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Santa-Anna Cut Down to Size

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222. [LÓPEZ DE SANTA-ANNA, ANTONIO]. MEMORY GAME. [Unattributed lithograph images of Santa Anna with captions containing historical notes on his career]. N.p., n.d. [Mexico, ca. 1855-1860?]. 2 sets of 20 miniature lithograph images each mounted on original heavy card stock. Each card measures approximately 5 x 6 cm. Except for soiling and fading, very good, each card numbered in ink on verso. ¡Excepcionalmente raros y desconocidos! No copies located. We have not seen these miniature lithographs before and doubt we will again.

     This memory game was meant to teach history by events in the life of Antonio López de Santa Anna, the most dominant political figure in Mexico in the nineteenth century. The cards cover the period from 1822 to 1855, beginning with his rebellion against Iturbide and ending with his leaving Mexico in 1855. The images include one of Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto in Texas in 1836 (Santa-Anna derrotado en S. Jacinto 1836) and seven from the Mexican-American War. The Mexican-American War sequence starts with his return to Mexico in 1846 and goes through the Battles of Angostura, Cerro Gordo, and finally, his retreat from Mexico City in 1847. Unlike some publications relating to Santa-Anna, these cards are fairly straight forward and without bias.

     In memory games such as this one, all the cards are laid face down in random order. By turns, each player turns two cards face up. If they match, the player keeps the cards. If they do not match they are returned face down in their original place. The other player then takes a turn. Alternating play proceeds until all the matching pairs have been discovered. The player with more cards at the end wins.


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