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Texas Annexation Pamphlets

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517.     [TEXAS ANNEXATION]. Collection of nine pamphlets on the annexation of Texas, mostly 8vo, very good to very fine:

[ALLEN, George]. An Appeal to the People of Massachusetts on the Texas Question. Boston: Charles C. Little & James Brown, 1844. 20 pp. Original beige wrappers. First edition. Eberstadt, Texas 162:14: “A violent exhortation against annexation. When not ranting at Faneuil Hall, the author was Chaplain of the State Lunatic Hospital, keeping in practice.” Streeter 1469.

ARCHER, [William Segar]. UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. SENATE. COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN RELATIONS. In the United States…Mr. Archer, from the Committee on Foreign Relations, submitted the following Report…on the Subject of the Annexation of Texas… [caption title]. Washington: Senate Doc. No. 79, 1845. 23 pp. Unbound as issued. First edition. Eberstadt, Texas 162:24: “This Archer shot an arrow from his Senate lair; it fell to earth, but Lord knows where.” Raines, p. 11. Streeter 1617.

CLARKE, J.F. The Annexation of Texas. A Sermon, Delivered in the Masonic Temple…. Boston: Office of the Christian World, 1844. 42 [1] pp. Original buff wrappers. First edition. Eberstadt, Texas 162:152: “An inflamed harangue vehemently demanding dissolution of the Union if Texas is annexed.” Streeter 1484.

[COLTON, Calvin]. The Junius Tracts. No. IX…Annexation of Texas…. New York: Greeley & McElrath, 1844. Disbound.

First edition. Streeter 1489.

DEWEY, Orville. Discourse on Slavery and the Annexation of Texas. New York: Charles S. Francis & Company, 1844. Stitched, as issued. First edition. Rader 1132. Sabin 19856. Streeter 1493: “Refreshingly temperate discourse.”

[ELLIS, George E.]. Letters upon the Annexation of Texas, Addressed to Hon. John Quincy Adams, as Originally Published in the Boston Atlas Under the Signature of Lisle. Boston: White, Lewis & Potter, Printers, 1845. 47 pp. Original blue printed wrappers. Author’s initialed presentation copy. First edition. Eberstadt, Texas 162:276: “Ellis was opposed to annexation, as Mr. Streeter says, ‘mildly.’ This itself is a unique distinction in the whole polemical literature.” Howes T131. Raines, p. 139. Streeter 1579.

JOLLIVET, [Adolphe]. Annexation du Texas. Nouveaux Documents Americains. Paris: De l’Imprimerie de Bruneau, 1845. 55 pp. Original lilac printed wrappers (wraps detached and chipped. First edition (second in a series of three pamphlets by same author). Howes J178. Raines, p. 128. Streeter 1588A: “Jollivet, a member of the French Chamber, charges…that England’s policy of emancipation of the Blacks is not from motives of philanthropy but to help her trade and world position and that the questions of annexation and emancipation are brands of discord thrown by England between the free states to bring about the dissolution of the Union.”

[SEDGEWICK, Theodore]. Thoughts on the Proposed Annexation of Texas to the United States. First Published in the New-York Evening Post, Under the Signature of Veto. New York: Printed by D. Fanshaw, 1844. 55 pp. Lacking upper wrapper. First edition. Rader 2902. Raines, p. 184. Streeter 1533.

UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. SENATE. Appendix, Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States from which the Injunction of Secrecy has been Removed. 1st session 28th Congress, 1843-44…. Washington, 1844. 413-448 pp. (appendix to a larger document, Congressional Record?). Disbound. This report, with documents dated between Jan. 11 and June 17, 1844, relates to the rejected treaty for the annexation of Texas (see Streeter 1542). Included are President Tyler’s letter transmitting the treaty to the Senate, resolutions on ratification, votes, details on Senator Tappan’s leak to the press, etc.


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