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The California Gold Rush Experience in Eight Comical Vignettes

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96.     [CALIFORNIA PICTORIAL LETTER SHEET]. Two Roads in California | Lith. & Pubd. by Britton & Rey Cor. Montgomery & Commercial Sts. S.Fco. [eight vignettes left, down] Jones and Brown Landing (two men walk on wharf, ships anchored in background) Brown stick [sic] to it (Brown drives a six-ox wagon through a cleared forest toward Half Way House) Getting a head [ahead?] (Brown plowing, pigs with cattle in corral, right, log cabin, left) Industry’s Reward (Brown, with wife and children, seated on second-story verandah of their home—which is rather curious architecturally; it looks more like a store in back, many men plowing in pasture) [right, down] Jones don’t like hard Work (Jones lying on grass by roadside while Brown works with pick and shovel) Trys [sic] a fast way to make money (men crowded around long gambling table and bar in background) Wommen [sic] and Wine (couples dancing and drinking in a large draped room) Ruin and the Gutter (Jones sprawled in gutter beside a lamppost, being kicked by a passerby, horse and cart going by, left, the driver ignores him). Lithograph on white wove paper, neat line to neat line: 24.5 x 18 cm; image and text: 25.1 x 18 cm; overall sheet size (on a single sheet) 25.4 x 19 cm, white wove. Upper right corner wanting just into image area, light staining at lower left.

     Baird 275. Clifford 285. Peters, California on Stone, p. 79. A moralistic view of the California Gold Rush experience, almost Biblical in its depiction of the Prodigal Son story. The vignettes are finely detailed miniatures, somewhat comical in nature. The Wommen and Wine vignette looks like a fandango.


Sold. Hammer: $125.00; Price Realized: $150.00

Auction 22 Abstracts

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