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October 26, 2007

“At this time the goose was hanging high for the Mexicans” (Streeter)

246. [URREA, José de, et al]. Noticias Interesantes. Con el objeto de que los habitantes del Departamento se impongan de los triunfos conseguidos por las armas de la Nacion sobre los colonos de Tejas...Victoria marzo 23 de 1836.-José Urrea. [Colophon] Toluca:---Año de 1836. Imprenta del Departamento de México, à cargo del C. Juan Matute. Toluca: C. Juan Matute, 1836. 4 pp. (printed in double folio), on laid paper, watermark, folio (30.5 x 21.5 cm). Two old stab holes in left blank margins, lightly wrinkled, otherwise fine.

            First edition of an exceedingly rare and important Mexican imprint, with details of battles in the early successful stage of the Mexican campaign against the Texans. Streeter 896: “This has an interesting series of reports by Urrea of the minor engagement at the Mission del Refugio on March 14, of his clash with Fannin on March 20 followed by Fannin’s surrender on March 21, and of the surrender to him of Colonel Ward not far from Victoria on March 22. The engagement at the Mission del Refugio is reported on in a letter from Urrea to Santa Anna, written from the Mission March 15. The clash with Fannin and his surrender the next day is reported in a letter of Urrea to Colonel F. de Garay, written on the field of battle on March 20, and by Colonel Garay forwarded to Santa Anna in a letter written from Goliad the same day. There is also a letter from Urrea to Santa Anna, written from Victoria on March 21, reviewing the events of the preceding two days, and another letter to Santa Anna, written from Victoria on March 23, telling of the surrender to him there of Colonel Ward and a force of ninety men on the previous day. There are also two letters of transmission sent by Santa Anna to the Secretary of War. At this time the goose was hanging high for the Mexicans.” Streeter, Only Located Copies 99.

            On page 3, a brief synopsis is given of the controversial and deadly surrender document in which Fannin’s men are promised treatment as prisoners of war, but at the discretion of the Supreme Government, a provision that allowed Santa-Anna to order their execution at the Goliad Massacre. ($1,000-2,000)

Sold. Hammer: $1,400.00; Price Realized: $1,645.00

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