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Valuable Mexican Geographical and Statistical Periodical

Excellent Maps

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240.     INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE GEOGRAFÍA Y ESTADÍSTICA DE REPÚBLICA MEXICANA. Boletín del Instituto Nacional de Geografía y Estadística de la República, presentado al Supremo Gobierno de la Nación por la Junta Menor del mismo Cuerpo. Mexico: Tipografía de R. Rafael, Calle de Cadena número 13, [1849]-1850. 4 parts in one vol.: Part I: [1-3] 4-72 pp.; Part II: [2] [i] ii-iv, [3] 4-68 pp.; Part III: [1] 2-39 [1, blank] pp.; Part IV: [1] 2-114, [2], 113-325 [1, blank] pp., numerous letterpress tables, 13 folded lithograph maps and profiles, some in color (see below). 8vo (22 x 15 cm), contemporary brown sheep over black and red mottled boards, spine lettered and ruled in gilt. Head of spine chipped, binding worn, corners bumped. Interior fine save for a few light spots and occasional foxing. Maps and profiles excellent. Rare.

Maps, Profiles & Plate:

Istmo de Tehuantepec por Juan de Orbegozo. [below neat line] Lito. de Salazar. Neat line to neat line: 32 x 25.4 cm. Folded map.

Perfil del Istmo de Tehuantepec…. [below profile] Por Juan de Orbegozo. Overall sheet size: 37.2 x 45 cm. Folded profile.

Guanajuato divido en sus cuatro departamentos ó prefecturas. [below neat line] B.B. delin. 1849 | Lit de Salazar. Neat line to neat line: 21 x 22.5 cm. Folded map. Departments colored in outline.

Caverna de Cacahuamilpa. Image and title: 12.5 x 17.3 cm. Toned lithograph view, large cave entrance with people milling about. The caverns in Sierra Madre del Sur in Guerrero and Oaxaca, Mexico, are among the largest in the world.

Carta del estado de Tamaulipas…. Neat line to neat line: 33.5 x 19.5 cm. Folded map. Tamaulipan borders outlined in yellow. Texas is shown from north of the Nueces River to the border at the Rio Grande, with the Nueces labelled: “Antiguo limite del estado de Tamaulipas.”

Mapa de México y algunos lugares inmediatos. Modelo. Folded circular map with Mexico City in center with distances to Texcoco and other surrounding points. Overall sheet size: 34.3 x 29.5 cm.

Mapa del partido de del Distrito de ___ del Departamento del ___. Folded circular map form for completing. Overall sheet size: 34.63 x 31.5 cm.

Corte geológico del Distrito mineral del Fresnillo comprendiendo el Cerro de Proaño. Folded geological profile, hand-colored. Profile and text below: 13 x 39.8 cm.

Mapa del estado de Michoacán. Folded map, borders in yellow. Neat line to neat line: 22.8 x 26.2 cm.

Plano del distrito de Aguascalientes perteneciente al Estado de Zacatecas…. Folded map. Neat line to neat line: 22.6 x 19 cm.

Corte Geológico del camino de Méjico á la Hacienda de S. Servando de Tlahuelilpan. Folded geological profile, hand colored. Neat line to neat line: 15.6 x 35 cm.

Mapa del Territorio de Colima formado con vista de los Harcot y Narvaez par L.B. Folded map. Neat line to neat line: 19.3 x 32 cm.

Plano del Río Pánuco desde la barra de Tampico hasta el Rancho de Pujal en la entrada del de Villa y una parte de este rio. Levantado de órden del Supremo Gobierno, por el capitán de Fragata D. Luis Valle. Folded map of the course of the river as indicated. Overall sheet size: 32 x 41 cm.

     First edition. Sabin 48307. See also: Enrique de Olavarría y Ferrari, La Sociedad mexicana de geografía y estadística (Mexico: Oficina Tip. de la Secretaría y Fomento, 1901, pp. 52-53). James David Thompson, Handbook of Learned Societies and Institutions: America (Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1908, pp. 469-470). This is a publication of the Sociedad Mexicana de Geográfica y Estadística founded in 1833 as the Instituto Nacional de Geografía y Estadística de la República and superceded in 1839 by the Comisión de Estadística Militar. In 1849 the group reorganized once again and commenced an excellent publication program, beginning with this volume (with the second volume, the title of the periodical changed to Boletín de la Sociedad Mexicana de Geografía y Estadística). Their goal was to investigate Mexican geography and statistics and to act as advisors to the Mexican government.

     This volume begins with an introduction and short history of the organization, and jumps right into a statistical history of Mexico’s population beginning with Revillagigedo’s census of Mexico in 1793, followed by Humboldt, and carried up to the 1830s (included are statistics on California, New Mexico, and Texas). The content is uniformly excellent with a variety of interesting articles, and the maps are superb—highly detailed, professional, and masterfully lithographed (Hipólito Salazar is credited on a few of them).





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