Unrecorded Early Borderlands Imprint—Chihuahua 1829

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93. CHIHUAHUA (Mexican State). Secretario del Despacho de Gobierno. Memoria presentada al honorable Congreso segundo constitucional de Chihuahua por el Secretario del Despacho de Gobierno sobre el estado de la administracion publica. [Chihuahua]: Imprenta del supremo gobierno del estado á cargo de José Sabino Cano, 1829. [2], [1] 2-32 pp., 5 letterpress tables, one of which is folded. Folio (27.5 x 20.2 cm), printed self-wrappers, title within elaborate grape and grapevine typographical border, original stitching, edges decorated in green and red. Except for light chipping to spine and inconsequential water staining to first few leaves, very fine.

     First edition. No other copies located. An interesting report that reviews all the different issues surrounding the administration of a Mexican borderland state. Among topics covered are police forces (inadequate), education, Native American raids, hospitals, education, health (vaccination), mining, expedition to establish boundaries and a map (mentioning M.L. Staples), etc. Given the shortcomings pointed out, it is obvious that Chihuahua does not have enough money to cover all its needs, as might be expected from a relatively poor Mexican borderland state. Printing was established in Chihuahua in 1824, but the discussion herein of printing notes that the press is due to receive a major upgrade of equipment (pp. 21-22). Interestingly, this item makes it obvious that the press office is well-equipped and the operators are not amateurs. Printer José Sabino Cano is mentioned as an early printer in Chihuahua in León Barri’s “Chihuahua y su cultura través de los siglos”, Historia mexicana, Vol. 3, no. 3 [11] (January-March, 1954), pp. 431.


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