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83. [MAP].  BONNEVILLE, Benjamin Louis Eulalie.  A Map of the Sources of the Colorado & Big Salt Lake, Platte, Yellow-Stone, Muscle-Shell, Missouri; & Salmon & Snake Rivers, Branches of the Columbia River. [lower right] Engd by S. Stiles. New York. [1837].  Lithograph map of the present-day conjunction of Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Utah.  Neat line to neat line:  41.7 x 39.1 cm.  Professionally flattened and deacidified and with a few neat reinforcements on verso.

     The map appeared in Washington Irving’s The Rocky Mountains... (Philadelphia, 1837).  Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West #423 & Vol. II, p. 158:  “It is an excellent map, by far the best yet published of this region... This was a map of real import, and since the book was a popular one, its information had wide circulation.” Others, however, as quoted by Wheat, have indicated that Bonneville’s map was merely more widely known than the work of others and not necessarily more important. It shows the headwaters of the Wind, Sweetwater, Green (Colorado of the West), Snake, and Salmon rivers relatively accurately. The course of the Bear River to Lake Bonneville (Salt Lake), the Three Tetons and the 3 Butes east of the Great Lava Plain are well located. The eastern portion of Yellowstone is shown.

     Captain Benjamin Bonneville (1796-1878), on leave from the U.S. Army, took a four year expedition, from 1832 to 1836, into the American West. His party traveled parallelto the course of the Snake and the Columbia, and though they did reach Fort Walla Walla, they never managed to reach as far as Fort Vancouver or the Willamette Valley before turning backinto modern-day Idaho. From there, they turned south, and headed down into California. Captain Bonneville sold the manuscript of his mountaineering experiences to Washington Irving for $1,000.  In an extremely long military career, he participated in practically every region of the country from the 1830s through the 1860s. ($400-600)

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