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Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad Time Table & Map

Bright, Color Illustrations, including “The New Electric Light”

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217.     HANNIBAL & ST. JOSEPH RAILROAD. Twelve-panel timetable, 2 prints, and map: [Recto, tabulated route information] [Title] Hannibal and St. Joseph Rail Road. The Old Reliable Route to the West. Via Quincy. Through Day Coaches and Pullman Sleeping Cars Leave Toledo Daily, with Horton’s Reclining Chair Cars from Quincy, via the Wabash Railway, for Kansas City Atchison and St. Joseph, without Change. John B. Carson, General Manager. F.E. Morse, Gen’l Pass. Agent, Hannibal, Mo…. [below title] Rand, McNally & Co., Printers, 77 and 79 Madison Street. Chicago [date beneath repeated title on next panel] 505-June-’80 Rand, McNally & Co., Printers, Chicago. [full color untitled print of railroad car with name of line on car above windows, image: 7.5 x 51 cm] Hannibal & St. Joseph R.R. Reclining Chair Car. [Verso, full color print, untitled, but with text within print, image: 16.6 x 50 cm] “Always On Time” The New Electric Light. [map below print, full color, border to border 16.7 x 47.3 cm] Map of the Old Reliable Hannibal and St. Joseph Short Line. [below map title] Rand, McNally & Co. Map Engr’s, Chicago. Chicago: Rand, McNally & Co., 1880. Overall sheet size: 34.8 x 51.9 cm; folds to size: 17.8 x 9 cm. Three minor voids at folds (no losses), a few minor spots, otherwise excellent.

     The map features the route of the line with connecting feeder lines to Denver and Chicago. The entire geographic coverage is from Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico to the East Coast (Maine to North Carolina). The Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad, the first line to cross Missouri, was in operation between 1846 and 1883. The construction of the line was conceived in the Hannibal office of John H. Clemens, father of Mark Twain.

     The two brightly colored prints are little masterpieces of railroad illustration. The image on recto presents a profile view of the car with reclining chairs where passengers enjoy the ride, playing cards, reading, chatting, sleeping, etc. In the background is a bridge and a sailboat on a blue river. Another train travels down a track on the right of the image. The image on verso is quite dramatic, showing a train engine pulling cars along a track over an arched stone bridge with a full moon glowing over a tree-covered hill. A train lamp shines straight down the track from the engine emitting “the new electric light.” From the engine flows a stream of black smoke. A man stands with a lantern at center bottom. An engineer looks out from his seat in the engine, and another railroad worker is reaching into the coal bin car. A fourth man is standing in the doorway of the second car holding a lantern. Light shines from the windows in the front of the train, but not from the Pullman cars.


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