Rare Mexico Directory with Superb Maps of Mexico & Guadalajara

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116. [DIRECTORY]. VALDÉS Y CUEVA, Juan (publisher & editor). Directorio Mexicano. Directorio Comercial, Agricola, Industrial, Profesiones, Artes y Oficios de las Principales Poblaciones de la Republica Mexicana para el año de 1887. Mexico: Juan Valdés y Cueva, Librero Editor, Calle de San José el Real Número 8, 1887 [1886]. [1] 2-428, [i] ii-x pp., 164 leaves of inserted ads on brightly colored papers, 2 large folded lithograph colored maps (see below). 8vo (23 x 17 cm), original red gilt-decorated and lettered cloth. Binding and first and last few leaves waterstained. Light waterstaining to lower margins of most leaves. Except for a few small tears at text block, interior very fine, maps superb. Directories, especially those published in Latin America, are excruciatingly rare in any condition. Only located copies of the present publication are at the University of Florida at Miami, University of California at Riverside, and the Bibliothèque Nationale.


Carta General De La Republica Mexicana. Directorio Mexicano 1887 Juan Valdes y Cueva Calle de San Jose el Real Número 8.Mexico. [lower left below neat line] J. Valdes y Cueva. Mexico [lower right below neat line] Propriedad. Neat line to neat line: 35.5 x 43.3 cm; overall sheet size: 43 x 50 cm). Chromolithograph with major roads shown in red and oceans in green. Entire Mexico-U.S. border delineated, most of Texas shown. Gulf of Mexico shown from east of Pensacola, Florida, to south of Belize.

Plano de la Ciudad de Guadalajara, Formado por el Ingeniero Domingo Torres Garcia. Corregido y aumentado ultimamente por La Compañia de Ingenieros Constructores. 1887. Propriedad de los Editores, Eusebio Sánchez y Cia. Guadalajara. [lower right above neat line] Litografia de Jose M. Yguiniz. Guadalajara. No. 15. Calle del Rastrillo No. 15. Apartado del Correo No. 31. Encuarnacion y fabrica de libros en blanco. Rayados de todas clases. Especialidad en etiquetas para fabricas de puros, cigarros y cerillos. Impresiones para el comercio, haciendas, oficinas & &. Impresorios de Lujo y corrientes. Neat line to neat line: 55 x 51.7 cm; overall sheet size: 76 x 57 cm. Beautiful chromolithograph map showing city blocks in olive and main streets in red. On the left are three tables and keys showing significant city sites and stage stops and an ad for La Compañia de Ingenieros.

     First edition. Not in Palau. An omnibus publication covering Mexico in general and all the individual states, issued at the height of the Porfiriate. Of particular interest is the detailed discussion of Mexican railroads, their stage of development, and whether they are subsidized (pp. 7-9). The law governing international rail transportation is also given (pp. 44-47). Specific train schedules occur on pp. 159-175, which is followed by a section giving information on international travel by ship.

     Sections concerning individual states begin on p. 249 with San Luis Potosí. Each section includes general discussions of limits, population, government, and a business directory. The ads in each section are generally keyed to businesses operating in the state proper. Some of the ads are obviously directed at foreigners since they are in English. Of particular interest to bibliophiles are ads and notices for printers, bookbinders, lithographers, paper sellers, and bookstores, which present an impressive display of the printer’s typographical type fonts and decorative elements. Of parallel interest are notices of photographers. Some of the ads for border states include ads for U.S. states. Texas firms include the following in El Paso: José L. de Echeverria (dry goods), Loeb Hermanos (silver, crystal), L.B. Freudental (clothing), Joseph Schutz (general store with fabrics), P.E. Kern (watches and jewelry), etc. Laredo firms include Quintin Villegas (imported groceries), Juan Valdés y Cuevas (book store), etc. The ads document a dizzying array of material culture of the era, such as a Veracruz dry goods dealer boasting being the sole agents for the well-known American Machetes.

     A more detailed description of a rapidly growing and evolving Mexico could hardly be found elsewhere.($500-1,000)

Sold. Hammer: $500.00; Price Realized: $612.50.

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