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63. [HORN, TOM].  KRAKEL, Dean F. The Saga of Tom Horn the Story of a Cattlemen’s [sic] War with Personal Narratives, Newspaper Accounts and Official Documents and Testimonies Illustrated with the Pageant of Personalities. [Laramie: Powder River Publishers, 1954]. ix [1 blank], 277 [1 blank], [2] pp., text illustrations (mostly photographic and full page). 8vo, original gilt-lettered red cloth. Fine in slightly worn d.j. (the d.j. is ill-fitting, as always). Author’s signed and dated presentation inscription:  “(A Gift) To my good friend Frank Applan in memory of two splendid visits at Pine Ridge and in Rushville. Thanks for the assistance. Best wishes Dean Krakel Dec 1959.”  With this unexpurgated issue, we include two additional volumes: another copy of the unexpurgated issue, but with the corrected sheets laid in (light shelf wear, else fine in d.j.); plus a copy of the expurgated issue (fine in d.j.). 

     First edition, unexpurgated (with original pages 13-14, 25-28, 37-38, 53-54, [55-56], 239-240), as follows:  p. 13:  unexpurgated:  text begins “and Western ways. Coble was born...”; expurgated:  text begins “and western ways. Coble, records indicate...”; p. 14: unexpurgated:  text begins “the proximity of the Miller...”; expurgated:  text begins “the proximity of neighboring ranches...”; p. 25:  unexpurgated:  caption reads “to 1922. Perhaps she knew the truth...”; expurgated:  caption ends “to 1922”; p. 26:
unexpurgated:  photo of Ora Haley is rectangular and has caption; expurgated:  photograph of Haley is an oval and caption reads:  “Ora Haley (Courtesy Denver Times)”; p. 27: unexpurgated:  caption reads “finest of everything. Here the...”; expurgated:  caption ends “finest of everything”; p. 28: unexpurgated:  photo shows John Coble wearing a hat and caption begins “Of the Iron Mountain Ranch Company...”;  expurgated:  photo shows Coble hatless and caption reads  “John C. Coble He was cultured...”; p. 38: unexpurgated:  photo at top shows Tom Horn and one at bottom shows the Irwin brothers; expurgated:  photo of Tom Horn only; p. 54:  unexpurgated:  full page of text, including section at bottom on “‘Ed’ Smalley’s Nerve*”; expurgated:  “‘Ed’ Smalley’s Nerve*” omitted and replaced by illustration of man firing rifle; p. 55: unexpurgated:  text begins “read the warrant to him...” and illustration of rifleman, which is much reduced and used on p. 54 of the expurgated version; expurgated:  page is blank; p. 240: unexpurgated:  portrait of Glendolene M. Kimmell; expurgated: reproduction of newspaper clipping titled “Horn’s Old Sweetheart May Prove His Nemesis.

     Adams, Guns 1256. Adams, Herd 1287: “This book was not released for some time after it was printed on account of a threatened lawsuit—until the pictures on pages 25, 27, 28, 37, and 240, and the text on pages 13 and 54 were deleted and changes tipped in. The book deals mostly with the trial of Tom Horn for the killing of Willie Nickels.”  Adams, One-Fifty 92: “Scarce.... A thorough study of the trial and execution of Tom Horn.  When Krakel...sent me a copy of the unexpurgated edition he wrote in it a long autograph part of which reads:  ‘You asked me about the tipped in pages in the Saga. Here is a rather sad tale of woe, including jealousy, control of copyrights and the burning hatred of a Wyoming family.  I received one note, two registered letters and telephone calls, all threatening because of the book.  I was an assistant professor at the University of Wyoming and could not afford to get involved so what the hell! I cut them out.  This experience has been costly, but good I suppose. With high regards, Dean Krakel.” Dykes, Western High Spots, p. 6 (“Collecting Modern Western Americana”): “Truthful if grim account of some of the doings on the Wyoming range.”

     Krakel states in his preface:  “Today few stories are more alive, colorful and controversial than are those of Tom Horn in Wyoming. It has been approximately one-half century since the State of Wyoming took his life—yet mystery shrouds the entire affair.  An atmosphere of taboo often greets the prober...  The study has been bigger and more revealing than just that of one man. For in this minute of history was arrayed a pageant of personalities unassembled before—unequaled since. It involved the life and death of a way of living that revolved around a code of the range. The Horn trial set the stage, provided the cast, then the drama, and without warning, pulled the final curtain down—the new order had won its foothold.”

     Krakel’s well-documented study is considered the most balanced view of Tom Horn.  The documentation provided sets out in a clear light the difficulties many cattlemen had moving from frontier feudalism to the modern stock industry.  3 vols. In all three versions: original, original with cancels laid in, and expurgated. ($400-800)

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