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73. JENKINS, A. O. Olive’s Last Round-Up. [Loup City, Nebraska]: Sherman County Times, n.d. [ca. 1930]. [102] pp.  (last 17 pp. are ads), photographic illustrations and portraits. 12mo, original grey printed wrappers. Fine.

     First edition. Adams, Guns 1165: “This rare little book is the story of I. P. Olive and his lynching and burning of Luther Mitchell and Ami Ketchum.” Adams, Herd 1169: “Rare.... Tells of the high-handed way I. P. Olive tried to control the cattle business in his section of Nebraska.” Adams, One-Fifty 83. Howes J90: “Cattle rustlers and murderers in Texas, Nebraska and Colorado.”

     Infamous Texas cattleman Isom Prentice “Print” Olive (1840-1886) and his brother Robert were originally cattlemen who had to leave Williamson County, Texas, under dubious circumstances.  Settling in Nebraska, he and his brother rapidly expanded their cattle holdings, but became convinced that all settlers should be driven from the area, primarily because the Olives believed they were killing and rustling cows. A posse went to homesteader Luther M. Mitchell’s place to drive them off, but the mission ended in disaster when Bob Olive was killed.  Mitchell and his fellow homesteader Ami Ketchum were subsequently arrested but on their way to jail were handed over to Olive and brutally murdered.  Olive was tried but after spending vast amounts of money in his own defense was found not guilty.  Olive left the area and moved to Colorado where he was gunned down by Joe Sparrow, a former hand who owed him ten dollars.  See Handbook of Texas Online: Isom Prentice Olive. ($150-300) 

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