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British Map of the Republic of Texas Showing Empresario Grants


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279.     [MAP]. CHEFFINS, C[harles] F[rederick]. Map of the Republic of Texas and the Adjacent Territories, Indicating the Grants of Land Conceded under the Empresario System of Mexico [below scale at lower right] C.F. Cheffins, Lithographer, Southampton, Bdgs Holbern. [London: R. Hastings, 1841]. Lithograph map with ornate lettering in title at upper right, compass star lower left, neat line to neat line: 31.4 x 38 cm. Very fine, white linen mat, maple frame, glazed.

     First printing (there is a 1925 facsimile on thin paper). Day, Maps of Texas, p. 36. Phillips, America, p. 843. Cheffins’ map was published in William Kennedy’s Texas: The Rise, Progress, and Prospects of the Republic of Texas published in London, 1841. References to book: Basic Texas Books 117. Howes K92. Streeter 1385. Kennedy’s book, written to encourage British settlement and investment in Texas, also contains the great Arrowsmith map of Texas.

     In Cheffins’ rendering, which closely follows the Young-Mitchell map of Texas (see Items 374 and 375 herein), Texas is divided into land grants, the southwestern border is the Nueces rather than the Rio Grande, and Texas is shown as an independent entity rather than as a Mexican state. This is an example of utilizing a prior map to try to keep up with the changing status of Texas at a time when the rest of the world was keenly interested in developments there. Cheffins’ extremely detailed map includes locations for mines, forts, Harrisburg, Lynchburg, Bath, McNeil’s Landing, Carancaway Creek, New Washington, Droves of Wild Cattle & Horses, Mustang or Wild Horse Desert, etc. Curiously, Houston and Austin are not located.

     The British firm of C.F. Cheffins & Son, surveyors and publishers of London, were active between approximately 1836 and 1872. The specialty of Charles F. Cheffins (1807-1862) was railroads, and the firm made quite a few railroad maps and surveys of England, Ireland, and Scotland. For an obituary, see: Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain), Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Session 1861-1862, pp. 578-579.


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