Finely Detailed English Map of Mexico & Central America

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618. [MAP]. WYLD, James. Mexico and Central America. James Wyld. Geographer to the Queen & H.R.H. The Prince Consort. Charing Cross East. 457. Strand & 2. Royal Exchange London. [inset map at lower left] West India Is. [inset map at lower center] Plan of the Harbour of Veracruz, Gallega Bank [below lower border] London, Published by James Wyld, Geographer to the Geographer to the Queen & H.R.H. Charing Cross E, 457 Strand, & 2 Royal Exchange. London, n.d. [ca. 1857-1861, after 1857 when Prince Albert was formally granted the title of Prince Consort and before the death of Prince Albert in 1861]. Lithograph map on two sheets joined, original outline color: 57 x 83.5 cm (some portions of map extending beyond the border); overall sheet size: 58 x 87 cm, no losses) generally good with strong color.

     This English map shows British possessions, which are very much diminished, in purple outlining. United States territory extends from southern Georgia to southwestern Nevada (Texas extends to the Guadalupe Mountains to Washita and Coshattaville). Tooley notes that James Wyld, the Younger (1812-1887) took over his father’s business in 1836 on his father’s death. From 1837 to 1840, the imprint “Geographer to the Queen” was used by Wyld. In 1840, it was changed to “Geographer to the Queen and H.R.H. Prince Albert.”


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