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October 26, 2007

“El interesante Estado de Coahuila y Tejas se halla al parecer amagado por algunos aventureros del Norte”

206. MEXICO (Republic). SECRETARIO DE ESTADO Y DEL DESPACHO DE LA GUERRA. José Antonio Facio. Memoria del Secretario de Estado y del Despacho de la Guerra presentada a las Camaras el Dia 16 de Marzo de 1830. Mexico: Imprenta del Águila, dirigida por José Ximeno, calle de los Medinas núm. 6, 1830. [2], 9 [1 blank], [6 (3 tables)] pp., title within elaborate ornamental border, wood-engraved vignette of military iconography.  Folio (29 x 20.2 cm), stitched as issued. Title page lightly foxed and with minor wrinkling, otherwise fine. We trace no copies in U.S. holdings, but AGN has a copy.

            First edition. Not in Palau, Sabin, Sutro, et al. Facio reviews the condition of the Mexican military and notes that despite the courage and bravery of the troops, they operate under deficient conditions. He particularly urges that several large fortifications, such as San Juan de Ulúa, be repaired soon. He also comments extensively on the funds being dispersed to support military widows and orphans and to disabled veterans. In a sign of things to come, however, he notes that, “El interesante Estado de Coahuila y Tejas se halla al parecer amagado por algunos aventureros del Norte...” (p. 8). He states that Manuel de Mier y Terán has been ordered to mount an expedition into the area to investigate the situation. Mier y Terán was, in fact, made Commandant General of the Eastern Interior Provinces, and his attempts to enforce government policy in regards to such matters as tax collection caused friction with Texas’s Anglo colonists and helped to cause the Texas Revolution. Some believe that Mier y Terán’s despair over the deteriorating situation in Texas led to his suicide in 1832.

            Facio, Bustamante’s minister of war and marine, is best remembered in Mexico history for his part in the betrayal and murder of Vicente Guerrero, Mexico’s second president and the first from las clases populares. Facio paid a Genoese captain fifty thousand pesos to invite Guerrero aboard his vessel, then anchored in Acapulco. Boarding the ship, Guerrero was seized and taken to the city of Oaxaca. There, after a farcical court-martial, he was executed on February 14, 1831. ($300-600)

Sold. Hammer: $300.00; Price Realized: $352.50

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