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“passed in the wave of enthusiasm resulting from the victory at the Alamo"—Streeter

97. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (April 9, 1836). [Decree, approved by José Justo Corro, President ad interim, and promulgated by José María Tornel, making effective the right of the nation to indemnify itself for expenses and losses incurred in the Texan war by confiscating the property of those promoting it]. [At top] El C. Jose Gomez de la Cortina, Coronel del batallon del Comercio y Gobernador del Distrito. [text commences] Por la Secretaría de Guerra y Marina se me ha comunicado el decreto siguente... El Gobierno hará efectivo el derecho de la nacion à ser indemnizada de los gastos, daños y perjuicios que se le ocasionaren ó hubieren ocasionado en la actual guerra de Tejas, con los bienes de los promovedores ó sostenedores de ella.... [at end] Dado en México á 11 de Abril de 1836. Broadside (30.6 x 21.5 cm), printed on laid paper with watermark (Gioro Magnani). Very fine, untrimmed.

     Mexico City bando issue of a federal decree published two days earlier. Streeter 875 (lists the federal issue and locates only his own copy, now at Yale): "This was one of the laws passed in the wave of enthusiasm resulting from the victory at the Alamo." Streeter, The Only Located Copies of One Hundred Forty Texas Pamphlets and Broadsides 87 (federal issue).

     The decree, issued on 9 April by Corro and on the same day by Tornel, is published by Gómez de la Cortina and countersigned by secretary Catalino Barroso in Mexico City on 11 April, and is to be posted in the customary places and circulated to interested parties. This brief document decrees the confiscation of the property of supporters of and participants in the Texian revolution. In 1835, Antonio López de Santa-Anna turned his government over to Miguel Barragán as interim president and marched to Texas. Resigning due to illness, Barragán was succeeded by Corro from February, 1836 to April, 1837, during which time he established the centralist Poder Conservador (a form of constitution creating a centralized government). During his presidency, the war in Texas reached its zenith at San Antonio and its culmination at San Jacinto resulting in the capture of Santa-Anna by the Texian forces and the establishment of the Republic of Texas. ($1,000-2,000)

Sold. Hammer: $3,000.00; Price Realized: $3,525.00

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