The Globalization of Missions by the Jesuits

Fine Engravings of Mexico, Florida, Canada, Brazil & Paraguay

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173. HAZART, Cornelius. [Vol. I title page; other titles vary]: Kirchen-Geschichte, das ist: Catholisches Christenthum durch die ganze Welt auszgebreitet, Insonderheit bey nächst verflossenen, und anjetzo fliessenden Jahr-hundert.... Vienna: Leopoldum Voigt, 1678-1701. Vol. I: [10], 1-666, [16] pp., 2 plates (1 folded); Vol. II: [14], 1-606, [28] pp., frontispiece; Vol. III, Part 1: [14], 1-220, [2], 1-159, [22] pp.; Vol. III, Part 2: [12], 1-304, [8], 5-284, [24] pp., frontispiece, (printed in double columns), titles printed in red and black, numerous copper-engraved text illustrations (religious scenes, martyrdom), copious text ornamentation. 3 vols. in 2, folio (Vol. 1 29.2 x 19.5 cm; Vol. 2: 32.7 x 22.3 cm), non-matching contemporary full blind-stamped pigskin over wooden boards, spines with raised bands, ink titles on spine (clasps missing). Slight soiling and some wear to bindings, text very good except for occasional light staining and a few leaves with small repairs (loss of some words on one repair; larger repair to pictorial frontispiece to Vol. III), engravings very fine in strong impressions.

     The first edition, Kerkelijke Historie van de geeheele Wereldt, came out in four volumes in Antwerp between 1667 and 1671, and was subsequently translated into German and added to by other Jesuit historians. JCB II (1675-1700), p. 234. Cordier, Japonica 379. European Americana 1678/64: “Sets of this edition generally lack Vol. 3.” Field 673: “Pages 311 to 457 are occupied with the Jesuit Missions among the Indians of Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Florida, Canada, Paraguay, and Maragnan [Island of St. Louis, a French colony off the coast of Brazil]. This portion of the work is illustrated with eighteen full-page copper-plate engravings, of which seven are portraits of Indians of each of the named countries, and eleven represent the martyrdom of the missionaries by the natives. These plates are beautifully drawn and engraved, and exhibit, with the most vivid and painful fidelity, the various forms of torture and massacre endured by the missionaries and their converts. The account of the missions in Florida and Canada fills thirty-four pages. One of the pages in this part of the work represents the martyrdom of Father Jogues and two French associates by the Mohawks; another exhibits the tortures by which Fathers Brebœuf and Lallemant were killed in Canada; and a third the murder of Fathers Daniel and Garnier by the Indians of the same country.” Jantz, German Baroque 1310. Leclerc, Bibliotheca Americana (1867) 690; (1878) 277. Sabin 31114. Sommervogel, Bibliothèque de la Compagnie de Jésus VII:1407. Streit I:163.

     Dutch controversialist, orator, and author Cornelius Hazart (1617-1690) entered the Society of Jesus in 1634. His life was almost exclusively devoted to the struggle against the Calvinists of the Low Countries, but his real forte was writing. This universal church history—which is considered his greatest work—treats Jesuit missions and missionaries in Asia in Vol. I; Europe in Vol. III (2 parts); and Africa and America in Vol. II (the latter at pp. 235-606). The section on Mexico, including engravings, is found at pp. 497-593. Among the fine engravings is a complex allegorical image which visually suggests the goal of the Jesuit missions to expand throughout the world. In this engraving, a Mohul, an American Indian, and a Chinese are before a personified Church wearing the papal tiara and putti bearing a shield with the IHS motif. If the imagery is too subtle, one might look to the title of Hazart’s history as translated in an English edition by Tanner in 1701: The Society of Jesus [Whose Members] Have Moistened the Whole World with Their Sweat. “Hazart divided his work into regional histories: Japanese, Chinese, Mughal, Vijayanagara, Abyssinian, African, Peruvian, Paraguayan, Brazilian, Floridian, Canadian, Mexican.... His history of world Christianity consists of a collection of discrete regional descriptions” (Luke Clossey, Salvation and Globalization in the Early Jesuit Missions (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008, p. 216). This is a very important work that describes the Brazilian and Paraguayan missions as they were sixty to seventy years before the publication of this work. Jesuitica of this type is often overlooked by Americanists.


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