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October 26, 2007

Santa-Anna Captured after the Battle of San Jacinto
Plus the Treaty of Velasco Catch-22

196. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (May 20, 1836). Decree of the Congreso general, with heading: Secretaria de Guerra y Marina. Seccion central. = Mesa 1.a, approved by José Justo Corro, president ad interim, on May 20, 1836, and promulgated the same day by José Maria Tornel, pledging every effort to secure the liberty of Santa Anna, but stipulating that any promises he makes while a prisoner will not be binding on the government of Mexico. Mexico, May 20, 1836. Broadside (on laid paper watermarked: Al Masso 1), 30.5 x 21 cm. A few light creases, otherwise fine.

            First edition (other located editions include Federal District and Toluca). Eberstadt, Texas 162:705. Harper 12:109. Streeter 879 (locating only his copy, now at Yale; note: additional copies since located): “This law was passed the day after the capture of Santa Anna [at San Jacinto] had been announced.... On the same day the president declared a national state of mourning to continue while Santa Anna was a prisoner.” Streeter, Only Located Copies 91.

            One provision judiciously stipulates that any promises Santa-Anna makes while prisoner will not be binding on the Mexican government. That clause condemned the Treaty of Velasco to failure. This decree also gives the central government wide-ranging financial powers over departmental income to help finance the war against the rebellious Texans. It also promises to pay for recruiting flags in places that wish them. ($750-1,500)

Sold. Hammer: $750.00; Price Realized: $881.25

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