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131. [MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR].  KELLOGGS & THAYER.  Storming of Monterey.-Attack on the Bishop’s Palace. Entered According  to Act of Congress, in the Year 1847, by Kelloggs & Thayer, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the Southern District of N.Y. [below neat line] Kelloggs & Thayer, 144 Fulton St. N.Y. | E. B. & E. C. Kellogg, 136 Main St. Hartford, Conn. | D. Needham, 223 Main St. Buffalo. Hand colored lithograph, neat line to neat line:  20.3 x 32 cm.  Except for light scattered foxing (especially heavy on verso), very good.

     This print depicts a dramatic moment when U.S. troops are surmounting the parapets and attacking through a heavily defended sally port.  The top half of the print is occupied by masses of U.S. troops opposing massed Mexican troops, the latter of whom are represented by thickets of protruding rifles and bayonets. In the upper center of the scene a fallen standard bearer hands the U.S. flag to a comrade. In the lower half U.S. troops are resisted by Mexican infantry who look extremely European, right down to their bear-skin shakos.  On a more personal note, an advancing U.S. officer beheads his opposing Mexican counterpart.  The Kellogg firm was the most prominent lithographer in Connecticut at the time.  Not in Garrett.  ($150-300)

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