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English Edition of Kino’s Map

With Piccolo’s Early Relation of California in English

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324.     [MAP]. [KINO, Eusebio Francisco]. A Passage by Land to California Discover’d by ye. Rev. Fathr. Eusebius Francis Kino, Jesuite between ye Years 1698 & 1701. [to right of title] Plate IX. Vol. V. Part II. page 192. [above neat line at lower right] Hulett Sculpt. [London, 1731]. Copper-engraved map on laid paper, neat line to neat line: 19.7 x 19.6 cm; overall sheet size: 23.3 x 36.2 cm. Folded, as issued, one short crease at right margin caused by insertion of sheet in the press, overall fine.

The map is bound between pages 192 and 193 of Part II of The Philosophical Transactions (From the Year 1700, to the Year 1720.) Abridg’d, and Dispos’d under General Heads. By Henry Jones, M.A. and Fellow of King’s College, in Cambridge, Vol. 5. Containing Part I. The Anatomical and Medical Papers. Part II. The Philological and Miscellaneous Papers. The Second Edition. London: Printed for J. and J. Knapton, et al., 1731. Part I: [8], 1-453 [1, blank] pp., 17 copper-engraved folded plates; Part II: [1] 2-268, [24, index] pp., 12 copper-engraved folded plates (3 of which are maps, including the Kino map). 4to (24 x 18.5 cm), full contemporary sheep, spine with raised bands and title stamped in blind. Upper cover detached, spine split, binding heavily worn; plates and text very fine.

     Second English edition of Kino’s momentous map of California refuting the concept of an insular California. This edition documents the wide influence and dissemination of Kino’s map. (For full information on Kino’s map, see Item 323 herein.) The English version of the map first appeared in the Philosophical Transactions for 1708, usually found in the collection issued by Benjamin Mott in 1721, vol. II, p. 213. The map in both English editions was re-engraved from the map found in the Lettres Édifiantes (1705), and is essentially the same except the title and a few of the inscriptions being in English.

     Accompanying the map is an extract from the Jesuit letters containing the report of Francisco María Piccolo—“Of a Passage by Land to California, and a Description of that Country” (pp. 191-196). See Wagner (Spanish Southwest 74a) who comments that the first edition of Piccolo’s report on California published in Mexico in 1702 “has usually been considered the first printed account of California, and it certainly was the first to obtain any circulation, although only through the translations, as the original has always remained a very rare book. The successful attempt of the famous Society of Jesus to reduce to some sort of civilization the barbarians of the peninsula and maintain its establishments in that inhospitable country must always be considered as one of its chief claims to glory.” See also: Barrett, Baja California 4303. Graff 3279. Howell 50, California 191. Mathes, Historiography of the Californias: Imprints of the Colonial Period, 1552-1821 #27: “Piccolo provides a detailed report of the first five years of the Jesuit missions in California and a request promoting support for their continuation by their legal representative.”

     The writings and letters of the Jesuit Father Piccolo, a contemporary of Salvatierra and Kino, describe his work as a missionary and explorer in California, where he preached to the California tribes in their native languages. He speaks highly of the possibilities of California. Piccolo’s account as found in the present volume is an early account of California in English.

     Piccolo’s great report and Kino’s resounding map are embedded a large volume of varia, including such articles such as contagious diseases among cows, observations on the opossum, “Of a Child Crying in the Womb,” “Of the Inoculation of the Small-pox,” “The Antiquity of the Venereal Disease,” “Of the Veins and Arteries, &c.,” “New Teeth after 80 Years: and of Sugar,” Roman antiquities found in Britain, natural history, “Microscopical Observations,” voyages and travels, “A Remarkable Instance of Opium,” “The History of an Extraordinary Scurvy,” “The Osteology of an Elephant,” “Of the Method of Computing Interest,” “The Wood-Pecker’s Tongue,” and an enormous number of medical subjects from the serious to what would today be considered pure quackery. The articles on “Manuscripts, Printing” and “Of the Invention and Progress of Printing” include interesting discussions about the detection of forgeries, both manuscript and printed.


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