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“Master map of the entire Trans-Mississippi West”—Goetzmann


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292.     [MAP]. EMORY, William H[elmsley]. Map of the United States and Their Territories between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean and Part of Mexico Compiled from Surveys Made under the Order of W.H. Emory. Major 1st. Cavalry, U.S. Commissioner. And from the Maps of the Pacific Railroad, General Land Office, and the Coast Survey. Projected and Drawn under the Supervision of Lt. N. Michler, Topl. Engrs. by Thomas Jeckyll, C.E., 1857-8. [upper left above neat line] United States & Mexican Boundary Survey. [upper right above neat line] General Map [lower left below neat line] Engraved by Selmar Siebert. [below lower neat line at center] Selmar Siebert’s Engraving and Printing Establishment. Washington D.C. [below lower neat line at right] Lettering by F. Courtenay. Washington, 1857-1858. Lithograph map. Neat line to neat line: 51.5 x 58.1 cm; overall sheet size: 58.6 x 66.5 cm. A few minor tears to blank margin at juncture of map with book block. Creased where folded into book (see below), otherwise very fine.

     First edition. Phillips, America, p. 90. Rumsey 263.001. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West #822*, Vol. III, pp. 241-243, illustrated opposite page 242.

     Goetzmann, Army Exploration of the American West, pp. 199-200: “Master map of the entire trans-Mississippi West…drawn to a scale of 1:6,000,000…. Emory’s version of the trans-Mississippi West country was only the second (after Frémont’s) important attempt to portray the region as a whole, and a clear advance over the previous work of Preuss and Frémont.”

Martin & Martin 44:

Emory compiled and published a monumental report of the entire work of the Boundary Survey. This report was…a political and geographical landmark…. It contained a large map of the entire country west of the Mississippi River, and comparison of it and Emory’s map published in 1844…shows dramatically the vast amount of information gathered concerning the region in the short time since it had been acquired by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The map depicted the work of the Boundary Survey and the important explorations of the entire West, under numerous government agencies and bureaus. In spite of the marvelous detail, though, Emory was not afraid to admit ignorance of some areas, such as the Llano Estacado, which were left blank and labelled “unexplored.” Emory’s map documented the West as it was actually known, but also revealed what remained to be explored.

     The map is bound into a rather dilapidated and foxed copy of Emory’s Report on the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey [Parts 1 & 2]… Washington: Cornelius Wendell, Printer, 1857. 34th Congress, 1st Session, House Executive Document 135. [i-v], vi-xvi, [1] 2-174 pp., 75 engraved and lithograph plates (12 colored), 2 maps (1 folded; see below), 1 chart (folded), 1 profile (folded), numerous text illustrations. 4to (29.8 x 23 cm), original brown blind-embossed cloth. As usual, the colored geologic map is lacking. First edition, House issue, of Parts I and II. The subsequent two volumes are extremely difficult to locate because they were issued in a much smaller press run (Congress was disturbed by the high cost of this first volume with its many plates and maps). Alliot, p. 72. Basic Texas Books 57: “One of the most significant of all government reports on western and southern Texas…. The set is only rarely found complete.” Bennett, American Nineteenth-Century Color Plate Books, p. 41. Edwards, Desert Voices, pp. 54-55. Field 500. Hill (first edition), p. 300; Hill (revised edition) 562. Howes E146. Plains & Rockies IV:291. Raines, p. 76.


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