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Early Cheyenne Promotional with Map

206. TRIGGS, J. H. History of Cheyenne and Northern Wyoming Embracing the Gold Fields of the Black Hills, Powder River and Big Horn Countries, the Wonderful Coal Beds and Mountains of Iron, as Well as Other Mineral Resources, Together with the Agricultural and Grazing Interests, Climate, Health, Scenery, the Great Yellow Stone National Park, Indian Question, &c., &c., Accompanied by a New and Correct Map of Wyoming and Its Boundaries. Omaha: Herald Steam Book and Job Printing House, 1876. 144 pp. (pp. 132-142 are ads), folded lithograph map: Map of Wyoming. Drawn by W. M. Masi, Surveyor, etc., for J. H. Triggs’ History of Cheyenne and Northern Wyoming. (See Masi’s New Itinerary Map of Wyoming.) [center below neat line] Copyright Secured According to Act of Congress, by J. H. Triggs, 1875, neat line to neat line:  16.3 x 37.6 cm. 8vo, original green printed wrappers, original stitching.  Spine slightly darkened, otherwise very fine.  Map with small tear in blank margin at juncture of text block and small chip in blank area, but very fine.
     First edition. Adams, Guns 2238: “Exceedingly rare.... Early imprint with some material on the vigilantes.” Adams, Herd 2331. AII, Nebraska Imprints 443. Bauer 483. Bradford 5480. Graff 4192.  Holliday 1102.  Howes T352.  Jennewein, Black Hills Booktrails 83: “What more could one ask for! In this book the Black Hills include everything from our present Hills west to the Big Horns, north to the Yellowstone, and south to the Sweetwater.... Although basically a history of Cheyenne, the section dealing with the Black Hills is informative and worthwhile. Mr. Triggs apparently went to considerable effort to obtain first-hand information from miners who entered the Hills in 1875.”  Streeter Sale 2247.
     Howell 52:545:  “Triggs spent twelve years on the plains and in the Rocky Mountains, serving with the United States Cavalry, and as an independent prospector and mineralogist. He recounted the early history of Cheyenne and ‘all portions of Wyoming Territory tributary thereto’ from its earliest settlement as a Union Pacific Railroad depot, through the establishment of a provisional government, the lawless years of the ‘desperados’ and the vigilance committee, to the eventual development of ‘a good class of law-abiding citizens’ and responsible administration. He provided detailed analyses of the city’s political, economic, and social prospects, as well as extensive material on the adjacent mining areas.”
     The first few words describe the tone of this work:  “Here, tongue and pen alike fail.” The introduction contains what is probably the first poem to include an acrostic on the name Cheyenne, commencing:  “Cheyenne! Magic City, Queen on the Plain....”  ($2,500-5,000)

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