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Lot 61

Provisions for an Army on the March

61. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (October 15, 1836). [Printed decree allowing some duty-free imports in northern Mexican ports for the army now proceeding to Texas]. Mexico, October 15, 1836. Old tape stains along outer edges, otherwise fine, with Alas’ ink rubric. Eberstadt pencil note “212” at top and John Jenkins’ pencil note giving Streeter No. at top.

     Streeter 885 (locating only the Bancroft copy). This law was to support the army preparing to re-invade Texas. Among the provisions deemed necessary for the Mexican army to subsist in the Texas campaign were sugar of all classes, chocolate, coffee, tea, chile, corn, and meat. Once again it is proven that an army travels on its stomach. ($300-600)

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