“One of the more important of the many early German publications on the gold discoveries” (Wheat)

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184. HOPPE, J[ulius or Janus?] & Georg Adolph Erman. Californiens Gegenwart und Zukunft von J. Hoppe. Nebst Beiträgen von A. Erman Ueber die Klimatologie von Californien und Ueber die geographische Verbreitung des Goldes. Hierzu zwei Kartin: 1) Californien von J. Hoppe. 2) Die bis 1849 bekannt gewordenen Golddistrikte von A. Erman. Berlin: Verlag von G. Reimer [p. 151: Druck von G. Reimer], 1849. [i-iii] iv-viii [1] 2-151 [1, errata] pp., 2 uncolored folded lithograph maps (see list following). 8vo (22 x 14.6 cm), original grey printed upper wrapper (title within typographical border), lower wrapper and spine supplied in sympathetic paper, fragment of original printed spine label laid down. Upper wrapper with mild soiling and moderate marginal chipping, separated from text block, text with light waterstaining at upper and lower outer corners. Maps fine. Upper wrap with small circular ink stamp “Printed in Germany.”

Map List

[1]  Karte von Californien. [below neat line] Verlag von G. Reimer in Berlin. | Lith. Anst. H. Delius in Berlin. Neat line to neat line: 36.5 x 22 cm; overall sheet size: 42.5 x 25 cm. Pacific Coast from the Columbia River and Cape Disappointment to Cabo San Lucas in Baja California.

[2]  Hauptzüge der geographischen Verbreitung des Goldes die bis z. Jahre 1849 bekannt sind. [below neat line] Gez. v. A. Erman | Lith. Anst. V.H. Delius. Neat line to neat line: 26 x 45.7 cm; overall sheet size: 29 x 46 cm. World map showing distribution of gold.

     First edition of “one of the most important German publications on the gold discovery in California” (Hill). Cowan II, p. 291. Hill I, pp. 450-451: “In the second section, Hoppe included data from Dr. Erman’s reports of his studies on the climate and geographical distribution of gold regions throughout the world. The maps are of substantial importance. Hoppe was descended from a noble Danish family.” Hill II:826. Holliday 528: “An important and scarce work on early condition and affairs in California.” Howell 50, California 117. Howes H639 (“aa”). Norris 1668. Rocq 16932. Sabin 32991. Streeter Sale 2573. Wheat, Maps of the California Gold Region 96 & p. 52. Wheat, Books of the California Gold Rush 104.

     Kurutz, The California Gold Rush 341:

Like many such publications, the author drew heavily upon previous works, including Duflot de Mofras, Frémont, Robinson, and Forbes. This introduction to California consists mainly of a geographical and historical discussion together with a climatography by Professor [Adolph] Erman. Erman also wrote on the discovery and importance of gold, based on information gathered during an 1829 visit to San Francisco while circumnavigating the globe. Hoppe believed that the primary interest in California was for the European colonization of the West Coast of North America.

     The author’s name is usually given as Janus Hoppe, but the Berlin State Library and the Bancroft identify the author as Julius Hoppe (i.e., Julius Friedrich Robert Hoppe?). The Annual Register of World Events (London, London, 1884, Vol. 125), notes on p. 159 the passing of Julius Hoppe: “On June 18, at Berlin, aged 66, Julius Hoppe. One of the most influential members of the Central Committee of the Progressist party, he had been early attracted to the study of political questions, and was expelled from Berlin for his share in the events of 1848.” Co-author George Adolph Erman (1806-1877) was a multi-talented specialist in the earth sciences (physics, meteorology, geophysics, geography, geology, and paleontology). He studied and taught at the University of Berlin. Among his travels and explorations was a Norwegian expedition to Russia and Siberia in 1828, followed by a circumnavigation that included San Francisco ca. 1829-1830 (see Dictionary of Scientific Biography).


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