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Lot 59

Let Him Go, but Don’t Pay Attention to Anything He Says

59. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (May 20, 1836). [Decree of the Congreso general promulgated by José María Tornel, pledging every effort to secure the liberty of Santa Anna]. [Toluca, May 31, 1836]. Very fine

     Unrecorded Toluca broadside issue of Streeter 879 (listing the Mexico City issue): “This law was passed the day after the capture of Santa Anna [at San Jacinto] had been announced.... On the same day the president declared a national state of mourning to continue while Santa Anna was a prisoner.” The military is ordered to fly flags at half staff so long as Santa Anna remains a prisoner, but one provision judiciously stipulates that any promises Santa Anna makes while prisoner will not be binding on the Mexican government. ($500-1,000)

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