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Texian Campaigne China

Pocket maps in this auction

Postcard of Birds-eye view of Cody, Wyoming

[MORALES, Juan Bautista]
El Gallo Pitagórico

The Wild West Game

1. ADAMS, Ramon F. The Old-Time Cowhand. New York: Macmillan Company, 1961. ($150-300) More>>

2. APPLEGATE, Jesse & Jesse A[pplegate] Applegate. A Day with the Cow Column in 1843...[and] Recollections of My Boyhood.... Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by Joseph Schafer.... Chicago: [Designed by William A. Kittredge, Lakeside Press for] The Caxton Club, 1934. ($200-400) More>>

3. [ATLAS].  GARCÍA CUBAS, Antonio. Atlas metódico para la enseñanza de la geografía de la República Mexicana. Formado y dedicado a la Sociedad Mexicana de Geografía y Estadística.Mexico:  Sandoval y Vázquez, Impresores, 1874. ($500-1,000) More>>

4. BACLE, Cesár Hipólito. Colección general de las marcas del ganado de la provincia de Buenos-Aires. Buenos Aires: Editorial Monserrat, 1975. ($250-500) More>>

5. BATES, Ed[mund] F[rank]. History and Reminiscences of Denton County . Denton : McNitzky Printing Company, [1918]. ($250-500) More>>

6. BECKER, Robert H. Diseños of California Ranchos Maps of Thirty-Seven Land Grants [1822-1846] from the Records of the United States District Court, San Francisco. San Francisco: [Grabhorn Press for] The Book Club of California, 1964. ($250-500) More>>

7. BELL, James G. A Log of the Texas-California Cattle Trail, 1854.... Edited by J. Evetts Haley. [Austin], 1932. ($300-600) More>>

8. [BORDERLANDS] MEXICO.  COMISIÓN DE LA PESQUISIDORA DE LA FRONTERA DEL NOROESTE. Reports of the Committee of Investigation Sent in 1873 by the Mexican Government to the Frontier of Texas. Translated from the Official Edition Made in Mexico. New York: Baker & Goodwin, Printers, 1875. ($1,200-2,400) More>>

9. [BORDERLANDS].  MEXICO. SECRETARÍA DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES. Memoranda y notas relativas cambiadas entre el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y el Ministerio Plenipotenciario de los Estados-Unidos. Mexico: Imprenta del Gobierno, 1877. ($500-1,000) More>>

10. BRACKENRIDGE, H[enri] M[arie].Views of Louisiana; Together with a Journal of a Voyage up the Missouri River, in 1811. Pittsburgh:  Printed and Published by Cramer, Spear and Eichbaum, 1814. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

11. BRATT, John. Trails of Yesterday. Lincoln, Chicago, & Dallas: The University Publishing Company, 1921. ($200-400) More>>

12. BROOKS, Bryant B[utler]. Memoirs of Bryant B. Brooks, Cowboy, Trapper, Lumberman, Stockman, Oilman, Banker, and Governor of Wyoming. Glendale: [Privately printed for the author by] The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1939. ($150-300) More>>

13. BUEL, J[ames] W[illiam].  Life and Marvelous Adventures of Wild Bill, the Scout. Being a True and Exact History of All the Sanguinary Combats and Hair-Breadth Escapes of the Most Famous Scout and Spy America Ever Produced. By J. W. Buel, of the St. Louis Press.  Illustrated.  St. Louis: W. S. Bryan, Publisher, 1880. ($1,500-2,500) More>>

14. BUTCHER, S[olomon] D. Pioneer History of Custer County and Short Sketches of Early Days in Nebraska. Broken Bow, Nebraska: [Printed at Denver by Merchants Publishing Co.], 1901. ($600-1,200) More>>

15. [CAMEL EXPERIMENT]. UNITED STATES. SECRETARY OF WAR (Jefferson Davis).  Report of the Secretary of War...Respecting the Purchase of Camels for the Purpose of Military Transportation. Washington: A.O.P. Nicholson, Printer, 1857. ($150-300) More>>

16. CAMP, Charles L. Muggins the Cow Horse. [Denver: Welch-Haffner Printing Co., 1928].  ($150-300) More>>

17. CATLIN, George (illustrator).  Calendar for the year 1900, with color illustrations after Catlin:  The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.  Richard A. McCurdy President Head Offices Nassau, Cedar & Liberty Streets, New York City. These illustrations are reproductions of a set of prints published in 1845, and designed by Catlin.  They represent the life and sports of the North American Indians, who even as late as 1845, roamed and hunted at will over the Great West of the United States of America.  The number of Indians remaining in the United States has greatly decreased since that time, and the plains over which they hunted are now the sites of prosperous cities and towns....  N.p., n.d. [Copyright, 1899]. ($250-500) More>>

18. CATLIN, George. North American Indians: Being Letters and Notes on Their Manners, Customs, and Conditions, Written during Eight Years’ Travel amongst the Wildest Tribes of Indians in North American, 1832-1839.... Edinburgh: John Grant, 1926. 2 vols. ($800-1,600) More>>

19. [CHORPENNING, JR., George]. A Brief History of the Mail Service, Settlement of the Country, and the Indian Depredations Committed upon the Mail Trains of George Chorpenning on the Several Routes between Salt Lake and California from May 1st, 1850, to July, 1860 [wrapper title]. N.p., n.d. [ca. 1871]. ($7,500-15,000) More>>

20. [CLARK, O. S.]. Clay Allison of the Washita, First a Cow Man and Then an Extinguisher of Bad Men: Recollections of Colorado, New Mexico, and the Texas Panhandle. Reminiscences of a ’79er. [Attica, Indiana, 1922]. ($600-1,200) More>>

21. CLARKE, A[sa] B[emet]. Travels in Mexico and California: Comprising a Journal of a Tour from Brazos Santiago , through Central Mexico , by Way of Monterey , Chihuahua , the Country of the Apaches, and the River Gila, to the Mining Districts of California. Boston: Wright & Hasty’s Steam Press, 1852. ($1,200-2,400) More>>

22. CLAY, John. My Life on the Range. Chicago: Privately printed, [1924]. ($200-400) More>>

23. CLYMAN, James. James Clyman, American Frontiersman, 1792-1881: The Adventures of a Trapper and Covered Wagon Emigrant As Told in His Own Reminiscences and Diaries. Edited by Charles L. Camp. San Francisco : California Historical Society, 1928. ($250-500) More>>

24. COAHUILA (State). COMISIÓN DE LÍMITES DE COAHUILA.  Documentos relativos a la linea divisoria y mapa que determinan los límites del Estado de Coahuila con el de Durango y Zacatecas.  Saltillo:  Imprenta del Gobierno, 1881. ($400-800) More>>

25. COBURN, Wallace D. Rhymes from a Round-Up Camp. Los Angeles : Gem Publishing Company, 1925. ($250-500) More>>

26. [CODY, WYOMING].  Birds-eye view of Cody, Wyo. Postcard with oval photographic bird’s-eye view of Cody from the northwest with mountains in distance.  Image area of photograph: 6.8 x 13 cm; entire card: 8.8 x 13.8 cm.  Verso undivided, with space for one cent stamp, and the printed words “Post Card.”  N.p., n.d. (ca. 1905).  ($100-200) More>>

27. [COX, James]. Historical and Biographical Record of the Cattle Industry and the Cattlemen of Texas and Adjacent Territory. St. Louis , Missouri : Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co., 1895. A very fine copy.   ($7,000-15,000) More>>

28. DAYTON, Edson C. Dakota Days May 1886-August 1898. [Clifton Springs, New York]: Privately printed [by Case, Lockwood & Brainard in Hartford, Connecticut], 1937. ($250-500) More>>

29. [DIRECTORY: COLORADO]. [WALLIHAN, S. S. & T. O. Bigney (editors)]. The Rocky Mountain Directory and Colorado Gazetteer, for 1871, Comprising a Brief History of Colorado, and a Condensed but Comprehensive Account of Her Mining, Agricultural, Commercial and Manufacturing Interests, Climatology, Inhabitants, Advantages and Industries, Together with a Complete and Accurate Directory of Denver, Golden City, Black Hawk, Central City, Nevada, Idaho, Georgetown, Boulder, Greeley, Colorado City, Pueblo, Trinidad, etc. First Year of Publication. Denver : S. S. Wallihan & Company, [ Chicago : Rounds & Kane, Printers, 1870]. ($500-1,000) More>>

30. [DIRECTORY: COLORADO: DENVER].  WHARTON, J[unius] E. & D. O. Wilhelm.   History of the City of Denver from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, by J. E. Wharton; To Which is Added a Full and Complete Business Directory, of the City, by D. O. Wilhelm.  Denver: Byers & Dailey, Printers, News Office, 1866. ($2,000-4,000) More>>

31. [DIRECTORY: MONTANA]. [WARNER, Frank W. (compiler)].  Montana Territory. History and Business Directory 1879. ($2,500-5,000) More>>

32. [DIRECTORY: UTAH]. SLOAN, Edward L. (editor & compiler). Gazeteer [sic] of Utah , and Salt Lake City Directory...1874. Salt Lake City : " Salt Lake Herald" Publishing Company, 1874. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

33. [DIRECTORY: UTAH ]. SLOAN, Robert W. (editor). Utah Gazetteer and Directory of Logan , Ogden , Provo and Salt Lake Cities for 1884. Edited and Compiled by Robert W. Sloan. Containing a History of Utah , Her Resources, Attractions, Statistics, etc., with Business Directory of the Territory and General Directories of the Four Principal Cities. Salt Lake City : Printed for Sloan & Dunbar, by the Herald Printing & Publishing Company, 1884. ($750-$1,500) More>>

34. DRIGGS, B. W. History of Teton Valley , Idaho . Caldwell : Caxton Printers, 1926. ($150-300) More>>

35. EATON, Joseph Horace & Frederic Augustus Percy.  6 original watercolor sketches on paper. Subjects:  New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.  N.p. [New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas], 1855. ($100,000-200,000) More>>

36. EDWARDS, J[ohn] B[each]. Early Days in Abilene ...Edited and Published by C. W. Wheeler, Printed in the “ Abilene Chronicle” 1896, Reprinted in the “ Abilene Daily Chronicle” 1938 with Added Material from the Papers of J. B. Edwards [caption title on first page]. N.p., n.d. [1938]. ($150-300) More>>

37. EDWARDS, Philip L[eget]. California in 1837. Diary of Col. Philip L. Edwards Containing an Account of a Trip to the Pacific Coast . Published in “Themis” by Authority of the Board of State Library Trustees of the State of California . Sacramento : A. J. Johnston & Co., Printers, 1890. ($300-600) More>>

38. ELWELL (or Ellwell), R[obert] Farrington (artist). Archive of five albums assembled by the artist documenting his career as a Western illustrator.  5 folio scrapbooks, boards with string ties, with artist’s printed illustrations mounted on covers. Paper browned and some chipping to mounting leaves (mostly separated from string ties), condition generally good.  One of the albums has the printed label of Elwell’s widow pasted to board.  Provenance:  Elwell’s estate. ($2,000-5,000) More>>

39. EMORY, W[illiam] H[emsley], [James William] Abert, [Philip St. George] Cooke & [A. R. Johnston]. Notes of a Military Reconnoissance [sic], from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, Including Part of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila Rivers.... Washington: House Executive Document No. 41 [30th Congress, First Session] Wendell and Van Benthuysen, Printers, 1848. ($800-1,600) More>>

40. FARMER, E[lihu] J[erome].  The Resources of the Rocky Mountains, Being a Brief Description of the Mineral, Grazing, Agricultural and Timber Resources of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Dakota... “Westward the Star of Empire Takes Its Way.” Cleveland:  Leader Printing Company, 1883. ($800-1,600) More>>

41. FREEMAN, G. D. Midnight and Noonday or, the Incidental History of Southern Kansas and the Indian Territory, Giving Twenty Years Experience on the Frontier; Also the Murder of Pat. Hennesey [sic], and the Hanging of Tom. Smith, at Ryland’s Ford, and Facts Concerning the Talbot Raid on Caldwell. Also the Death Dealing Career of McCarty and Incidents Happening in and around Caldwell, Kansas, from 1871 until 1890. Caldwell, Kansas: G. D. Freeman, 1892. ($100-300) More>>

42. GORDON, Samuel. Recollections of Old Milestown. Miles City, Montana: [Independent Printing Co.], 1918. ($1,500-3,000) More>>

43. GREEN, Ben K[ing]. Ben Green Tales. Flagstaff: Northland Press, 1974. ($250-500) More>>

44. GREEN, Ben K[ing]. The Last Trail Drive through Downtown Dallas. Flagstaff: Northland Press, [1971]. ($1,000-1,500) More>>

45. HALEY, J. Evetts. Charles Goodnight Cowman and Plainsman with Illustrations by Harold Bugbee. Boston, New York & Cambridge: Houghton Mifflin Company & the Riverside Press, 1936. ($400-800) More>>

46. HALEY, J. Evetts. Fort Concho and the Texas Frontier...Illustrated by H. D. Bugbee. San Angelo: San Angelo Standard-Times, 1952. ($400-800) More>>

47. HALEY, J. Evetts. The Heraldry of the Range Some Southwestern Brands...Illustrated by H. D. Bugbee.  Canyon, Texas: [Carl Hertzog for] Panhandle Plains Historical Society, 1949. ($250-500) More>>

48. HALEY, J. Evetts. The XIT Ranch of Texas and the Early Days of the Llano Estacado. Chicago: The Lakeside Press, 1929. ($300-600) More>>

49. HALEY, J. Evetts & Erwin E[vans] Smith. Life on the Texas Range: Photographs by Erwin E. Smith. Austin: University of Texas Press, [1952]. ($100-300) More>>

50. HALL, Edward H[epple]. The Great West: Emigrants', Settlers', & Travellers' Guide and Hand-Book to the States of California and Oregon, and the Territories of Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington. With a Full and Accurate Account of their Climate, Soil, Resources, and Products, Accompanied by a MapShowing the Several Routes to the Gold Fields, and a Complete Table of Distances.  New York:  Published and for Sale at the Tribune Office, 1864. ($1,000-3,000) More>>

51. HARDIN, John Wesley. The Life of John Wesley Hardin, from the Original Manuscript, As Written by Himself. Seguin: Published by Smith & Moore, 1896. Both first and second issues. ($200-400) More>>

52. HARLOW, Neal. Maps and Surveys of the Pueblo Lands of Los Angeles. Los Angeles: [Printed by Grant Dahlstrom for] Dawson’s Book Shop, 1976. ($100-300) More>>

53. HARMAN, S[amuel] W. Hell on the Border; He Hanged Eighty-Eight Men. A History of the Great United States Criminal Court at Fort Smith, Arkansas, and of Crime and Criminals in the Indian Territory, and the Trial and Punishment Thereof before His Honor Judge Isaac C. Parker, “The Terror of Law-Breakers,” and by the Courts of Said Territory, Embracing the Leading Sentences and Charges to Grand and Petit Juries Delivered by the World Famous Jurist-His Acknowledged Masterpieces, Besides Much Other Legal Lore of Unknown Value to Attorneys, and of Interest to Readers in Every Walk of Life-A Book for the Millions-Illustrated with Over Fifty Fine Half Tones. Fort Smith, Arkansas: Phoenix Publishing Company, [1898]. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

54. [HARRINGTON, Charles E.]. Summering in Colorado. Denver: Richards & Co., Publishers, 1874. ($500-1,000) More>>

55. [HASTE, Richard A.]. Texas a World of Plenty. Chicago:  Rock Island System, Passenger Department, 1904. ($50-100) More>>

56. HASTINGS, Frank S. A Ranchman’s Recollections an Autobiography in Which Unfamiliar Facts Bearing upon the Origin of the Cattle Industry in the Southwest and of the American Packing Business Are Stated, and Characteristic Incidents Recorded. Chicago: Breeder’s Gazette, 1921. ($200-400) More>>

57. HELENA BOARD OF TRADE. Helena Illustrated, Capital of the State of Montana A History of the Early Settlement and the Helena of To-Day Showing the Resources of the City, Its Commercial Advantages, Manufactures and Wonderful Growth With Illustrations of Public Buildings, Prominent Business Blocks, Beautiful Homes, Portraits and Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens Helena Montana March 1, 1890. Minneapolis: Frank L. Thresher, 1890. ($200-400) More>>

58. HELM, Mary S[herwood Wightman].  Scraps of Early Texas History, by Mrs. Mary S. Helm, Who, with Her First Husband, Elias R. Wightman, Founded the City of Matagorda, in 1828-9. Member of the Texas Veteran Association.  Austin:  Printed for the Author at the Office of B. R. Warner & Co., 1884. ($600-1,200) More>>

59. HISLOP, Herbert R. An Englishman’s Arizona The Ranching Letters of Herbert R. Hislop 1876-1878. Introduction by Bernard L. Fontana. Drawings by Hazel Fontana. Tucson: [Printed by Carl Hertzog for] the Overland Press, 1965. ($40-80) More>>

60. HOLLISTER, U[riah] S. The Navajo and His Blanket. Denver: Published by the author, 1903. ($300-600) More>>

61. HORGAN, Paul. Great River the Rio Grande in North American History. New York & Toronto: Rinehart, 1954. ($100-200) More>>

62. HORN, Tom. Life of Tom Horn Government Scout and Interpreter Written by Himself Together with his Letters and Statements by His Friends A Vindication.... Denver: Published (for John C. Coble) by The Louthan Book Company, [1904]. ($400-800) More>>

63. [HORN, TOM].  KRAKEL, Dean F. The Saga of Tom Horn the Story of a Cattlemen’s [sic] War with Personal Narratives, Newspaper Accounts and Official Documents and Testimonies Illustrated with the Pageant of Personalities. [Laramie: Powder River Publishers, 1954]. ($400-800) More>>

64. HUFFMAN, L[aton] A[lton].  “Cutting out a Steer” [untitled sepia tone collotype of a Black cowboy cutting out a steer]. N.p., n.d. [ca. 1900].  Printed signature “L. A. Huffman” at lower right in image.  17.8 x 30.6 cm.  Matted.  Fine condition. ($300-600) More>>

65. HUGHES, George W. Memoir Descriptive of the March of a Division of the United States Army, under the Command of Brigadier General John E. Wool, from San Antonio de Bexar, in Texas, to Saltillo, in Mexico...1846 [half title].[Washington, 1850]. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

66. [HUGHES, William Edgar]. The Journal of a Grandfather. [St. Louis: Privately printed, Nixon-Jones Printing Company, 1912].  ($600-1,200) More>>

67. [HUGHES, William George, et al.]. G. T. T. Gone to Texas Letters from Our Boys Edited by Thomas Hughes. London: Macmillan and Co., 1884. $100-200) More>>

68. ICAZA, Ernesto (artist). Ernesto Icaza (1866-1926). Texto por Xavier Moyssen. Mexico City: Augustin Cristobal Ruiz, 1984. ($200-400) More>>  

69. IRON MOUNTAIN ROUTE, COTTON BELT ROUTE, TEXAS & PACIFIC R.R. & INTERNATIONAL & GREAT NORTHERN R.R. The Texarkana Gateway to Texas and the Southwest: Issued Jointly by the Iron Mountain Route , the Cotton Belt Route , the Texas & Pacific Railway, and the International & Great Northern Railroad. St. Louis: Woodward & Tiernan Printing Company, 1896. ($300-600) More>>

70. JAMES, Jason W. Two titles:  (1) Memorable Events in the Life of Captain Jason W. James. [Roswell, New Mexico?, 1911]. ($1,500-3,000) More>>

71. JAMES, Vinton Lee. Frontier and Pioneer Recollections of Early Days in San Antonio and West Texas. San Antonio: Published by the Author, Artes Graficas, 1938. ($250-500) More>>

72. JAMES, Will (pseudonym for Joseph Ernest Nephtali Dufault). Smoky the Cowhorse.  New York & London:  Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1926. ($2,000-3,000) More>>

73. JENKINS, A. O. Olive’s Last Round-Up. [Loup City, Nebraska]: Sherman County Times, n.d. [ca. 1930]. ($150-300) More>>

74. KELLY, Charles. The Outlaw Trail A History of Butch Cassidy and His Wild Bunch Hole-in-the-Wall Brown’s Hole Robber’s Roost. Salt Lake City: Published by the Author, 1938. ($250-500) More>>

75. LACY, Charles de Lacy. The History of the Spur. [London]: Published by The Connoisseur (Otto Limited) [colophon: Printed by Bemrose & Sons, Limited, London and Derby], n.d. [ca. 1905]. ($500-1,000) More>>

76. LANGFORD, Nathaniel Pitt. Vigilante Days and Ways the Pioneers of the Rockies the Makers and Making of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming... With Portraits and Illustrations in Two Volumes. Boston: J. G. Cupples Co., Publishers, The Back Bay Bookstore, 1890. ($400-800) More>>

77. LANGWORTHY, Franklin. Scenery of the Plains, Mountains and Mines: Or a Diary Kept upon the Overland Route to California, by Way of the Great Salt Lake: Travels in the Cities, Mines, and Agricultural Districts-Embracing the Return by the Pacific Ocean and Central America, in the Years 1850, ’51, ’52 and ’53.  Ogdensburgh, New York: Published by J. C. Sprague, Book-Seller, Hitchcock & Tillotson, Printers, 1855. ($200-400) More>>

78. LARAMIE, HAHN’S PEAK & PACIFIC RAILWAY CO. Laramie, Hahns Peak and Pacific Railway System-The Direct Gateway to Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and Eastern Utah-This Is an Official Publication Authorized by Action of the Board of Directors of the Company, that the Public May Have Authentic Information in Reference to the Corporation. [Colophon at end]: Boston: Tudor Press, Inc., n.d. (ca. 1912). ($1,000-2,000) More>>

79. [LAWRENCE, A. B. (attributed)]. Texas in 1840, or the Emigrant’s Guide to the New Republic; Being the Result of Observation, Enquiry and Travel in That Beautiful County. By an Emigrant, Late of the United States...With an Introduction by the Rev. A. B. Lawrence, of New Orleans. New York: Published by William W. Allen, and Sold by Robinson, Pratt & Co., 73 Wall Street, Collins, Keese & Co., 254 Pearl Street, and by the Booksellers Generally, 1840. ($750-1,500) More>>

80. LEA, Tom. The King Ranch. Kingsville: Printed for the King Ranch [by Carl Hertzog] 1957. Trial copy, inscribed as such by Carl Hertzog, variant trail mesquite endsheets in both maize and green, various pasteovers, notes, etc. 2 vols. ($1,500-3,000) More>>

81. LEA, Tom. Randado. [El Paso: Carl Hertzog, 1941]. ($2,000-4,000) More>>

82. LEIGH, William R. The Western Pony. New York: [A. Colish for] Huntington Press, [1933]. ($600-1,200) More>>

83. [MAP].  BONNEVILLE, Benjamin Louis Eulalie.  A Map of the Sources of the Colorado & Big Salt Lake, Platte, Yellow-Stone, Muscle-Shell, Missouri; & Salmon & Snake Rivers, Branches of the Columbia River. [lower right] Engd by S. Stiles. New York. [1837].  Lithograph map of the present-day conjunction of Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Utah. ($400-600) More>>

84. [MAP]. [BRADFORD, Thomas Gamaliel]. Texas [left margin outside neat line] 64.A. [Boston & New York, 1835]. Engraved map, original outline coloring of land grants. Neat line to neat line: 19.8 x 26.5 cm. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

85. [MAP]. BRADFORD, T[homas] G[amaliel]. Texas [below neat line] Entered According to Act of Congress, in the Year 1838, by T. G. Bradford, in the Clerks Office, of the District Court of Massachusetts. | Engraved by G. W. Boynton. [Boston, ca. 1839]. Engraved map with land grants in original pale shades of yellow, blue, pink, and green, borders unshaded, neat line to neat line:  36.3 x 28.4 cm. ($1,500-3,000) More>>

86. [MAP].  COLTON, J[oseph] H[utchins]. Nebraska and Kansas. [center, below border] Published by J. H. Colton  Co. No. 172 William St. New York. [left, below border] Entered According to Act of Congress in the Year 1854 by J. H. Colton & Co. In the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York [right, below border] Printed by D. McLellan 26 Spruce St. N.Y. [inset map, lower left: untitled map of North America] [inset map, lower right]  Map of the Territory Acquired from Mexico by the Gadsden Treaty 1854.  New York:  Colton & Co., 1854. ($2,500-5,000) More>>

87. [MAP].  CRAM, G[eorge] F[ranklin]. Cram’s New County and Railroad Map of Texas and Indian Territory Showing Latest Government Surveys &c&c: Published by George F. Cram, Proprietor of the Western Map Depot. Geo. F. Cram, Lith: Chicago. 66 Lake, St: 1876. Chicago, Ills. Entered According to Act of Congress in the Year 1873, by G. F. Cram, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, D.C. [small inset ad at lower right] Agents wanted.... Chicago:  G. F. Cram, 1876. ($2,500-5,000) More>>

88. [MAP].  CRAM, George F[ranklin].  Cram’s Sectional Map of Dakota Drawn & Engraved from the Latest Government Surveys by George F. Cram Proprietor of the Western Map Depot. 262-264. Wabash Ave. Chicago, Ills. 1881 [ad at lower left]:  Agents Wanted, in Every State throughout the West to Sell Cram’s Great Reversible Map of the United States and World New and Ornamental State Maps, Religious and Political Charts, Lithograph Pictures, Steel Engravings, Photographs, &c. All Men out of Employment Will Find it to their Advantage to Send for My Circulars and See Inducements to Agents.  Address, George F. Cram, Proprietor of the Western Map and Picture Depot.... Chicago:  George F. Cram, 1881. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

89. [MAP]. EMORY, W[illiam] H. Map of Texas and the Country Adjacent: Compiled in the Bureau of the Corps of Topographical Engeneers [sic], from the Best Authorities. For the State Department, under the Direction of Colonel J. J. Abert Chief of the Corps; by W. H. Emory, 1st. Lieut. T. E. War Department 1844.[Washington, 1844]. ($4,000-8,000) More>>

90. [MAP]. FLEMMING, C[arl]. Mexico, Mittel-America, Texas. [below neat line]  Lithographie, Drunk u. Verlag von C. Flemming in Glogau. Glogau, n.d. [ca. 1851]. Lithographed map, original outline coloring in brown, yellow, pink, green, and orange; neat line to neat line:  32.5 x 41.8 cm; numbered key at left for over fifty mountains and volcanoes; color key for Mexican states, Central American states, and British Honduras; keyed dots of different sizes to indicate population; symbols for tribal lands, railroads, canals, roads, etc. ($150-300) More>>

91. [MAP].  GRAY, O[rmando] W[illis] & SON.  Gray’s Railroad Map of Texas, Specially Prepared from Official Sources, 1877-8. Copyright, 1877 by O. W. Gray & Son. [top left corner] Drawn, Engraved and Published by O. W. Gray & Son, Geographers; Manufacturers of Maps and Atlases, 10 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia [large inset map at lower right]  Outline Map of Texas Showing the Railroad Connections with New Orleans, St. Louis, Etc. Lithograph map with original full color, routes boldly colored in red, pink, yellow, and green; neat line to neat line: 68.2 x 41.5 cm [inset map:  neat line to neat line: 20.4 x 21.2 cm], color key of Completed Railroad Lines at lower left. Verso contains text with description of Texas and partial list of post offices and train stations. ($100-200) More>>

92. [MAP].  HARPER, Joseph H. & Malcolm L. MacDonald. Map of Mining Claims Butte & Vicinity Montana Compiled and Published by Harper & MacDonald Butte, Silver Bow County Montana 1905. Copyright 1901 by Harper & MacDonald [lower left inside neat line]:  The Forman-Bassett-Hatch Co. Cleveland O. [inset at lower left]:  List of Claims Too Small to Name on Map.   Cleveland, Ohio:  Harper & MacDonald, 1905. ($500-1,000) More>>

93. [MAP].  KING RANCH.  [LEA, Tom]. Map of Coastal Area between the Rio Grande and the Nueces Showing Early Spanish and Mexican Land Grants as of 1852 the Year Captain Richard King First Rode from Brownsville to Corpus Christi. N.p., n.d. [El Paso:  Carl Hertzog, ca. 1957]. ($250-500) More>>

94. [MAP].  MAXWELL LAND GRANT COMPANY. Sectional Map of Colfax and Mora Counties. New Mexico. Compiled from the Original Plats in the Surveyor General’s Office at Santa Fe, New Mexico, and from Private Surveys by the Maxwell Land Grant Company. 1889 [lower left inside neat line] Edward Rollandet, Draughtsman. Denver, Colo. Denver, 1889. ($150-300) More>>

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175. SOWELL, A[ndrew] J[ackson].  Rangers and Pioneers of Texas. With a Concise Account of the Early Settlements, Hardships, Massacres, Battles, and Wars, by which Texas was Rescued from the Rule of the Savage and Consecrated to the Empire of Civilization.  San Antonio:  Shepard Bros. & Co., Printers and Publishers, 1884. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

176. SPEARS, John R. Illustrated Sketches of Death Valley and Other Borax Deserts of the Pacific Coast. Chicago & New York: Rand, McNally & Company, Publishers, 1892. ($150-300) More>>

177. SPIKES, Nellie Witt. The Early Days on the South Plains [wrapper title].N.p., [1937]. ($150-300) More>>

178. SPRING, Agnes W[right]. The Cheyenne and Black Hills Stage and Express Routes. Glendale: The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1949. ($100-200) More>>

179. SPRING, Agnes Wright. The Cheyenne Club Mecca of the Aristocrats of the Old-Time Cattle Range [wrapper title]. Kansas City:  Don Ornduff, 1961. ($100-300) More>>

180. STANLEY, Clark. The Life and Adventures of the American Cow-Boy. Life in the Far West by Clark Stanley, Better Known as the Rattle-Snake King. [ Providence ?]: Published by Clark Stanley, 1897. ($250-500) More>>

181. STANSBERY, Lon R.[No title page, as issued] The Passing of 3D Ranch [cover title] Preface... Lon R. Stansbery [first leaf, recto] The Passing of Oklahoma’s “3-D” Ranch. This 60,000-Acre Tract in the Southwest Corner of the Osage, Near Tulsa, Had Wonderful Prairies, Magnificent Hills and Creeks of Cool, Sparkling Waters Filled with Perch, Crappie and Black Bass. Chapter I... [page 1].  N.p., n.d. [verso of last leaf:  Printed by Geo. W. Henry Printing Company Tulsa, Oklahoma, ca. 1930]. ($150-300) More>>

182. STEEDMAN, Charles J. Bucking the Sagebrush or the Oregon Trail in the Seventies...Illustrated by Charles M. Russell. New York & London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons & The Knickerbocker Press, 1904. ($300-600) More>>

183. STERNE, J. J.  Let ‘Er Buck [lower border] Texas Cattle Brands - Adorning Garrison Hall - University of Texas.  [San Antonio, ca. 1928]. Silk rodeo handkerchief with colored illustration of a cowboy on the hurricane deck of a bucking bronco, in oval on a green field with a white border of 32 numbered Texas cattle brands. ($150-300) More>>

184. STRAHORN, Carrie Adell [Green]. Fifteen Thousand Miles by Stage A Woman’s Unique Experience during Thirty Years of Path Finding and Pioneering from the Missouri to the Pacific and from Alaska to Mexico. New York & London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons & Knickerbocker Press, 1911. ($300-600) More>>

185. STRAHORN, Robert E[dmund]. The Hand-Book of Wyoming and Guide to the Black Hills and Big Horn Regions for Citizen, Emigrant, and Tourist. Cheyenne [ Chicago : Knight & Leonard], 1877. ($500-1,000) More>>

186. STRAHORN, Robert E[dmund]. The Resources and Attractions of Idaho Territory . Facts Regarding Climate, Soil, Minerals, Agricultural and Grazing Lands, Forests, Scenery, Game and Fish, and Reliable Information on Other Topics Applicable to the Wants of the Homeseeker, Capitalist and Tourist. Published and Circulated by Direction of the Idaho Legislature Special Act of the 11th Session.  Boise City : Idaho Legislature, 1881. ($400-800) More>>

187. STRAHORN, Robert E[dmund]. The Resources of Montana Territory and Attractions of Yellowstone National Park . Facts and Experience on the Farming, Stock Raising, Mining, Lumbering, and Other Industries of Montana, and Notes on the Climate, Scenery, Game, Fish, and Mineral Springs, With Full and Reliable Data on Routes, Distances, Rates of Fare, Expenses of Living, Wages, School and Church Privileges, Society, Means of Acquiring Homes, and Other Valuable and Reliable Information Applicable to the Wants of the Capitalist, Homeseeker, or Tourist...Published and Circulated by Direction of the Montana Legislature, Special Act of the Eleventh Session. Helena [ Omaha ?]: Montana Legislature, 1879. ($500-1,000) More>>

188. STRAHORN, Robert E[dmund]. Montana and Yellowstone National Park . Facts and Experiences on the Farming, Stock Raising, Mining, Lumbering, and Other Industries of Montana, and Notes on the Climate, Scenery, Game, Fish and Mineral Springs, With Full and Reliable Data on Routes, Distances, Rates of Fare, Expenses of Living, Wages, School and Church Privileges, Society, Means of Acquiring Homes, and Other Valuable and Reliable Information, Applicable to the Wants of the Capitalist, Homeseeker, or Tourist. Kansas City: Ramsey, Millet & Hudson, 1881. ($500-1,000) More>>

189. STRAHORN, Robert E[dmund]. To the Rockies and Beyond, Or, A Summer on the Union Pacific Railway and Branches. Saunterings in the Popular Health, Pleasure, and Hunting Resorts of Nebraska, Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Montana, and Idaho, with Descriptions of the Black Hills, Big Horn, and San Juan Regions, and Special Articles on Stock Raising, Farming, Mining, Lumbering, and Kindred Industries of the Trans-Missouri Region. By Robert E. Strahorn (“Alter Ego”) of the Western Press. [ Omaha ]: Omaha Republican Print, 1878. ($100-200) More>>

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192. TALLENT, Annie D[onna]. The Black Hills ; or, The Last Hunting Ground of the Dakotahs. A Complete History of the Black Hills of Dakota From Their First Invasion in 1874 to the Present Time, Comprising a Comprehensive Account of How They Lost Them; of Numerous Adventures of the Early Settlers; Their Heroic Struggles for Supremacy Against the Hostile Dakotah Tribes, and Their Final Victory; the Opening of the Country to White Settlement, and Its Subsequent Development.  St. Louis : Nixon-Jones Printing Co., 1899. ($150-300) More>>

193. TERRELL, A. W. Speech of Hon. A. W. Terrell, Delivered in the Senate of Texas , January 21, 1884 , on Senate Bill No. 2, Entitled “An Act to Regulate the Grazing of Stock in Texas , and to Prescribe and Provide Penalties for its Violation.” Reported by Thos. H. Wheless. Austin : E. W. Swindells, State Printer, 1884. ($200-400) More>>

194. [TEXAS ALMANACS].  Collection of 14 Texas almanacs, 1856-1882. ($1,500-3,000) More>>

195. [TEXAS LITHOGRAPHS].  IRIARTE, Hesiquio (lithographer).  Two early Mexican lithographs showing towns in Texas. Mexico, 1845. ($200-400) More>>

196. TEXIAN CAMPAIGNE CHINA. The collection contains 50 pieces of Staffordshire china in a variety of colors.  Produced in England between 1846–1852. The Texian Campaigne china was produced in the Tunstall area of England between 1846—1852.  The series depicts six romanticized views of the United States’ victory in the Mexican-American War. ($35,000-$65,000) More>>

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200. TLAXCALA (Mexican State).  GOVERNOR (Antonio Rodríquez Bocardo).  [Declaration by Governor Antonio Rodríquez Bocardo, declaring Maximilian’s empire illegitimate and stating that Tlaxcala will adher to Benito Juárez’s government], commencing Acta levantada en la villa de los libres por el ciudadano general Antoinio Rodríguez Bocardo y la brigada de su mando, declarándose en contra del imperio...  Huamantla: Imp. del Gobierno á cargo de F. F. de Lara, October 2, 1866. ($150-300) More>>

201. [TRADE CATALOGUE]. KANSAS CITY SADDLERY COMPANY. Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue No. 125. Kansas City Saddlery Company, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri. Wholesale Manufacturers Harness, Collars, Strap Work, Riding Saddles, Etc.... Kansas City, Missouri: [Caton Printing Company], n.d. [ca. early 1900s?]. ($150-300) More>>

202. [TRADE CATALOGUE]. LABADIE, Julio. 1885 Precios corrientes de instrumentos de cirugía medicina e higiene de la drogueria de la profesa de Julio Labadie Calle de la profesa Número 5 Frente al Hotel Nacional México unica sucursal de toda la República de la afamada fábrica Mathieu 113 Boulevard St. Germain, Paris. Este catálogo anula al anterior [wrapper title]. Mexico: Imprenta de Francisco Díaz de León, 1885. ($200-400) More>>

203. [TRADE CATALOGUE].  WILSON, J[AMES] H[UNTER]. SADDLERY COMPANY. Illustrated Saddle Catalogue No. 16. With Description and Prices of Riding Goods Only. Denver: J. H. Wilson Saddlery Company, n.d. [ca. 1906-1918]. ($300-600) More>>

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211. UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY. The Resources and Attractions of Washington Territory , for the Home Seeker, Capitalist, and Tourist. Facts on Climate, Soil, Farming, Stock-Raising, Dairying, Fruit-Growing, Lumbering, Mining, Scenery, Game, and Fish. With the Compliments of the Passenger Department of the Union Pacific Railway. Omaha , 1888. ($200-400) More>>

212. UNITED STATES. ARMY. MILITARY DIVISION OF THE MISSOURI. Record of Engagements with Hostile Indians within the Military Division of the Missouri from 1868 to 1882, Lieutenant General P. H. Sheridan, Commanding. Compiled from Official Records. Washington:  GPO, 1882. ($250-500) More>>

213. UNITED STATES. DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR. CENSUS OFFICE. Report on Indians Taxed and Indians Not Taxed in the United States (except Alaska) at the Eleventh Census: 1890. Washington, D.C.: GPO, 1894. House of Representatives, Miscellaneous Document, No. 340, Part 15. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

214. UNITED STATES. SENATE. SELECT COMMITTEE TO EXAMINE INTO THE CONDITON OF THE SIOUX AND CROW INDIANS. In the Senate...March 7, 1884...Mr. Dawes, from the Select Committee...Report [To Accompany Bill S. 1755.] The Select Committee of the Senate Appointed under Resolution of March 2, 1883, to Examine into the Condition of the Sioux Indians upon Their Reservation, the Character of the Same, and the Feasibility and Property of the Proposed Reduction of Such Reservation, and Such Other Matters Concerning the Welfare of Said Sioux Indians as They May Think Necessary, and also Examine into the Grievances of the Indian Tribes in the Territory of Montana. [Washington]: Senate Report 283, 1884. ($150-300) More>>

215. UTAH (Territory). Acts, Resolutions, and Memorials, Passed by the First Annual, and Special Sessions, of the Legislative Assembly, of the Territory of Utah, Begun and Held at Great Salt Lake City, on the 22nd day of September, A.D., 1851. Also the Constitution of the United States , and the Act Organizing the Territory of Utah . Published by Authority of the Legislative Assembly.  G[reat] S[alt] L[ake] City: Brigham H. Young, Printer, 1852. ($300-600) More>>

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217. [VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE].  Eight Mexican colonial devotionals in one volume (all but one printed Puebla de los Angeles), including:  Dia doce de cada mes, celebrado con particular devoción en honra, y culto de Maria Sma. jurada por patrona principalìsima de este Reyno en su portentosa imagen de Guadalupe, al fin và puesta una carte de esclavitud à purìsima Reyna, y Señora nuestra.  Puebla [de los Angeles]:  Por los Herederos de la Viuda de Miguel de Ortega, 1773. ($250-500) More>>

218. [VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE].  FERNÁNDEZ DE ECHEVERRÍA Y VEYTIA, Mariano de. Baluartes de México. Descripcion histórico de las cuatro milagrosas imágenes de Nuestra Señora, que se veneran en la muy noble, leal, é imperial ciudad de México, capital de la Nueva España, á los cuatros vientos principales, en sus extramuros, y de sus magníficos santuarios, con otras particularidades...Obra póstuma, dala á luz el R. P. Fr. Antonio María de San José, Carmelita Descalzo.  Mexico: En la imprenta de D. Alejandro Valdés, 1820. ($300-600) More>>

219. [VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE].  TORNEL Y MENDÍVIL, J[osé] Julián.  La aparición de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de México, comprobada con documentos históricos y defendida de las impugnaciones que se los han hecho....  Orizaba:  José María Nareda, 1849. ($250-500) More>>

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224.  WAUD, A[lfred] R. A Drove of Texas Cattle Crossing a Stream-Sketched by A. R. Waud.-[See Page 666.]. New York, 1867.  Folio sheet with wood engraving on recto and text on verso, pp. 665-666, from the October 19, 1867, issue of Harper’s Weekly. ($75-150) More>>

225. WEBB, Walter Prescott. The Great Plains . [ Boston , etc.]: Ginn and Company, [1931]. ($150-300) More>>

226. WEBB, Walter Prescott. The Texas Rangers a Century of Frontier Defense Illustrated with Drawings by Lonnie Reese and with Photographs. Boston & New York : Houghton Mifflin & Riverside Press, 1935. ($600-1,200) More>>

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228. WHITNEY, Orson F[erguson]. History of Utah, Comprising Preliminary Chapters on the Previous History of Her Founders, Accounts of Early Spanish and American Explorations in the Rocky Mountain Region, the Advent of the Mormon Pioneers, the Establishment and Dissolution of the Provisional Government of the State of Deseret, and the Subsequent Creation and Development of the Territory.... Salt Lake City: G. Q. Cannon and Sons Co., 1892-1904. ($750-1,500) More>>

229. WILBARGER, J[ohn] W[esley]. Indian Depredations in Texas. Reliable Accounts of Battles, Wars, Adventures, Forays, Murders, Massacres, etc., etc., Together with Biographical Sketches of Many of the Most Noted Indian Fighters and Frontiersmen of Texas...Sold By Subscription Only. Austin: Hutchings Printing House, 1889. ($300-600) More>>

230. WILLIAMS, J. E. (Jim). Fifty-Eight Years in the Panhandle of Texas. Austin: Firm Foundation, [1944]. ($200-400) More>>

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233. WILSON, M[ilburn] L[incoln], R. H. Wilcox, G. S. Klemmedson, and V. V. Parr. A Study of Ranch Organization and Methods of Range-Cattle Production in the Northern Great Plains Region [caption and wrapper title]. Washington: United States Department of Agriculture, Technical Bulletin No. 45, March, 1928. ($100-200) More>>

234. WINGATE, George W[ood]. Through the Yellowstone Park on Horseback. New York : O. Judd Co., David W. Judd, Pres’t, 1886. ($400-800) More>>

235. WITTLIFF, William D. (photographer).  Broadside with photogravure, printed on heavy Arches cream paper, deckle edges:  Vaquero [signed photogravure of a vaquero by Wittliff]... [imprint at end]: Photogravure printed by Rick Loudermilk at Flatbed Press from a plate by Byron Brauchli, Text set and printed at Wind River Press | Photograph and design by Bill Wittliff, The Book Club of Texas | Austin | 1991. Embossed seal below imprint.  Folio (56.3 x 38.2 cm; gravure measures 19 x 27.6 cm).  Mint, as issued. ($200-400) More>>

236. WRIGHT, Robert M. Dodge City the Cowboy Capital and the Great Southwest in the Days of the Wild Indian, the Buffalo, the Cowboy, Dance Halls, Gambling Halls and Bad Men. [on back of frontispiece: Wichita: Wichita Eagle Press, 1913]. ($300-600) More>>

237. WYOMING (Territory). LAWS. General Laws, Memorials and Resolutions of the Territory of Wyoming, Passed at the First Session of the Legislative Assembly, Convened at Cheyenne, October 12th, 1869, and Adjourned sine die, December 11th, 1869, to Which Are Prefixed Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, and the Act Organizing the Territory, together with Executive Proclamations. Published by Authority.  Cheyenne: S. Allan Bristol, Public Printer, Tribune Office, 1870. ($500-1,000) More>>

238. WYOMING (Territory). GOVERNOR (John M. Thayer). Message of Governor Thayer to the Fourth Legislative Assembly, of Wyoming Territory, Convened at Cheyenne, November 2nd, 1875. Cheyenne: H. Glafcke, Printer, Daily Leader Office, 1875. ($300-600) More>>

239. WYOMING (Territory). GOVERNOR (John W. Hoyt). Message of Governor Hoyt to the Sixth Legislative Assembly, of Wyoming Territory, Convened at Cheyenne, November 4, 1879. Cheyenne: Leader Steam Book and Job Printing House, 1879. ($250-500) More>>

240. WYOMING (Territory). GOVERNOR (John W. Hoyt).  [From an article in the Cheyenne Leader.]  Wyoming Territory ; Its Resources, Progress and Prospects... [caption title].  N.p., n.d. [Cheyenne: Cheyenne Leader, 1882]. ($800-1,600) More>>

241. WYOMING. CONSTITUTION. 3 issues of the first Wyoming constitution, together forming an interesting printing sequence of the first edition. ($600-1,200) More>>

242. WYOMING. BOARD OF THE LIVE STOCK COMMISSIONERS. Official Brand Book of the State of Wyoming and a Compilation of Laws Affecting Live Stock This Book Is Intended as a Complete Transcript of All the Live Stock Brands and Marks of Record in the Office of the State Board of Live Stock Commissioners, at Cheyenne , July 1, 1919 . Laramie : Laramie Republican Company, 1919. ($250-500) More>>

243. [WYOMING]. BURLINGTON ROUTE. Ranch Life in the “Buffalo Bill” Country [cover title]. [Chicago: Wagner & Hanson Co. (for the Burlington Route), ca. 1925]. ($50-100) More>>

244. [WYOMING]. Progressive Men of the State of Wyoming Illustrated. Chicago: A. W. Bowe & Co., 1903. ($400-800) More>>

245. [WYOMING]. Wyoming Speaks in Pictures [cover title]. Casper: Prairie Publishing Company, n.d. [ca. 1930]. ($250-500) More>>

246. WYOMING IMPROVEMENT COMPANY.  Wyoming, the Pennsylvania of the West.....  Geneva, Nebraska:  Published by Wyoming Improvement Company, C. Shickley, Secretary, n.d. [ca. 1888]. ($750-1,500) More>>

247. WYOMING STOCK GROWERS ASSOCIATION. By-Laws of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association [caption title].  N.p., n.d. [1902 or after; Printer’s slug on p. 8:  Gereke, Quick Job Printer, Typographical Union Label Wyoming, Cheyenne Wyoming]. ($750-1,500) More>>

248. WYOMING STOCK GROWERS ASSOCIATION. 1884 Rounds-Ups [sic] of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association William C. Irvine, President [text commences, setting forth 31 round-up districts] No. 1. To commence at Big Crow Springs, June 1st, and work up Crow Creek to Ullman’s ranch, thence across to Terry’s ranch on Lone Tree; up Lone Tree and Duck Creek to Twin Mountain ... [text concludes] All undistricted portions to be considered unorganized territory and attached to the adjoining round-up district, and be worked or not, in the discretion of the round-up foreman. N.p., n.d. [ Cheyenne , 1884]. ($4,000-8,000) More>>

249. WYOMING STOCK GROWERS ASSOCIATION. Reports of the Secretary and Treasurer of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association for the Year Ending March 31, 1894. Cheyenne: S. A. Bristol Co., Printers & Binders, 1894. ($300-600) More>>

250. [WYOMING STOCK GROWERS ASSOCIATION].  Four titles, comprising a thorough history of that mighty organization. 4 vols. [1923]-1954. ($500-1,000) More>>

251. YUCATÁN (Mexican state).  Yucatan y Belice. Colección de documentos importantes que se refieren al Tratado de 8 de julio de 1893, celebrado entre el Sr. Lic. Ignacio Mariscal en representación de México, y Sir Spencer Saint Jhon [sic] en representación de la Gran Bretaña. Mérida: Tipografía de G. Canto, 1894. ($150-300) More>>


252. CARRIÓN, Luís. Curso de explotacion de minas...Texto [with] ...Atlas. Pachuca: Tipografía de Pedro Haro Suc., 1889. ($300-600) More>>

253. NIMMO, Joseph. Treasury Department. Report on the Internal Commerce of the United States. Washington: GPO, 1885. 562 pp., 5 folded lithograph maps with original color, including the important The Range and Ranch Cattle Area of the United States 1884 ($2,500-5,000) More>>

254. HAYNES, [Frank Jay]. [Title on printed label on original mat]:  Great Falls, 360 Ft.--Yellowstone Park. Northern Pacific Railroad. Haynes-Photo-St. Paul.  Ca. 1898. Photographic print in tones of grey, black, and white of magestic Yellowstone scenery with tiny anglers at lower left. ($1,000-2,000) More>>

255. Wyoming Section G & S Building.  Stereoview featuring Wyoming Exhibit at the 1884 World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition held at New Orleans in 1884-1885.  [Philadelphia]: Centennial Photographic Company and Edward L. Wilson, copyright 1884 (verso of card). ($25-50) More>>

256. ROOSEVELT, Theodore. Hunting Trips of a Ranchman Sketches of Sport on the Northern Cattle Plains...Illustrated by A. B. Frost, R. Swain Gifford, J. C.  Beard, Fannie E. Gifford, Henry Sandham. New York & London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons & Knickerbocker Press, 1886. (100-200) More>>

257. DALE LAND & CATTLE COMPANY. Incorporated under the Laws of the State of Texas. No. [stamped in red ink: 128]  ___ Shares The Dale Land & Cattle Co. Places of Business Bonham & Henrietta, Texas. Headquarter Ranches in Clay County, Texas. Capital Stock, $300,000. 3,000 Shares of $100 Each...Certificate of Stock [above border at lower left] Geo. D. Barnard & Co. St. Louis. Untitled illustration at center of two men on horseback with a small herd of cattle, cactus in the foreground, fenced homestead in background.  Verso with printed docket.  St. Louis, n.d. [1900]. Engraved stock certificate with elaborate ornate border. ($50-100) More>>

258. JOHNSON COUNTY WAR. Printed indictment completed in ink and ruled in red, commencing: Indictment.-John Morris Company, Printers, Chicago. Territory of Wyoming, County of Johnson. SS. In the District Court of the Second Judicial District: At a term of the District Court begun and held at Buffalo, within and for the County of Johnson, on the [27th] day of [June], the Jurors of the Grand Jury of the County of Johnson, at the term aforesaid, upon their oaths aforesaid, in the name and by the authority of the Territory of Wyoming, Do Present and Find that [John Hopkins alias Johnnie “D”] late of the County aforesaid, on the [22”] day of [September] in the year [1886] at the County and Territory aforesaid [unlawfully and wilfully did brand and place upon the left side of one head of neat cattle, which head of neat cattle was a maverick, a certain brand made thusly “NΛY-.” Signed at end by Edward D. Simpson as Prosecuting Attorney, in Johnson County. One page on four-page legal form with printed Territory of Wyoming docket on p. [4], completed in ink and stamped with purple ink, folio. ($100-200) More>>

259. [MORALES, Juan Bautista].  El Gallo Pitagórico [lithograph title page on grey tinted ground].  Mexico: Imprenta litog. de Cumplido, 1845. 280 [1, verso blank] [6 (Cumplido catalogue), final verso blank] pp., 21 lithograph plates by Cumplido after artwork by Iriarte, Blanco (illustrated title on tinted ground, portrait of author, 19 caricatures, a few text engravings, one signed by Rafael), ornamental head- and tailpieces. ($1,500-3,000) More>>

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