustration, miner on mountain trail with packed mules]; [below border]: Lith & Pub. by Britton & Rey, Cor Mont & Comml. Sts.[upper right]: 7. Lithograph, double sheet, white wove. Fine.

     Baird 54. Peters, California on Stone, p. 69. Britton & Rey numbered series. ($250-500)

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