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Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books warrants the authenticity of

each book, imprint, letter sheet, manuscript, signature,

print, photograph, map, work of art, and any other artifact

in this catalogue on the terms and conditions set forth below:

1. Unless indicated otherwise in the respective catalogue

description or unless physical examination would reveal a

self-evident lack of authenticity, Dorothy Sloan–Rare

Books warrants for a period of three years from the date

of sale the authenticity of every book, imprint, letter sheet,

manuscript, signature, print, photograph, map, work of art,

and any other artifact described in this catalogue. This lim-

ited warranty does not extend to the attribution of author-

ship of any item to the extent that such attribution is based

solely upon current scholarly opinion (which is often con-

troversial and rapidly changing).

2. Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books warrants to the buyer of

record for a period of three years from the date of sale that

any item described in this catalogue is complete in text and

illustrations, unless otherwise described. This warranty

does not cover binding damages or restoration, stains or

foxing, wormholes, short leaves of text or plates or any de-

fect that does not affect the completeness of the text. Nor

does this warranty extend to the omission of inserted ad-

vertisements, blank leaves, cancels or subsequently pub-

lished volumes, plate supplements or appendices, atlases,

extra-illustrated books, books in original parts, or serial

publications. Lots containing more than one title, letter,

or manuscript are sold not subject to return.

3. Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books and the seller make no war-

ranty or representation, expressed or implied, that the

buyer of any property will acquire any copyright or repro-

duction rights thereto.

4. The benefits of these warranties are non-transferable

and non-assignable. They apply only to the buyer of

record, and are conditioned on the buyer returning the

work in the same condition as at time of sale, and in the

time period specified.

5. The buyer’s sole remedy under these warranties shall be

the refund of the purchase price paid for the item, and this

remedy shall be exclusive and in lieu of any other remedy

which might otherwise be available to the buyer as a matter

of law, and neither Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books nor the seller

shall be liable for any consequential damages.


All property is sold “as is” in accordance with the terms of

the Limited Warranty set forth herein, and neither

Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books nor the seller makes any ex-

press or implied warranty or representation as to the con-

dition of any lot offered for sale, and no statement made

at any time, whether oral or written, shall constitute such

a warranty or representation.

Descriptions of condition are not warranties. The descrip-

tions of condition of articles in this catalogue, including

all references to damage or repairs, are provided as a serv-

ice to interested clients and do not negate or modify the

Limited Warranty. Accordingly, all lots should be viewed

personally by prospective buyers or their agents to evalu-

ate the condition of the property offered for sale.