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Texas, New Mexico & California Get the Vote

136. MEXICO (Regency). LAWS (November 18, 1821).  [Decree transmitted by Minister of Justice José Domínguez announcing rules to the Mexican states and territories for upcoming elections to the next Congress, commencing at top]:  Don Ramon Gutierrez del Mazo, Intendente de esta capital y su Provincia, y Gefe Político de ella, &c....ha prescripto ya la reglas y método de las elecciones....  [Dated and signed in print at end]:  Dado en México à 25 de Noviembre de 1821. Ramon Gutierrez del Mazo, Por mandado de S.S.  4 sheets on sealed paper conjoined to form a double folio bando (82.7 x 59 cm).  Signed in ink at end by two officials.  Creased where formerly folded, light staining along a few of the folds, otherwise very fine.  Bandos of this type were intended for public posting and seldom survive. 

     Bando issue for the Federal District of Mexico for a decree instituting the election for the first Congreso Constituiente (the first elections in Mexico after attaining independence from Spain).  The Congress was fairly promptly dissolved by Emperor Iturbide.  The Mexican Congress was to convene January 28, 1822, and was supposed to include representatives from Texas (part of Provincias Internas de Oriente), New Mexico (of Provincias Internas de Occidente), and Alta California (listed with Baja California as part of the Californias), as indicated in the table of states at lower right. This was the first time Texas as a political entity would have had representation in Mexico, prior representation under Spain having been for Texas as a part of Coahuila.  The decree is not in Streeter’s bibliography of Texas, though Texas was affected by the decree and mentioned in it.  At the time of this decree, Stephen F. Austin was in the early stages of organizing his Anglo colony in Texas, and political flip-flops, as documented by aborted decrees of this nature, were an irritant in the process of establishing an orderly colony with reasonable political processes.  ($500-1,000)

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