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135. MEXICO (Provisional Government). LAWS (October 10, 1821).  [Decree transmitted by Secretary of Justice Ramón Gutiérrez del Mazo ordering that any citizen with weapons intended for the Army immediately turn them in to the nearest military commander; also forbids fortifying such places as ranchos and haciendas without official permission], heading at top:  Don Ramon Gutierrez de Mazo, gefe Política de esta Capital, Intendente de ella y su Provincia, y Superintendente de Hacienda pública.... [Dated and signed at end]:   Dado en México à 10 de octubre de 1821. Signed in ink with official rubric and full signature.  Folio broadside 43.5 x 31.3 cm). Very fine, on sealed paper.

     This decree in bando form reflects the social and military confusion in Mexico between the unsettled time between independence from Spain and the actual establishment of Iturbide’s regal government.  How guns and powder intended for the Mexican Army got diverted into private hands is a classic Mexican conundrum.  This decree included New Mexico, California, and Texas, then still part of Mexico.  One wonders how seriously a decree to turn in guns was heeded in the far hinterlands.  ($200-400)

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