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Wacky Texas Map

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309.     [MAP]. HARPER STANDARD ENGRAVING COMPANY. [Recto] Tall Tales of Texas; [map on verso] The United States of Texas. Texas!… The Real Promised Land… Texas! A Kingdom within Itself… Texas! Winner of World War No. 2… Texas!…About 263,644 Square Miles. Texas!…Best and Biggest and Proud of It. Texas!… Where You Live Every Day…or Else! Dallas: Harper Standard Engraving Company, 1951. 61 x 46 cm. Printed on coated white paper. Recto has various funny facts about Texas and illustrations of Texas phenomena, e.g., bucking bunny, cotton forest, corn trees, etc. On verso is a large comical map of Texas surrounded by humorous vignettes, such as a circle with text: “Texas is the Center of the Universe.” Creased where formerly folded and three minor punctures (no loss), otherwise fine. A regrettable survival.

     The map shows the United States labelled “Uncle Sam’s Ranch” in the center of the state, surrounded by other states with silly names, such as “Wild Women State,” “State of Confusion,” “State of Bliss,” etc. At far south Texas are two arrows, one pointing to left (“Where the West Begins”) and another pointing to right (“Where the East Peters Out”). Photographic montages include Cowboy and Cowgirl in fancy white Western wear and boots, the former with a bull’s head and the latter with a cow’s head. Among the bons mots is the observation: “You can tell the Poor from the Rich in Texas. The Poor wash their own Cadillacs.” Also offered is pure Texas poetry of a type not found elsewhere (thank the Lord), entitled “Hell in Texas,” which is the story of how the Devil inherited Texas and did such things as “put thorns on cactus and horns on toads.” This is a wonderful Texas gag send-up, apparently meant for the consumption of those beyond the State’s borders. Not in Martin & Martin (apologies to J.C. and Bob). No reserve.

Sold. Hammer: $125.00; Price Realized: $150.00

Auction 22 Abstracts

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