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October 26, 2007

1834 Mexican Law Making it Clear that Texas Colonists Would be subject to Coahuilatecan laws & its Governor

190. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (April 11, 1834). [Decree of Vice President Valentín Gómez Farías, acting as President, dated April 11, 1834, and promulgated the same day by Francisco Maria Lombardo, modifying Article 10 of the decree of February 4, 1834, based on the law of April 6, 1830 concerning colonization in Coahuila and Texas]. [Text commences]: El Excmo. Sr. Vice-Presidente de los Estados-Unidos Mexicanos se ha servido dirigirme el decreto que segue...: Que habiendo advertido el error en que se incurrió al redactar el art. 10 del Decreto de 4 de Febrero último, expedido á consecuencia de la Ley de 16 [i.e., 6] Abril de 1830 sobre colonización.... Art. 10. Las Colonias quedarán sometidas al Gefe ó Gefes políticos que el Gobierno del Estado designare, y luego que se hayan repartido los solares instalarán su gobierno municipal conforme á las leyes del mismo Estado.... [Signed and dated in type at end] México 11 de Abril de 1834. [Mexico, 1834]. One page folio (29.8 x 20.7 cm), on laid paper with watermark, printed heading at top left: Primera Secretaria de estado. Departamento del Interior. Three old stab holes in blank left margin, otherwise fine with Lombardo’s ink rubric.

            First edition. Eberstadt, Texas, 162:332: “Lest the colonists labor under the misconception that they would be escaping jurisdiction, it is here made clear that the colonies to be set up would be subject to the governor of the state and to all state laws.” Streeter did not include this law in his Texas bibliography, but he commented that he owns a copy and referred to it in his note to entry 812: “On April 11 a decree was issued correcting Article 10 by making it clear that the colonies which might be set up under the February 4 decree were subject to the governor of the state and to state laws.... Arrillaga, 1834, p. 50 and 110.” The Law of April 6, 1830, was an attempt to stem the flow of more Anglo colonists into Texas, and Streeter (759) refers to it as “of great importance in the history of Texas” (Streeter 759). It is generally conceded that the law of April 6, 1830, in its various permutations, was one of many irritants leading to the Texas Revolution. A month after the present law, Mexico suspended the anti-immigration articles of the 1830 law and Texas was again open to U.S. emigrants. ($300-600)

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